New Age Of Summoners Chapter 277

265 Ajaxs Acting Skills

"Wow," Ajax was surprised as he looked at the spirit beast eggs that were placed separately in different places which matched with the colour of the eggshells.

For example, three was a red coloured egg that was placed in an environment that was surrounded by red flames.

Similarly, each egg was placed in a suitable area for it.

Ajax was shocked because he didn't expect that inside of such small store there would be this many different environments for various eggs.

"You can check them and if you like it, you can pay for that them. However, there is a rule from the dimension crevice owner that only one egg for one person," The short and fat businessman said informed Ajax and Levi about a rule.

"Why is it?" Ajax didn't understand the logic behind the rule. If more eggs were bought, then he would get more money, but limiting it to one egg per person would take a long time to sell all the spirit beast eggs.

"All the eggs were given by him and I have to follow his requests. I don't know more than that," The store owned said, shaking his head.

"Hmm," Ajax nodded his head and didn't ask any question and started checking the eggs from the different environments.


Item name:- Earth dragon egg


Item name:- Fire dragon eggs


Item name:-Seven winged serpent egg






Ajax casually touched each egg, and the system informed him about their details, making him surprised.

In general, it was rare to find a dragon egg, but here there are various types of dragon eggs and also some rare spirit beast eggs that were not able that easily.

"Young master, each of the spirit beasts that hatches from these eggs have a chance to enter the King realm if they were taken care properly,"

The short store owner felt satisfied with the surprised look on Ajax's face and explained about the spirit beast that comes from each egg, assuming that Ajax doesn't know.

However, what he doesn't know was Ajax knew everything about each egg from the system.

"Which one do you like, young master," The store owner asked as he rubbed his hands in excitement.

"What is the cost of each egg?" Ajax asked about the price without selecting a particular egg.

"Every egg in this special collection costs around 1 million each," The store owner quoted the price which made Ajax's heart come out of his mouth.

"What? It's too much for a spirit egg," Ajax immediately shouted out loud and retorted against the price quoted by the store owner.

"I know the price is high but there is a future rank 7 spirit beast in that, so what do you think?" The store owner didn't get angry at Ajax's loud shout and even agreed with Ajax and explained the reason behind the high price.

"But still, it is very high for a future rank 7 spirit beast," Ajax disagreed with the store owner and negotiated with him.

Even though the price was high, Ajax wanted to buy at least a spirit beast which was very hard to find in the outside world. So he kept on negotiating the price and finally managed to decrease it by 200k.

"Can I exchange the spirit beast egg with an equivalent value of 800k?"

However, the problem now was he didn't have that many spirit stones, so he asked the store owner about exchanging an item in the place of spirit stones.

"Item exchange? Sure," The store owner raised this brows for a second before agreeing for the item exchange.

"But, if only I take an interest in the item of yours, I will take it; otherwise, you should think of something else," As Ajax was feeling satisfied with the store owner, his next words caused Ajax to curse him under his breath.

"Sure," Ajax nodded his head and thought for a moment before taking out a litre of mini thunder pool's water in a gourd and gave it to the store owner and said, "Check this."

"Huh?" seeing the gourd the store owner puzzled and thought, "Is it really worth 800k?"

Nevertheless, he took the gourd and opened it to checked its insides.

"Good," As soon as he checked the water inside it, he felt surprised and nodded his head.

"So, is it worth a spirit beast egg?" Ajax asked him with an expectant look on its face.

"No, it is good but it can't cover the entire 800k spirit stones. If you can give another liter of this water, then I can give you a spirit beast egg of your choosing," the store owner shook his head and asked Ajax to give one more liter for the exchange of a spirit beast egg.

"What? It's not enough? But I don't have much water with me and I already gave you everything I have on me," when he heard the store owner's words, he was shocked and later acted as though he didn't have that water.

"Really? You don't have.."

"Yes," Before the store owner could say anything, Ajax interjected him and nodded his head.

The reason he denied the fact that he had more of that water because he felt that the store owner was intentionally increasing the price for the spirit beast egg.

Although, one could not compare a rare spirit beast egg with the thunder pool's water which was also rare.

Both have their own price, and the store owner was already satisfied with one liter of that in exchange for a spirit beast egg. However, he wanted to know whether Ajax had more water with him or not?

'Looks like he is saying the truth,' the store owner thought to himself seeing the pitiful look on Ajax's face.

"Okay then, since you are my first customer, I will allow you to choose a spirit beast egg from my store's special collection,"

The store owner allowed Ajax to pick one spirit beast egg and continued, "However, in the future, if you find more of this water, you have to exchange it with me."

"Sure," Ajax was over the moon when he heard the store owner's words and agreed without hesitation and soon started his selection of the spirit beast egg.

'He truly became skilled in acting,'

At the side, Levi was utterly speechless with the pitiful act of Ajax and shook his head.

'Which spirit beast egg should I pick?' As for Ajax, he was pondering which spirit beast egg to pick, seeing the ten eggs in front of him.

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