New Age Of Summoners Chapter 269

257 Rules Of A Dimensional Crevice

"Actually, I don't know too," Levi rubbed the back of his head as he replied to Ajax.

"..." Ajax became speechless, and he doesn't know what to ask anymore.

"I only heard that he was an old man with an unknown cultivation, but no one truly saw him," Levi said about the dimensional crevice owner, from what he heard.

"Then, how does he punish the rule breakers? And also, those who kept their stores in here," Ajax asked without thinking much.

According to Ajax, someone had to see the Dimensional crevice owner when there were many stores, and many beings that come and go to this dimensional crevice would break at least a single rule.

"Do you know the punishment for breaking the rules of this Dimension crevice?" Levi became serious all of a sudden and asked Ajax.

"No," Ajax shook his head when he saw the seriousness on Levi's face.

"It's instant death. If you break any rule here then you don't even know how you died," Levi seriously said as though he was warning Ajax to be careful in the future.

"By the way senior brother, what are the rules for people like us," Ajax nodded his head after hearing Levi's words and asked the actual rules of this dimensional crevice.

Ajax only knew that there would be rules for a place like this, and he also heard from the watch guards at the entrance that I should not cause any trouble. Other than this, he doesn't any more rules, so he asked Levi about them.


Levis became speechless.


The other group members who were close to them also became speechless when they heard Akax's word.

"Where the hell did you come from and how did you enter into this place," Levi looked at other group members and took Ajax into a distance and asked.

"Actually, I find this dimensional key on the ground in the Cursed Wilderness," As he said that, Ajax slowly took out the dimensional key he found in Cortez's space ring.

"What? Where did you find that?" Even though Ajax already said the location, Levi asked once again to confirm and was shocked when Ajax replied to the same answer.

"No wonder, you didn't know any rules," Soon, Levi's shock turned into joy as he slowly said to Ajax, and he continued saying, "We all got the dimensional keys from our families and they already explained the rules to follow in the dimensional crevice."

"Hmm," Ajax felt happy that Levi didn't ask any question about Cortez, and he even noticed that this senior brother of his was happy at the death of Cortez.

"Keep you identiy secret and don't reveal to anyone, even to those from our group. Except for Mason, even I don't know about others. You understand what I mean, right?" Levi warned Ajax once again not to reveal his identity.

"Why is that Mason did not bother even though his identity was revealed," Ajax nodded and puzzledly asked about Mason who was openly using his family name.

"Because he had the strength to protect himself and a powerful family was backing him," Levi said the reason why Mason didn't bother about hiding his identity.

"Now, coming back to the rules, there are only two. They are, one, you are not allowed to fight inside the real black market and the second one was to not to stole anything from the real black market," Levi slowly explained about the two rules of the dimension crevice.

"Thanks senior brother, I will remember that," Ajax thanked Levi for explaining many new things that were foreign to him.

"No need to thank me, we are brothers right?" Levi shooked his head and asked Ajax.

"Yes," Ajax replied and returned to others.

'Cough' As soon as they returned, they heard someone cough and looked at Barret, who coughed a mouthful of blood all of a sudden.

"Huh?" All the members looked at Barret and were shocked.

They were shocked because they could already guess the reason behind his sudden coughing of Blood.

'Is something happened to Barret's elemental spirits?'

'Ajax's elemental spirits are that strong?'

These were the only thoughts in the mind of the onlooking group members when they saw Barret.

'How is this possible? How is this possible?' Barret's thoughts were in a mess when one of his spirit contracts vanished from his spirit consciousness, and he lost the connection with Manes and muttered the same sentence again and again.

He was felt all this was a dream and wanted to wake up soon.

'I thought, I can win easily but.. but..,' Barret was unable to suppress his sadness from the death of his elemental spirit.

From the beginning, Beret thought that he could easily win against Ajax's elemental spirits, but the reality hit him very hard that he was unable to calm his emotions.

Soon, his sadness turned into rage as he contacted his other elemental spirit, Vilis.

'Vili, use that skill and consume Manes' body and finish those two elemental spirits and consume them too. I want to see only you after the black smoke disappears. Remember, only you,' Barret ordered Vilis in a fit of rage and stressed the 'only you' words.

'But summoning master, how can I consume him?' Vilis asked with a shocked expression on his face.

"Not buts, just consume him and killthem. I will give you a general realm elemental spirit stone," Barret enticed Vilis with a reward that no elemental spirit could resist in order to motivate him to kill Ajax's elemental spirits as soon as possible.

'Yes, summoning master,' Vilis previous hesitation was nowhere to be seen on his face, and it was entirely covered with excitement as he agreed with Barret.

"Barret what happened?" Levi already knew what might have happened, but nevertheless, he asked him.

"One of my elemental spirits was killed by his elemental spirits. But worry not I am okay," Barret wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and replied to Levi with a forced smile.

"What?" Even though he knew something might have happened to his elemental spirits, but he didn't think one of them would be killed.

"What?" Like Levi, all the other group members were shocked and looked at Ajax differently.

To their reactions, Ajax smiled in reply; however, he was shocked by Barret's words inside his heart.


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