New Age Of Summoners Chapter 274

262 Levis Pas

As soon as he heard about the real black market, Ajax became excited.

"Yes, senior brother Levi," Ajax nodded his head, but he suddenly remembered Necros and said to Levi, "Can we wait until he finished absorbing all the black smoke."

While saying that Ajax pointed his finger at Necros who was relaxedly absorbing the black smoke as though it was some kind of delicious item.

"Sure, I have nothing much to do anyway," Levi looked at Necros and nodded his head.

"Thanks, senior brothers," Ajax smiled and thanked Levi.

"Hmm, what about you guys," After that Levi looked at the remaining group members and asked what they wanted to do now.

"Brother Levi, I wanted to accompany you and Ajax in the black market but I have an urgent work back at home," Mason shook his head and said he wanted to leave.

"Yeah, we have to practice a new technique which we bought before coming here, so..," Quin brother also shook their heads.

"Same," Olivia and Stella said the same thing and left along with others.

Everyone from the group left, except for Levi and Ajax who were waiting for Necros to finish his meal in the battlefield.

"Now, can you say how did you find Cortez's dimensional key?" After everyone left, Levi slowly asked Ajax about Cortez's dimensional key.

"Huh?" Ajax was shocked at Levi's question.

"Don't be shocked, I know that you have something to do with Cortez's death," Levi asked with a smile on his face.

"What are you talking about senior brother?" Ajax still acted as though he doesn't know anything.

"Hahaha, Okay. If you don't want to say anything then just forget I ever asked you that question," Levi laughed as he asked Ajax to forget his question.

"Huh?" Ajax looked at Levi for a second and slowly asked, "What do you do if say I killed Cortez?"

"Stop joking and said who killed him? I want to meet him and thank him properly," Levi shook his head and asked Ajax to stop joking.

"Why do you want to thank him? I mean he killed one of your group members," Ajax already guessed that Levi had some bad blood with Cortez and Barret. However, he wanted to know the exact reason before answering his question about Cortez's death.

"Here, there are no friends. We all are meeting just exchange some things and increase the battle powers of our elemental spirits," Levi shook as head as he explained, "If I ever encountered Barret outside the black market, I would fight to the death and he would do the same."

"Huh? Senior brother Levi, if you don't mind, can you say why you hate them that much," Ajax didn't understand why Levi hated barret and Cortez that much.

"Because they were the reason my family disowned me and my father," While saying that Levi's face filled with hatred and continued,

"They stole something from one of the royal palaces and when they were about to be caught, they requested me to store a small box in my space ring and I rejected them as I sensed something was wrong. However, just when the royal guards reached surrounded us, they threw the box at me and used Escape talisman to escape the royal guards."

Ajax didn't disturb Levi's words and continued to hear.

"When those two bastards escaped, the royal guards quickly sealed the entire space and I was unable to escape."

Levi continued the story for a few minutes, and Ajax understood that the Royal place asked compensation to Levi's family saying that the item was broken and the compensation they asked was an astronomical one and Levi's family was unable to pay that much.

There was also an additional condition that If they were not paid within a set time, the royal palace declared that they would kill Levi.

Without any other way, Levi's family planned to save him and disowned in front of the whole Ylercester province and secretly sent him to Dimensional crevice where the royal family doesn't have much authority and could not kill him.

"Senior brother, so from when are you staying here?" Ajax's respect for Levi's family increased when they even opposed the royal palace and asked when did the incident happen.

"I am taking this dimensional crevice as my shelter from the past three months," Levi's sighed.

"So, Barret and Cortez framed you in their robbery," Ajax nodded his head after understanding the current situation of his senior brother.

"By the way, how did you manage to escape from the royal guards?" Ajax asked as he didn't understand how could those royal guards were that careless.

"Sigh," When he heard Ajax's questions Levis heaved a long sigh and even his eyes were moistened.

"Because my father used a forbidden technique and stopped those royal guards and along the process, he was killed by them," Levi said in a sad tone that made Ajax's eyes moistened.

"Then there is no need to thank me in killing Cortez," Ajax doesn't know how to console Levi, and he slowly said that he killed Cortez.

What?" Levi cleared his tears and asked with a shocked expression.

"Yes, I killed him before coming here with his dimensional key," Ajax nodded his head and decided to reveal that he killed Cortez after hearing the painful story of Levi.

"Stop consoling me with those words Ajax. I know what you are trying to do and I am glad that I found a brother like you," Levi smiled a little when he heard Ajax's words and not believed him.


As they were talking, they suddenly heard, Necros loudly laughed, which made them turn their heads towards the battlefield.

On the battlefield, there was not even a speck of black smoke and only Necros with his large mouth laughing.

"What? He already broke through to level 6 of the elite spirit commander realm?" Both Ajax and Levi shouted at the same time.

Before everyone left, Necros was already level 4 of the elite spirit commander realm which already gave all the group members quite a surprise. However, within a few minutes, he once again broke through two minor realms and successfully reached level 6.

"That black smoke was quite useful to your elemental spirit, Congratulations Ajax," Levi looked at Ajax and smiled.

He was happy for Ajax, so he congratulated him.

"Thank you. By the way, senior brother, do you know what are these?" As he thanked Levi, he took out some items and asked Levi.

Seeing them, Levi was shocked all of a sudden.

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