New Age Of Summoners Chapter 275

263 Levis Sudden Breakthrough

"Th..these are Cortez's items. Did you really killed him?" Levi thought that Ajax might have found Cortez's dimensional key by luck.

However, after seeing the items in Ajax's hand, Levi started to believe Ajax's earlier words.

The items Ajax showed were none other than the wind elemental spirit stones of the elite commander realm and a skill copying technique that he was familiar with.

So, he asked Ajax, with a shocked expression as he didn't imagine Ajax to have such strength to kill Cortez.

"He came after my head and I killed him," Ajax casually said making Levi's smile.

Although Ajax said casually, Levi could imagine how much trouble he went through to kill Cortez, who had nearly his strength.

'And adding to his underhanded techniques even I would be killed by him if I was careless for a moment,' Levi thought back to Cortez's strength and underhanded techniques.

"Thanks, Ajax, for killing one of my enemies," Levi thanked him while bowing to him.

"Senior brother Levi, what are you doing?" Ajax immediately stopped Levi from bowing and said, "If you think I am not your brother, then bow."

Seeing the stubborn Levi, Ajax used the brother sentiment to make him stop bowing.

After that, they continued talking for some time.

"Why is he after you?" As they were talking, Levi asked Ajax, a question all of a sudden.

"Someone announced a bounty on me and all the assassin sect disciples are crazily searching for me, Haha," Ajax replied to Levi's question with a smile and explained about all his recent fights with the assassin sect disciples.

"Assassin sect?" Levi raised his brows and warned Ajax, "Ajax, it's best for you to stay here until you become powerful enough to protect yourself from them."

"Why?" Ajax didn't think it as a joke when he saw the seriousness in Levi's face and asked.

"Although I don't much about that assassin sect in the Zrochester province, I think it doesn't seem like a bounty on your head but something else," Levi said to Ajax about his thoughts.

"Why do you think like that?" Ajax asked as he also felt something wrong with the assassination attempt this time.

Last time only one team and with only low cultivations were after him. But, this time, more than ten teams and all the members were having high cultivations, so he asked to know about it.

"If it was a bounty that was put on a mission board of any organisation or sect, only one team can take that mission. However, from your words, I think all the assassin sect's top disciples are after you which means who have something very valuable on you or the bounty for your head is not issued in the mission board rather it might be issued by its main branch,"

Levi explained his knowledge about how organisations or sects work.

"From themain branch?" Ajax was shocked to hear Levi's words.

Back in theHazegroove mercenary squad residence, Ajax learned that the top three sects were only side branches of some kind of organisation in the other provinces.

So, when he heard that there might be a bounty on his head from the main branch, Ajax felt shocked and wondered, 'What did I do to gain such a huge bounty on me.'

Although he doesn't know the exact bounty for his head, since it came from the main branch, it thought it would be a huge one.

"If it really came from the main branch, then I advised you to stay in this dimensional crevice until you become powerful," Levi once again advised Ajax about staying in the dimensional crevice.

'Do I have to stay in the dimensional crevice? No, I have Darbaudr and with the upgrade stone I got, I can upgrade the seal breaking compass and increase his strength with it,' Ajax only thought for a moment about staying in the dimensional crevice before rejecting it immediately.

"Sorry senior brother, but I don't want to hide in the fear. Even if I stay here and become powerful after who knows when; instead, I can continuously face those threats and become stronger. Isn't it more exciting managing to kill the minions of your enemy?" Ajax said while rejecting Levi's advice in a polite way.

"But, what happens if you die amidst those adventures?" Levi disagreed with Ajax and asked him.

"It's simple. I will die," Ajax smilingly replied and continued, "With each desperate situation you survive, you will become stronger both physically and mentally and your cultivation will not face any inner demons."

Although Ajax doesn't need to worry about inner demons, he couldn't break through to the next realm unless he completes some 'A' danger rating system missions. So he didn't think much about staying in the dimensional crevice.


As soon as Levi heard those words, he felt something in his spirit consciousness break before his strength started increasing.

Levi didn't waste any time before sitting cross-legged and focus on stabilizing his strength.

'What in the world did happen? So, one can break through to the next realm without even cultivating ' Ajax was shocked by the sudden breakthrough in Levi's cultivation.

Without disturbing him, he silently moved towards Necros, who was smiling continuously from ear to ear with his largemouth.

"Sigh, can you stop smiling now. It's been more than ten minutes you were smiling like that," Ajax shook his head as he asked Necros to stop his ugly smile.

"Hahaha, Sorry summoning master, I am unable to stop my happiness from breaking to 6 minor realms after breaking to the elite spirit commander realm," Necros apologized Ajax but he didn't stop smiling.

"Whatever," Ajax also could not help but feel happy inside his heart and checked the changes in Necros after breaking through to the elite spirit commander realm.


Elemental spirit name:- Necros

Element:- Dark type

Cultivation:- Elite spirit commander realm (Level 6)

Skills:- Blind (Level 1), Undead summoning (Level 3), Devour (Level 2) and Undead fusion (Level 1).

"Huh? Where did confuse ray?" Ajax expected that only one new skill would be in Necros' skill list. However, to his surprise, he saw two new skills and one of the old skill was missed.

Without wasting any time, he immediately focused on two new skills,


Skill name:- Blind (Level 1)

Skill description:- An skill evolved from 'Confused ray' that makes the opponents all eyesight and spirit sense useless for some time depending on the strength of the opponents.

"Woah, Cool. Although the 'confuse ray' was good, it is also not bad," Ajax felt Blind was sightly better than confuse ray.

Confuse ray could only confuse the cultivators who were below the general realm. However, to the cultivators above general realm, it won't have some effect.

The reason was, once a cultivator enters the general realm, his spirit sense becomes stronger, and he would have more resistance towards Confusion type skill as the spirit sense helps him against those skills.

However, if that spirit sense was rendered useless, then the skill was more useful for Ajax.

So, Ajax felt that it was not a bad thing for a mutation of Confusion ray skill.

After checking it, he focused on Necros' another new skill which by the name itself he was able to guess.

Nevertheless, when he saw the skill description, Ajax became surprised with it.

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