New Age Of Summoners Chapter 279

267 Unreasonable Conditions

"So, a scammer is calling me a thief, Haha," Ajax immediately recognized the middle-aged man who forced him to buy fake items in his shop.

"Who are you calling a scammer?" The old man looked at Ajax and question in a cold voice.

"Not you, the one beside you, is the scammer," Ajax shook his head and pointed at the middle-aged man as he replied.

"You brat, you dare to call my son a scammer in front of me?" The old man casually waved his hand, and a gust of wind hit Ajax and blasted him away.



Ajax fell on the ground after rolling in the air for some time.

"Ajax, are you okay," Levi immediately rushed to Ajax and checked on Ajax whose body had many small cuts.

"Yes," Ajax slowly tried to stand up, but he noticed that his body was not moving.


The opponent's paralyzing wind gust has paralyzed the host.


The paralyzing effect will last for 10-30 minutes.

'What?' Ajax was shocked when he saw the sudden system notifications and felt anxious.

"Ajax, what happened," Levi asked Ajax when he saw Ajax was not moving his body.

"Hahaha, Brat, at your cultivation you are tough to be able to stay alive after receiving my attack. However, my attack has a paralysing effect that makes your body immobile for some time," the old man laughed as he explained about his attack.

"Hello, sir. Can you please forgive my brother. We will pay compensation for your items?" Levi was unable to see through the old man's strength, so Levi tried to solve the current predicament with a peaceful talk.

While voicing out his words, Levi took out hs dimensional key and showed it to the old man.

"Huh? Since you are the resident of this dimensional crevice, I will leave him alone. If he can do things," The old man recognized Levi as the resident of the dimensional crevice when he saw the dimensional key in his hands and nodded his head in agreement.

'Father, how can you leave him like that. He humiliated me and our shop,' Hearing his father's words, the middle-aged man hurriedly asked his father through voice transmission.

'You fool, he is the resident of the dimensional crevice, so he must have connections to other people here. So, stop whining about it. And, also how many times I asked you not to force the customers to buy our items,' the old man scolded the middle-aged man.

'But father, he..he kicked me,' the middle-aged man was unable to forget that incident and requested his father.

'Just waste a second. Let me confirm his identity first and then proceed,' the old man nodded his head and secretly asked some of his friends about Levi.

Although there was none on the streets, many store owners were watching the little incident that was happening out.

"Sure sir,what are those two things?" Levi heaved a sigh of relief and thought that the old man was a reasonable man and asked about the two things.

The old man didn't say the two things immediately and silently stood as though he was waiting for something.

"Sir?" Seeing that the old man was not giving any reply, Levi called him once again.

"Hmm," the old man suddenly looked at Levi with a smile and then looked at Ajax before continuing, "He has to pay me 10 million spirit stones and apologize to my son by kneeling at his feet."

"What?" Levi was shocked at two conditions and felt that his last impression of the old man was wrong.


Outside the dimensional crevice,


Darbaudr woke up from his meditation when he heard a loud shout and immediately looked at Edmond, who became crazy after searching for something.

"Are you searching for the entrance to the Demon world?"

Seeing that Edmond was becoming crazy with his search, Darbaudr stood up and went near to him before asking Edmond.

"Yes," Edmond casually answered and turned his head to look at the Darbaudr and hurriedly asked with a shocked expression, "How do you know?"

"I guessed it with all the things I observed recently," Darbaudr replied with a flat tone.

"Yes, we are searching for the entrance to the demon world," Edmond nodded his head and agreed.

As soon as he said that several silhouettes appeared from a distance and surrounded them.


Back at the fake black market,

"Yes, you heard me loud and clear," the old man confirmed the conditions.

"Senior brother, don't involve yourself in my trouble and leave," Seeing that there was almost no chance in escaping from the current predicament, Ajax suggested Levi leave.

"No, I will not leave my brother to his death," Levi shook his head and stood in front of Ajax and seriously looked at the unreasonable father and son pair.

"Woah, look son. A turtle that was hiding in the dimensional crevice wants to save someone, Hahaha," the old man mocked Levi while laughing out loud.

A few moments ago, he already got the information on Levi and knew about his situation, so he didn't hesitate to mock Levi.

"Hahaha," the middle-aged man started laughing when he heard about Levi seeking shelter in the dimensional crevice.

As they were mocking Levis, Ajax felt the rage inside him started increasing and was unable to calm down.

However, at the same time, he was unable to move his body.

'Am I going to die like? I didn't even found my friends and I owe captain Edmond too much,' Ajax felt such a hopeless situation for the first time in his life and felt sorry for Levi.

He tried to summon Necros, but he was unable to summon, and then he tried to bring out the quest item (strength potion), but the similar thing happened with it.


The host can not summons his elemental spirits when he was paralyzed.


The host can not use the quest item for non-quest situations.

'At least I should be alive for doing that quest, right?' Ajax tried negotiating with the system but the system, as usual, didn't give any chance for the negotiation.


Just as he was feeling hopeless, the system notification rung in his head that made him feel hopeful again.


A new system mission is generated in the quest tab. Please check.

However, that hope didn't last for a second as it disappeared when he saw the notification.

'Damn system, I thought you were giving me something to overcome the current predicament but you gave me a new mission. Good, damn good' Ajax cursed the system for giving new mission at a time like this.

Nevertheless, he quickly opened the quest tab to check the new mission.


Mission name:- Escape the current predicament.

Description:- The host can use whatever means he could and solve or escape the current predicament.

Note:- Even if you do the things they asked you to do, they fully planned on killing you.

Danger rating:- 'A'

Reward:- Inner world upgrade

"System, please stop playing with me? Even though the reward is enticing, I think, it's impossible to escape the current predicament," After seeing through the mission details, Ajax felt anxious in his heart.

What made him even more hopeless was the note in the mission.

'What should I do? I will not accept my death that easily,' Ajax didn't want to die without giving any try, so he immediately started thinking of all the possibilities to escape from the current predicament.

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