New Age Of Summoners Chapter 276

264 Undead Fusion

"This skill is insane," Ajax was unable to control his excitement and checked it once again to see whether it was real, or he was imagining it.


Skill name:- Undead Fusion,

Skill description:-A skill that can combine the summons form 'Undead summons' skill into a single giant undead and the strength it possesses is equivalent to the number of summons that were combined.

Additional effect:- After cancelling this skill, the elemental spirit will be immune to all the physical attacks for five minutes.

"It's really real," Ajax was finally shouted out loud but seeing that Levi was still stabilizing his cultivation, Ajax suppressed his excitement.

"The skill is already way too over-powered and with this additional effect it became insanely powerful," Ajax slowly talked to himself.

"Yes, summoning master," Necros, who heard Ajax's muttering felt good when he heard Ajax praising his new skill.

"So you already consumed the two elemental spirit stones from their bodies?" Ajax nodded his head and asked.

"There was no elemental spirit stones in them. I think the two elemental spirits are integrated into the black smoke along with Vilis, making the black smoke a rich dark elemental paradise," Necros quickly said to Ajax about the elemental spirit stones and explained his theory about black smoke.

"Sigh..." Ajax thought that if he got those two elemental spirit stones, he could have increased the strengths of his two official elemental spirits.

After the elemental spirit battle, Ajax thought of summoning them into the battlefield to absorb the black smoke, but he didn't want to reveal his trumps cards before everyone and suppressed his urge to summon Nite and Dabrus.

"I should learn to be content with what I got," Ajax soon found he was becoming more and more greedy recently.

"Okay Necros, enter the inner world and take rest and most importantly don't enter the dark elemental paradise," Ajax said to Necros to enter the inner world, and at the same time, he warned him not to enter the elemental paradise.

The reason Ajax said not to enter the elemental paradise was since Necros' cultivation was very high and if he cultivates in there, all the remaining beings would not get much of the essence of nature for cultivation.

"Okay, summoning master" Necros nodded his head understood Ajax's concern.

After he summoned Necros back into his inner world, he checked on Volcanis whose injuries were almost healed with the high-grade healing pills he bought earlier.

"Huff," Just as he was checking his elemental spirits and spirit beasts, he heard Levi's voice and immediately returned his spirit consciousness out of the inner world.

"Hey senior brother, did you finally stabilized your cultivation?" Ajax asked as he walked towards Levi.

"Thanks, Ajax, hearing your words made me realize something and the inner demons that were stopping me from breakthrough were finally cleared," Levi stood up and thanked Ajax.

"It's nothing," Ajax shook his head in modesty.

"Since your elemental spirit completed its meal let's go and take a tour around the real black market," Levi didn't ask Ajax to stay in the dimensional crevice anymore and instead suggested to take a tour to the real black market.

"Sure, senior brother," Ajax agreed with Levi's suggestion and became excited about the tour.

Soon, they both came out of the 'essence absorbing tree' and walked towards the black market.

"Senior brother, can I ask you something?" As they walked, Ajax asked Levi.

"Sure," Levi liked Ajax's personality more and more and treated him like his real blood brother. So he gave a green signal to Ajax for asking questions.

"Why did you work in the store?" Ajax slowly asked after hearing Levi's agreement.

When he heard Ajax's question, Levi stopped in his tracks for a moment and embarrassingly rubbed the back of his head and said, "Recently I am short on money and the items I brought from the home are already over."

"What?" Ajax nearly fell down after hearing Levi's words, but he understood Levi's situation and asked, "So you are working in that store?"

Since he was away from his family and didn't have anyone to rely on, Ajax felt nothing wrong in working in the store.

"No," However, Levi's reply shocked him once again.

"So, what are you doing there earlier?" Ajax didn't understand why Levi acted as a servant in the store when he went earlier.

"Because I broke an item in the store by accident and the owner made me work there until I make him some amount of profit," Levi's explained the reason behind him acting as a store servant.

"Hahaha," As soon as he heard, Ajax started laughing and said, That store owner might be a kind person to give you such a small punishment for breaking an item?"

"Yeah, but he was such a money-grubber made lie all the prices of the items," Levi agreed with Ajax, but at the same time, he showed dissatisfaction at the store owner and said, "The items you bought were originally cost around 100k spirit stones but according to his prices, I said 200k spirit stones and you didn't negotiate with me."

"What? I paid 200k for 100k worth items?" Ajax was shocked.

Since it was Ajax's first time seeing that many rare items that were not available in the Zrochester province, he was unable to know the exact prices and casually paid the amount Levi said at the time.

And he also had many spirit stones in his space rings, so he never cared about the price.

"But, you unknowingly helped me come out of that store quickly," Levi embarrassedly smiled and apologized, "Sorry for making you pay more."

"Since it helped senior brother then it's totally worth it," Ajax smiled as he shook his head.

"Thanks, Ajax," Levi thanked Ajax once again before walking towards the black market.

No problem," Ajax also excitedly followed Levi into the black market.

"Hello, young masters want to buy some spirit beast egg? It is easy to form a contract with them and they will help you fight enemies and accompany you on your adventures,"

The first shop after they entered the black market was the spirit beast egg shop. The shop servant actively came in front of Ajax and Levi and urged them to buy a spirit beast egg.

"I already have a lot of spirit beasts, so I am not interested in these eggs," Ajax shook his head and rejected without much thinking as he doesn't have any time for them.

"But can you reject that after seeing my store's special egg collection?" As soon as Ajax rejected the store's servant words, he heard another voice from the spirit beast egg store.

"What? A special egg collection?" Ajax looked at the short and fat man with a cunning businessman look on his face and asked surprisingly.

"Yes, you can even touch them and pay after you take a liking to them," the short cunning businessman felt satisfied with Ajax's surprise and even offered special benefits.

"What do you think, senior brother?" Although Ajax felt quite an interest in the special egg collection, he asked Levi for his agreement.

"Sure, since you are the buyer, you can do whatever want, hehe" Levi smiled as he said to Ajax.

Ajax nodded his head and entered the store.

As soon as he entered the store, Ajax was shocked by the scenery inside the store.

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