New Age Of Summoners Chapter 272

260 Farming The Cultivation

After waving his hand, Vilis once again looked at Necros; however, this time Necros opened his eyes, and a black light came from Necros' eyes and entered into Vilis eyes, making him blind.

As soon as he lost his sight, Vilis immediately entered the black smoke and shouted, "What did you do to me, why am I unable to see anything."

"Hahaha," Necros didn't reply to him; instead, he laughed.

"Even my spirit sense is not working," Vilis angry voice continuously resounded from the black smoke and suppressing his anger he said, "I know this skill won't last much longer, but what about your friend? He will die for sure, Haha."

Vilis started his laugh once again.

"Yes, that skill won't last much longer. However, before you can regain your senses comes back, you will be killed by me, Haha," Necros gave a reply that made Vilis anxious.

However, he soon replied to Necros, " Really? Then kill me."

As soon as he finished his words, Vilis body turned into smoke and integrated with Black smoke that was surrounding them.

"No one can kill me in my smoke form, hahaha," After he integrated with the black smoke, Vilis proudly announced that no one could kill him anymore and started laughing.

'I am waiting for this, hehe' Necrose cunningly laughed inside his heart and opened his huge mouth.

As soon as he opened his mouth, all the black smoke on the battlefield entered into his mouth.

Within only a few moments, a small portion of Black smoke that was near to Volcanis entered into Necros's huge month.

After absorbing all the black smoke around Volcanis, Necros closed his mouth and stopped absorbing the smoke and looked at Volcanis, whose breathing was stabilized a little.

'Huh?' as he was checking on Volcanis, Necros noticed that the black smoke he absorbed was converted into a rich dark elemental essence as soon as it entered into his body.

'It looks like a richer than the essence in the elemental paradise,' Necros was shocked as he was surrounded by a rich essence of nature the entire time.

Initially, he just wanted to use his 'confused ray' which was now upgraded to 'Blind' to make Vilis unable to see for a specific time and then use his undead summon to kill him.

However, seeing that Volcanis was nearly on his last leg, Necros absorbed the black smoke around him to make his breath properly.

To his surprise, he discovered a treasure trove in front of him.

'I think, it has something to do with Vilis smoke form,' However, Necros quickly shook his head and thought that after Vilis integrated with the black smoke, it might have got this attribute.

'Nevermind, I will absorb all of it,' Even though his spirit consciousness was completely filled after devouring a small portion of the black smoke, Necros wanted to absorb more with his devour.

As soon as he activated his level 2 devour skill, his completely filled spirit consciousness rapidly consumed the essence of nature in it and increased his cultivation slowly.

Within a few seconds, his spirit consciousness became empty, increasing his cultivation by a small amount.

'This level 2 devour is insanely powerful,' Necros praised his devour skill which was upgraded to level 2 after his breakthrough to the elite spirit commander realm.

Without wasting any time, he immediately opened his mouth once again and sucked another portion of black smoke filling his spirit consciousness, which was later consumed by devour skill to increase his cultivation.

He repeated the process one more time, and as soon as he absorbed the essence of nature in the black smoke for the third time, he broke through a minor realm and successfully entered the level 2 of the elite spirit commander realm.

'Hehe, I should quickly consume as much black smoke as possible before Vilis regains his senses,'

After his breakthrough to level 2, his desire to absorb the black smoke increased and he planned to absorb as much as possible before the blinding effect on Vilis disappear.


Necros opened his mouth once again and repeated the process.

As Necros was busy in sucking and converting the black smoke into his cultivation, Vilis felt something was amiss, but he was unable to find out what it was.

'What can he possibly do at a time like this? Must be looking at his friend and trying to save him from my black smoke,' Soon his worry disappeared as he thought about Volcanis condition.

Soon, a few minutes were passed by, and the 'Blind' skill effect on Vilis disappeared, and he excited came out of his black smoke, but he was so shocked to see the scene of Necros absorbing his valuable black smoke as though it was a delicious dish.

'When did he reach level 3 of the elite spirit commander realm?' When Vilis observed Necros' cultivation, he felt another shock in his heart.

"Huh? So you came out quicker than I thought," Necros looked at the flabbergasted Vilis and said, "Blind."

As soon as Vilis heard that, he didn't hesitate to turn into his smoke form and integrated with the black smoke.

'He is such a coward, just hearing the name of my skill, he ran like a dog with its tail between its legs,' Necros was happy that Vilis was such a coward.

Necros could only increase his cultivation of Vilis was inside the black smoke, so he immediately started absorbing the black smoke after Vilis integrate with the black smoke.

As for a reason, Vilis was very fearful of that skill was because he literally lost all his senses for some time and didn't want to go through the same feeling of losing all the senses.

However, he didn't expect that he would be fooled by Necros and immediately came off the black smoke canceling his smoke form.

"What the heck! How can you increase your cultivation to level 4 in a couple of minutes?" Vilis was once again shocked by Necros' cultivation which was increased by another minor realm.

"Huh? It all your kindness, Haha," Necros laughed as he said those words.

"Me?" Vilis was puzzled at Necros' words and soon he found out the meaning behind Necros' words and shouted, "Damn you, what have to done to my cultivation?"

Because his earlier cultivation of level 10 elite commander realm was not level 8 and the black smoke covering the battlefield also thinned by a lot.

"How can you do all these things?" Vilis asked with a shock on his face.

This was the first time, his opponent thinned out Vilis' black smoke and what was more important is that he absorbed even his own cultivation.

"Look, the black smoke is thinning out."

As he was thinking that, the group members outside the battlefield was able to see some of the silhouettes of the elemental spirits.

Everyone looked at the battlefield curiously and were shocked to see that only two elemental spirits were standing on the battlefield, and one elemental spirit was on the ground.

'I think I can't win against this monster, I better admit defeat before he kills me,' The way Vilis looked at Necros changed completely, and he wanted nothing more than to admit defeat.

Since the black smoke also cleared now, if he admits defeat now, Necors can't kill him anymore, so he looked at Barret before slowly raising his hand to admit defeat.

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