New Age Of Summoners Chapter 270

258 Giant Undead

'This is not what I had expected,' Ajax continuously thought in his head.

Even though he had the confidence that he would win the elemental spirit battle, he never expected his elemental spirits to kill Barret's elemental spirit.

'Barret's elemental spirits are more cruel than I thought,' Ajax now got some idea of how brutal the fight was inside the smoke covered battlefield.

He thought like that because his elemental spirits would not kill other elemental spirits unless he orders to kill them. However, now they killed an elemental spirit without his order, so he imagined that Barret's elemental spirits might have used some cheaper tricks to kill his elemental spirits.

'However, who has the skill to kill one of those dark elemental spirits in such a short time?' Ajax wondered about who killed Barret's elemental spirit.

'Unless Necros got some new powerful skill, it was impossible for him to kill a level 7 elite spirit commander,' Ajax didn't think that Necros could kill the opponent elemental spirit with his old skills, so he thought that Volcanis had more chances of killing the elemental spirit.

Since he had multiple boosts along with his powerful fire attacks, Volcanis could easily kill an elemental spirit if it was distracted even for a second.

'It doesn't matter who killed the elemental spirit, as long as my elemental spirits are having an upper hand then it's alright,' Ajax shook his head and looked at Barret, who was also looking at him with hatred in his eyes.

'Brat, you dared to kill my elemental spirit. Better hide properly after leaving this real black market because I am going to hunt you down,' As he looked at barret, he heard Barret's hated filled voice in his head.

'Oh. Good luck then,' Ajax turned his head after wishing him 'Good luck.'

As he heard Ajax's words, Barret gritted his teeth and swore that he would kill Ajax at any cost.


Inside the battlefield,

"Damn you, lowly peasants, you made me consume my teammate," Vilis looked at Volcanis and Necros and continued saying, "However, because of you, I can get a general realm elemental spirit stone from my summoning master. So I will give a painless death."

Vilis' initial anger disappeared and was excited at the reward that Barret promised.

"What a shameless spirit. Because of your actions of consuming a friend, all beings think that dark elemental spirits are cruel and don't have any emotion," Necros looked at Vilis and shook his head.

"What did you say? Shameless? It is the power that Dark elemental spirits awaken," Vilis didn't get angry with Necros' words instead praised their kind and continued, "My guess is that you still didn't awaken the devour skill. So you don't understand it, Hahaha."

"Whatever," Necros didn't bother to argue with a shameless elemental spirit and turned towards Volcanis and asked, "Let's kill it quickly and leave this black smoke."

"Sure, Volcanis nodded his head and rushed towards Vilis.

Along the way, the fire on his body increased in size, and the colour of the flame also slightly turned to purple.

'Sigh...he will never change,' Necros thought they would both attack the dark elemental spirit in front of them. However, Volcanis rushed towards Vilis without a proper attacking strategy making Necros sigh.

"Combine," After sighing, Necros looked at his undead summons, who were waiting for his orders with heavy swords in their hands and ordered.

As soon as he said that word, all the three undead summons raised their heavy swords into the air, muttered something incomprehensible.

Within a few seconds, the three heavy swords merged into one and became two times larger than a single heavy sword.

Not only the heavy swords that were merged together, but the three undead summons were also merged and became a giant undead knight.

"Go," Necros was satisfied with his single giant undead summon that had the strength of three times of a normal undead summon and ordered it to attack the Vilis.

'Thud' 'Thud'

Every step that giant undead summon took made a ground-shaking sound-making Volcanis and Vilis stop their fight for a moment to look at the incoming giant undead.

"What the heck! Is it his new skill?" When he saw the dead undead summon, Volcanis quickly thought of Necros' new skill and shouted out loud with the excitement.

"So, you lean towards summoning category," Vilis only looked at the giant undead for a moment before looking at Necros and asked.

Even in the same elemental type, the elemental spirits have different types of attacks that were classified into some categories.

Categories were classified as attacking, defending, scouting, summoning, healing, and many more. Some times, elemental spirits can have multiple sets of skills that fall under two different categories.

The elemental spirits that only have one category were called 'Exclusive spirits,' and the multiple categories elemental spirits were called 'Diverse spirits.'

For example, Volcanis all skills are fully focused on attacking, so he was called an Exclusive spirit, Whereas Paulin's unofficial elemental spirit, Glacious, who had three different types of skills that were focused on attacking, defending and summoning.

So he belongs to 'Diverse spirits'.

Even though there were classified into various types, there was not much difference between Exclusive and Diverse spirits. They have their own pros and cons.

So, when Vilis saw that Necros' two skills were focused on summoning, he assumed he was an Exclusive elemental spirit of summoning category.

"It doesn't matter which category I belong to. What matters now is your death," Necros didn't want to talk with Vilis much, so he casually said and turned around not to look towards him.

'Finish it, quick,' However, he ordered his giant undead summon to kill Vilis quickly.

As soon as he said that, the speed of the giant undead increased all of a sudden, and within a few seconds, it already reached Vilis.

"What?" Vilis was shocked at the sudden increment in the giant undead's speed.

The undead summon didn't waste any time and swung its heaving sword at Vilis, who was only half its height.


The heavy sword barely missed Vilis and landed on the ground with made a loud noise.

'What's with its insane speed,' Vilis, who just dodged the heavy sword, was shocked at the undead's speed and thought in his head.


Before he could land on the ground, the heavy sword came at him once again that he was once again barely able to dodge it.

'I will take this chance and finsh him, Haha' when he saw the giant undead's heavy sword attacks, Volcanis thought in his head and waited for a chance to kill Vilis.



The process of giant undead swinging its heavy sword and Vilis dodging continued for sometime before something unexpected happened to Vilis.


However, when he was concentrating on the giant undead who was swinging its giant sword at it, a fire sword pierced through Vilis body.

"How is that possible?" When he turned back to look at the one who pierced him, Vilis was shocked to see the smiling face of Volcanis.

"Now see my true fire power," as Volcanis said that Vilis body was burned by purple flames all of a sudden, and soon Vilis turned to ashes.

"See, I can also kill him?" After killing him, Volcanis turned to Necros, who was watching the ashes on the ground and started to brag.

"Volcanis, move away from there," However, Volcanis only heard Necros' loud shout of warning.


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