New Age Of Summoners Chapter 27

24 Volcanis Necros Spirus

"I will join your squad, sir".

" oh", Edmond was shocked to hear that because he assumed it will take some time Ajax joins their squad. But to his surprise, in just half day he wanted to join their squad.

Ajax also wanted to take some time before joining but when they were walking in the streets earlier, all the people greeted their squad politely which made him believe they are good to people so he made the decision to join their squad early.

"Good, good, good", Edmond said 'good' three times while nodding his head, " Tomorrow we will go to the mercenary guild together to register you as mercenary and other minor tasks, but before that I want to know, did you cultivated before?? ", at the end Edmond questioned Ajax.

" No, only trained my body", Ajax only said about training but didn't said anything about meditation.

"ho, then I want to test you body force, follow me to the training room", After saying that he turned around and start moving.

Soon they came to the training room.

In the training room, Ajax saw various exercising equipments.

Edmond took Ajax to a particular machine with a display and a punching machine connected to it.

"Hit it with all your force", said Edmond while pointing at the punching bag.

Nodding his head, Ajax punched the bag, soon a number displayed on the screen.


1550 jin

(Author's note:- it's from the machine not from system)

His original body force is 1600 jin adding the 40 percent increase from the pendant make it's 2240 jin which very high for any regular 15 year kid.

So Ajax only used 70 percent of his total body force because he didn't want to attract any unnecessary attention.

"Good, since you have suffering body force I will give you a cultivation technique after finishing with your registration tomorrow. Now go back to you room and take rest", Edmond said after checking his body force.

Anyone who has more than 1500 jin body force can cultivate techniques without may fear of straining their body, so Edmond said he will give a cultivation technique to Ajax.

After entering his room, Ajax felt some movement in his spirit consciousness so he checked it.

In his small spirit consciousness, three elemental spirits are finally awakened from their deep slumber.

Soon he locked his door and summoned them out with a thought.

Soon he saw the red, gree and black coloured figures emerged from his spirit consciousness and stood before him.

"I, Volcanis, the fire elemental spirit greets the Summoning master",

"I, Spirus, the life elemental spirit greets the Summoning master",

"I, Necros, the death elemental spirit greets the Summoning master",

All the elemental spirits greeted him with a bow.

Ajax felt awkward as it was first time for him.

But soon he composed himself and said stand.

He tried to check their information with system, so he got their information.


Elemental spirit name :- Volcanis

Element :- Fire type

Cultivation :- Elemental spirit soldier

(Level 2)

Skill :- Fire blast

Skill description :- condenses a small fire ball blasting the enemy away upon contact.

Skill effect :- 50 percent chance to inflict burn effect to enemies.

Rating :- Good

Description :- Born in an extremely hot volcana. It will have a magestic aura which only have in one in a ten thousand elemental spirit.


Elemental spirit name :- Necro

Element :- death type

Cultivation :- Elemental spirit soldier

(Level 4)

Skill :- Confuse ray

Skill description :- Cast a ray of dark light which confuses the opponent.

Skill effect :- None

Rating :- Good

Description :- Born in a area filled with death energy.


Elemental spirit name :- Spirus

Element :- life type

Cultivation :- Elemental spirit soldier

(Level 3)

Skill :- Drain and absorb

Skill description :- Drain the health of opponent and uses it to heal itself and other elemental spirits including summoner.

Skill effect :- None

Rating :- Good

Description :- Born from the condensed life elemental essence of nature from the world tree.

Soon he was shocked to see some amazing skills of the elemental spirits.

"Fire blast, confuse ray and absorb and drain, Good skills, but I can use them infront of others", Ajax thought to himself.

Although he knows It's not impossible to become a summoner but it's pretty rare in this province due to lack of essence of nature," but there can be more summoners in other provinces, untill then I will try to improve my strength along with the elemental spirit level". Ajax thought to himself.

"why are the levels for this elemental spirits differ??? ", he thought

" It's because in master's spirit consciousness there is more death energy and least fire energy so it helped me I achieve level 4 of elemental spirit soldier cultivation ",the death elemental spirit, Necros continued, " Please forgive us for absorbing the essence of nature without your permission ", with a bow all of them asked for forgiveness.

" ok, then go back into my spirit consciousness and absorb the remaining energy also and increase your levels", although Ajax sensed that some essence of nature has been decreased but it's very less and he didn't have any use with it so he said to absorb the remaining respective elemental energy.

"Thank you master", all the elemental spirit bowed to him and disappeared.

After that Ajax went to sleep in his soft bed.

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