New Age Of Summoners Chapter 266

254 Elemental Spirit Battle 2

'He sure wants to fight my elemental spirits with those? I think the statement 'Ignorance is a bliss' is true,' Barret felt that Ajax was truly a fool to agree to his request.

'Just for an elemental spirit stone, he wanted to try an impossible fight to win,' Barret thought that Ajax was tempted by his elemental spirit stone and wanted to fight for it, so he looked down on Ajax even more.

"Okay, Ajax. Since your elemental spirits are still in the elemental spirit commander realm, I will only use my two unofficial elemental spirits," Barret acted as a magnanimous person as he summoned two dark elemental spirits.

Soon, two black coloured elemental spirits came out of Barret's spirit consciousness.

"Meet Manes and Vilis, both are dark elemental spirits and they are my unofficial elemental spirits which are weaker than my official elemental spirits," Barret introduced his elemental spirits to Ajax and acted as a big brother.

But inside he thought, 'Just you wait, I will kill those elemental spirits of yours and then watch you cry, hehe.'

"Ho, dark elemental spirits?" Ajax was surprised for a moment and observed them carefully.

"Yes, since you are a dual elemental summoner, I want to see who you can deal with 4 minor realms higher than your elemental spirits," Barret looked at Volcanis and Necros and said to Ajax.

All of the group members were not surprised at Ajax's dual elemental spirits except for Levi, because the place where they have come from, it was considered an average talent and nothing worth celebrating.

Unless there was an auxiliary elemental spirit in one of them, no one would be surprised.

The reason Levi was surprised at Ajax's dual elemental spirits was that he knew the true origins of Ajax.

It was common knowledge that it was very hard to become an official summoner in the Zrochester province and when he saw that Ajax was not only an official summoner, but he also had an affinity with two elements made him shocked.

However, he didn't show it on his face.

He also believed that Ajax had what it takes to win the fight against Barret's elemental spirits. So, he didn't try to stop Ajax and was excited to see the battle between Ajax's elemental spirits and Barret's elemental spirits.

Nevertheless, there was still worry in his heart that Barret might do something unexpected.


Elemental spirit name:- Manes

Element:- Dark type

Cultivation:- Level 7 elite spirit commander realm


Elemental spirit name:- Vilis

Element:- Dark type

Cultivation:- Level 6 elite spirit commander realm

"Good, I think I can win this easily," Ajax first checked the cultivations of the dark elemental spirits and nodded his head, and he became confident that he could win this battle.

From the past few fights, he felt that his elemental spirits have become stronger and if he tried his best, he felt he could make a draw even with level 9 elite spirit commander realm elemental spirits.

'Volcanis, Necros, we have to win this fight no matter what, understand?' Ajax ordered his elemental spirits through voice transmission.

'Yes, summoning master,' Both of them nodded and looked at the dark elemental spirits that stood in front of them.

"Manes, Vilis, don't fight with all your strength," Barret loudly said to his elemental spirits; however through the voice transmission he said another, 'Kill them as soon as you can.'

"Sure, summoning master," Both Manes and Vilis nodded their heads with a cunning smile on their transparent faces.

"Now, start the fight," Levi shouted loudly announcing the start of the battle.

As soon as they heard Levi's words, both the dark elemental spirits released a black smoke from their body covering the sight of all the onlookers.

"What?" Ajax was shocked to see the black smoke that even blocked his spirit sense and along with the spirit communication between him and his elemental spirits.

'He is trying to kill Ajax's elemental spirits, I should ask Ajax to admit defeat,'

Levi knew everything about Barrets and Cortez's true nature, so he quickly found out the inner thoughts of Barret with just the opening attack and immediately turned to Ajax said through the voice transmission,

'If you are unable to contact with your elemental spirits, it's better to admit defeat.'

'I will try and if I feel hopeless, then I will admit defeat,' Ajax replied to Levi through the same voice transmission.

Although he said that, he never planned to admit defeat before putting an actual fight.

'I think, he is planning to kill your elemental spirits, so better hurry up and admit defeat,' Levi clearly saw through Ajax's inner thoughts and warned him once again.

'What?' Ajax was shocked to hear and wondered, 'why is that Barret wants to kill my elemental spirits.'

Until now, Ajax thought that Barret only wanted him to kneel but never in his wildest dream, Ajax imagined that Barret actually wants to kill his elemental spirits.

'You want to kill my elemental spirits? Let's see,' Ajax eyes turned serious as he looked at the black smoke on the battlefield.

'Abyssal beast god's bloodline, activate,' Ajax didn't waste a second and activated his new bloodline after he found out that barret's elemental spirits planned to kill his elemental spirits.

As soon as he activated, he felt the energy in him started rising and that he tried to use his spirit sense once again to check on his elemental spirits.

However, this time he was barely able to see his elemental sprits that were covered in injures and checking their surroundings for the next possible attack on them.

Just as he checked on them, he noticed their strength was also rising slowly.

Ajax didn't even wait for them to receive the boost from the bloodline before ordering them, "Volcanis, don't hesitate to use your full strength. Use inferno," The voice transmission through the spirit contract also returned back once he activated his bloodline, but it was not strong enough to sustain the transmission for long enough.

As soon as he received Ajax's orders, Volcanis orange body completely covered in orange flames.

If one noticed clearly they could see a hint of purple flame in that orange flame. However, no one could even see the elemental spirits properly much less the small purple outline in those orange flames.

After giving his orders, the spirit transmission was once again cut off making Ajax shock, but he was less worried that Volcanis strength had successfully crossed the Level 2 general realm when he last saw Volcanis before the Black smoke once again blocked him.

'Do your best Volcanis,' Ajax's all hopes are only on Volcanis.

'I wonder why Necros didn't even summon his undead soldiers and calmly sat on the ground.

Previously, when he was barely able to sense the elemental spirit in the battlefield, he saw that Necros sat cross-legged on the ground without even summoning his undead soldiers and worried about him.




Soon the onlookers were able to hear loud noises from the black smoke, and that elemental spirits started fighting each other.

'You can do it, Volcanis,' Ajax prayed for Volcanis as he was only one who knew what was truly happening inside the battlefield.

'Huh? I think I should do that,' suddenly Ajax was struck with an idea at a crucial time.

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