New Age Of Summoners Chapter 273

261 Kneel

Outside the battlefield,

"Hey Ajax, your elemental spirits seems a lot stronger than their cultivation,"

"Yes, Ajax, how do you train them?"

All the group members except for Levi and Barret asked him about his elemental spirit.

"They train very hard and improved their battle powers on their own," In return to Ajax, he smilingly replied.

Although he thought that the system was one of the reasons for their battle prowess, he didn't lie about their training.

Especially, Volcanis, among all of his elemental spirits, he trained diligently every day and continuously improved his firepower to once again challenge the battle hall in a month.

'Also, adding the boost from my bloodline, it is not a wonder for them to have high battle prowess,' Ajax thought as felt good in to have powerful elemental spirits.

'What? Why is he in such a pitiful state?' As Ajax was feeling good, Barret felt like he lost his soul when he saw the weakened form of his elemental spirit.

'It's all because of him?' Soon, his eyes landed on Ajax who was smiling and talking with others and hatred filled within it.

'I will definitely kill you for sure,' Barret swore in his heart and thought that he would kill him.

At the same time on the battlefield,

"I ad,"


Just as he was about to admit defeat, three heavy swords pierced through his body from behind which didn't even give time anytime for him to voice out his final words.


As soon as the three heavy swords were taken out of Vilis' body, it fell onto the ground with a 'thud'.

"Good timing," Necros looked at his three undead summons and praised them before walking towards Volcanis.

However, just as he took a few steps, Vilis body slowly disintegrated into the Black smoke.

'Summoning master, please summon back Volcanis, he needs some rest and as for me, this black smoke is very rich in the essence of nature, so I will absorb it,' He stopped moving and contacted Ajax through the spirit contract.

"Just do what you see fit," Ajax was shocked that Necros broke through multiple minor realms and simply ordered him to do what he wants to do.

He also noticed that after Vilis body disintegrated into the Black smoke, he felt a rich dark elemental essence from it.

Nevertheless, he didn't bother about it much as he quickly summoned back Volcanis into his inner world and checked on his injuries.

'Uff Slait, use these healing pills, and take care of Volcanis until he wakes up,' Only after knowing that Volcanis was alright, Ajax heaved a sigh of relief and asked Slait to take care of Volcanis.

"Sure, big brother," Slait nodded his head and accepted without any hesitation.

Volcanis taught Slait some fighting techniques, so Slait naturally wanted to take care of his unofficial master and didn't show any hesitation.

"Good," Ajax nodded at Slait's attitude and focused on Necros.

Necros, who was on the battlefield, was busy absorbing the black smoke and used hs level 2 devour to increase his cultivation with a relaxed expression on his face.

"Barret, if you give the elemental spirit stone and kneel in front of Ajax, we can finish our exchange meeting for this time,"

Seeing that Ajax's elemental spirits killed both Barret's elemental spirits before they could admit defeat, Levi looked at Barret and asked.

Since there was nothing against the rules, no one from the group complained and curiously looked at Barret to see what he would do now.

"Hahaha, Good good,"

To everyone's surprise, Barret started laughing like a maniac and said good two times before looking at Levi, "Very well played Levi."

After saying that he looked at everyone and finally stopped his gaze on Ajax, "Here is your reward,"

While saying that, Barret took out a black crystal and threw at Ajax and turned around to leave.

Ajax caught the black crystal, and without checking it, he simply stored it in his inventory.

He used the elemental spirit stones many times before, so he was able to recognize it with a glance.

"Cough, I think, you forget another thing to do before leaving," Just as Barret took a few steps, Levi coughed a little and asked Barret.

'Damn you, Levi, I will get my revenge on you too,' Barret stopped in his tracks and thought to take revenge on Levi before turning back at Ajax and said, "Do you dare to ask me to kneel in front of you?"

While he was asking, he exuded his full pressure on Ajax.

However, to his surprise, he saw there was no frown or anything that seem uncomfortable on Ajax's face.

"You have and already lost and still not want to keep your promise," Ajax mocked Barret by squinting his eye.

"Youuu," Barret felt like killing Ajax right now instead of waiting for some other time.

But, he couldn't kill him here because of Levi and the rules of the Black market.

"What you? Hurry up and kneel. I have urgent work to do," Although there was no important work for Ajax now, he acted impatiently and urged Barret to kneel.

In the beginning, Ajax didn't want Barret to kneel really, but when Barret said in the voice transmission that he would kill his elemental spirits first and him next, he swore to humiliate Barret even more.

'According to his personality, he will try to kill me anyway, so why not let him kneel before he comes after me for his revenge,' Ajax already learned from Levi that Barret would not let go anyone that dares to fight him and win against him.

"Barret, don't forget rules," Levis scoffed at Barret and mentioned about rules.

"Barret, finish that thing. We have other works to do," Mason also said toBarret to finish his kneeling.

"Fine," Barret finally gave in and came in front of Ajax.


Soon, he kneeled in front of Ajax said, "I am sorry,"

"Okay,"Ajax nodded his head as he smiled.

As soon as he heard Ajax's reply, Barret stood up and immediately turned back to leave.

'Dman it Damn it. Not only I lost two elemental spirits and an elemental spirit stone but I kneeled in front of a lowly peasant who knows which hole he came from,' Barret's hate towards Ajax increased every time he remembered about his kneeling.

However, he suppressed it and left from the tree's inner space.

"Ajax, Now let's see the real black market," After Barret left, Levi said to Ajax in a low voice.

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