New Age Of Summoners Chapter 267

255 Necros Opens Eyes

Just when he prayed for Volcanis to win the battle, he suddenly got an idea.

"System, transfer all the essence of nature in my spirit consciousness to Necros," Ajax immediately thought to transfer the essence of nature.

After the system upgraded, it made a change that the host could not use the essence of nature to breakthrough to another realm directly for the beings above the commander realm or elemental spirit commander.

However, that doesn't mean he could not use his essence of nature to transfer his summoned being to fill their spirit consciousness and forcefully breakthrough their cultivation.

So, when he thought about Necros, peak elemental spirit commander realm cultivation, Ajax thought that using his 6000 units of the essence of nature, he could bring Necros' cultivation to the elite commander realm.

'And, with the boost form my bloodline, he can easily manage them,' Ajax thought as hoped it goes as he planned.


Transferring 6000 units of the essence of nature to Necros.

As soon as he said that, a system notification chimed in his head.

He felt, the essence of nature in spirit consciousness becoming lower and lower. It continued until he was left with only 200+ units in his spirit consciousness.


Congratulations to the host, Necros successfully reached the elite elemental spirit commander realm.

'What? Why is it so fast?' Ajax was surprised at how fast, his elemental spirit breakthrough to the next major realm.

'I think, due to that black mist and Necros' earlier weird behaviour might be the reason for his easy breakthrough,' Ajax thought in his head, and he also wanted to check the new skill gained by Necros, but due that black smoke hindering his sight, he was unable to check it.

"Now, I can finally relax, Uff," Ajax heaved a sigh of relief and looked at Levi, who was entirely focused on the battlefield as though he was trying to figure out what was happening in that black smoke.

At the same time, there was a worried look on his face which made Ajax shook his head. However, his heart was warmed.

"Senior brother Levi, no need to worry. I got this under control," Ajax aksed Levi no to worry about the elemental spirit battle.

Levi was worried that if the Ajax's elemental spirits were killed in the battle, it would backlash on Ajax's cultivation.

"Really?" Levi raised his brows and asked as he didn't believe Ajax's words.

"Yes. Just wait for some time, you will know," Ajax said with a relaxing smile which made Levi believe his words a little.

'Why the hell this elemental spirits still not killed them?'

As Ajax and Levi were talking, Barret raised his brows and thought.

He felt that his elemental spirits were taking more time than he thought and became angry.

What made him even angrier was that Ajax and Levis were discussing about something while laughing.

'Damn, fools, just kill them already,' Through his voice transmission, he contacted his elemental spirits and ordered them.

'Summoning master, this fire elemental spirit's fire attacks are way too powerful than our attacks. If we are not careful, we will be burned to death,' Manes replied to Barret as soon as Barret ordered them to kill the two elemental spirits.

'What do you mean? You two are almost one major realm higher than that fire elemental spirit and you say, you can't defeat him,' Barret angrily discussed with his elemental spirits.

'Summoning master, th....,'

'What about the other elemental spirit?' Before his elemental spirit, Manes could say something, Barret interjected and asked about Necros.

'Huh? As soon as we released our combined black smoke, he immediately sat on the ground and started cultivating, Hehe' Viliis, replied while attacking Volcanis.

'So, you both can't even manage a common fire elemental spirit? And even dare to smile at the other elemental spirits. First, finish that cultivating elemental spirit and later kill the fire elemental spirit,' Barret scolded both of his unofficial elemental spirits and ordered to kill Necros first and then Volcanis.

'Yes, summoning master,' Manes replied before rushed towards the cross-legged Necros and left Volcanis to Vilis.

"You have to go through me to kill him?" Volcanis roared and tried to rush towards Necros, to stop Manes from killing him.

"You have to fight me, first," However, before Volcanis could even take a few steps, Vilis blocked Volcanis way and smiled at him.

"Get out of my way," Volcanis said with a low voice, but there was something in that voice that made Vilis pause for a moment.

'Why can't I move,' as he was unable to move, a huge fire asteroid came from the sky and landed on him.

After his fire asteroid skill, Volcanis didn't even bother to glance at Vilis who was crushed to the ground by the fire asteroid and rushed towards Necros.

"Stop right there," Volcanis used his fasted speed and ran after Manes.

However, it was still late for Volcanis to catch Mane before he reached Necros.

When Manes was only a few meters away from Necros, his hand turned into a sharp knife and aimed it at Necros' chest where the elemental spirit stone was situated.

"No," Volcanis who was in the distance roared and stopped in his tracks as he knew he wouldn't be able to stop him.

"Hehe," Manes's hand didn't pierce Necros's chest immediately; instead, he looked at the stopped Volcanis and laughed as he slowly moved his knife hand towards Necros.

Just when Manes hand about to reach touch Necros' chest, Necros opened his eyes, and a 'Puchi' sound came at the same time.


Manes was shocked to see the there was a sword in his chest that was pierced by someone from behind.

He wanted to check who sneak attacked him, but before he could turn, another sword was pierced through his chest.

"Please take out those swords from my body," Manes felt a pain that could be described in words and begged them to remove the swords from his body.


Instead of removing the swords, another new sword was pierced into his body.

This time he didn't have any time to beg as he was dead when the third sword pierced him.

Without knowing who killed him, Manes died just like that.

"Thanks, Volcanis,"

After opening his eyes, Necros didn't even glance at Manes but looked at Volcanis in the distance and waved his hand excitedly.


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