New Age Of Summoners Chapter 265

253 Damage Transfer

A total of four silhouettes came out of the three members.

Mason summoned two orange coloured elemental spirits whereas Quin's brothers summoned two brown coloured elemental spirits.

"Pyroc, Fernis, go and show them your firepower," Mason ordered his two fire elemental spirits.

"Turve, Tera. Let them show your endurance," Quin brother ordered their earth elemental spirits and looked at the fight.

"Woah," Among all the group members, Ajax was the only one who was excited the most as it was his first time seeing the battle between other official summoners.

"So, Mason has fire elementals and Quin brothers have earth elemental spirits," Ajax nodded his head and looked at the battle to see what skills those elementals would use.

Mason and Quin brothers didn't bother to order their elemental spirits and allowed them to fight as they like.

Mason's fire elemental spirits started their first attack that surprised Ajax a lot.

The fire elemental merged together and became one entity and rushed towards the earth elementals.


Skill name:-Merge (level 1)

Description:- A rare skill that would be awakened by the summoner which merges the two elemental spirits into one entity increase the battle prowess by two times.

Ajax tried to check the skill they used. To his surprise, he got a system notification that explained the skill.

'So, it is Mason's awakened ability,' Ajax nodded his head and continued to watch the fight.

Before the merged fire elemental reached the earth elementals, the solid ground turned wet and became muddy that made the combined fire elemental lose momentum and fell.

The earth elemental spirits didn't give it any time and released a barrage of mud bullets at it.

The fire elemental spirit in the mud didn't take those mud bullets seriously and casually waved his hand.

As he waved his hand many small fireballs appeared and devoured the mud bullets in mid-air.

"Who do you think will win, little brother Ajax,"

As the elemental spirits were fighting, Olivia came to Ajax and slowly whispered in his ears.

All of a sudden, Ajax turned red when he saw how close Olivia stood beside him.

"I think Mason will win," Ajax said the answer without thinking much.

Ajax concluded Mason as the winner from the moment he saw the elemental spirits. It was a common knowledge that fire had an elemental advantage over mud element, which was a sub-element of Earth.

"Really? You think Mason will win?" Olivia shook her head and looked at the elemental spirits battle.

"You are wrong Ajax. I think you are solely basing your answer depending on the elemental advantage but there are other factors that affect the fight, see you will know," Levi also shook his head and explained more about the elemental spirits.

Hearing Levi's words, Ajax seriously focused on the elemental spirit battle to know how the mud elemental spirits would win against the fire elemental spirit.

The fight continued for more than a few minutes before coming to an end.

"Wow," While watching the fight, Ajax was excited with each attack from either side of the elemental spirits, and till the end, he thought the fire elemental spirit would win, but to his surprise, the mud-elemental spirit countered with an unexpected attack that made his hair rise.


Skill:- Damage transfer (level 3)

Description:- A skill that will transfer all the damage taken by the elemental spirit to the attacker with an additional increment.

'Isn't that the same skill that Dabrus' first skill?' Ajax was once again surprised by the skill that was projected on the holographic screen.

'So, that means Dabrus can also overcome the elemental advantage?' Ajax felt that he had to summon Dabrus out of the inner world, once he becomes strong enough.

"Mason, don't forget the 5 percent discount," Quin brothers smilingly mentioned their prizes before summoning back their elemental spirits.

"Sure, here take this token. It will give you a 5 percent discount in all of my family's shops but remember only pills below rank 5," Mason threw a token towards them with a happy face and summoned back his fire elemental spirits into his spirit consciousness.

"Huh?" Seeing the smiling face on Mason, Ajax felt puzzled.

'Why is he laughing like a fool even if he lost?' Ajax actual inner thought was this about Mason.

"It's not a loss for him. In fact, he benefited from the battle," Levi smilingly explained to Ajax seeing the confusion on his face.

"How?" Ajax wondered how it benefited him, so he immediately asked.

"Every time his elemental spirit genuinely lost a battle its cultivation increases a little bit along with battle prowess and as for the 5 percent discount, it will increase the sales for his family," Levi explained and looked at Mason was walking towards them.

"I need 2 or 3 battles to lose to for reaching the general realm, haha" Mason laughed while he was walked towards them.

"Since the first battle is over, shall we start our battle Ajax?" Barret who came from behind Ajax asked him with a cunning smile.

"Barret, aren't you very impatient today? Or you are that eager to kneel in front of Ajax?" Levi mocked Barret for being impatient.

"Sure, How about we also do a two elemental spirits battle?" Ajax asked, agreeing with Barret.

Barret wanted to scold Levi, but before he even say anything, he heard Ajax's voice which made him stop his actions.

"Sure, let's do 2 vs 2 then," Barret was more than eager to kill Ajax's elemental spirits, so he was even more excited that he could kill two elemental spirits.

"Let me say the rules of the elemental spirit battle," Levi felt something was amiss when he saw Barret was more excited than usual, so he wanted clear the thing,

"As long as the elemental spirits admit defeat, the match has to be stopped immediately and the winning side elemental spirits should stop attacking."

"As we know that," Barret understood Levi's intentions, so he replied irritatedly.

"You also know the consequences of breaking that rule, right?" Levi smirked as he once asked Barret.

"Yeah, I know and I don't need you to make me remember that. Hehe," Barret replied with an irritated smile.

"Ajax, as long as you feel anything wrong, don't hesitate to give up," Levi warned Ajax not to be a fool while fighting.

"Yes, senior brother Levi," Ajax nodded his head and summoned his elemental spirits onto the battlefield and looked at Barret.

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