New Age Of Summoners Chapter 264

252 Elemental Spirit Battle

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Although Ajax stayed in the group for a while now, he didn't really know what it is and who is behind this.

Until now, he only knew two things about the group. This group was to exchange things between the group members, and after that, there was another session called elemental spirit battle, which was to allow the elemental spirits of the group members to fight each other.

So, he asked Levi to know more about it.

"Before we start our elemental spirit battle session, anyone cares to explain about us to the new member of our group," Levi didn't answer Aajx's question about the group directly; instead, he turned towards the group members and asked them to explain.

"Welcome to the Exchange Group. It is as it name sound, where you can exchange the items you don't need with either spirit stones or the item you need," Mason started explaining about their little group.

"There is another session other than item exchange. It is the elemental spirit battle, in which you can send your elemental spirits to battle the other group member elemental spirits," After Mason, one of Quin brothers explained about the second session of their group meeting.

"However, before that, both the parties should agree on a prize between themselves to make the fight interesting and serious," another Quin brother added slowly.

"As for the timings of the meeting, it will be at the same time every month," Olivia finished the explanation with the timings.

"And whoever has the highest cultivation can become the leader of the group and look over others," Stella added the thing forgotten by the rest of the group members.

"Oh, thanks to everyone, for explaining to me," Ajax thanked them for their explanation.

'So, senior brother has the highest cultivation here,' Ajax finally gained a basic understanding of the group.

"Cough, since the introductions are over, let's focus on the elemental spirit battle," Barret coughed a little to get all the group members attention.

"Ajax, if you don't want your elemental spirits to fight, then you can reject his challenge," Levi looked at Ajax's elemental spirits and said to Ajax.

Levi thought that Ajax elemental spirit would not last much time against Barret's, so he hinted Ajax about a rule in the elemental spirit battle.

Among all the members those present around Ajax, only Levi knew the actual cultivation of Ajax, and according to his cultivation, his elemental spirits already have good cultivation.

However, Levi knew that was not enough to go against Barret's elemental spirits.

"I won't reject his challenge if I feel satisfied with the reward for winning. However, if I lose I don't have much to give you.So I think, it's better to reject the challenge," Ajax said with a smile.

"Yes, Hehe" When Levi heard Ajax's words, he laughed and agreed with Ajax.

"Let me make the prizes for the winner in our battle clear first," Barret shook his head and continued, "If you win, I will give you a Dark elemental spirit commander stone and if you lose, you just have to kneel in front of me. What do you say, Ajax."

After saying his words, Barret looked at Ajax for an answer.

"Barret, you are out of your mind for waging that Elemental spirit stone, and don't you feel any shame in asking him to kneel if he lost?" Before Ajax could give any reply, Levi shouted at Barret in anger.

"Shameless as usual," All the members of the group scoffed at Barret's shamelessness.

Even though they don't know Ajax's real cultivation, they could see the cultivation of his elemental spirits, which were still in the commander realm. They also knew that Barret's elemental spirits have long broken through to the elite commander realm.

"What is shamelessness here? I am the one who is taking losses here, while he had to simply kneel which will cost him nothing," Barret, which thick-skinned sharp face acted as aa righteous one.

"Okay, I will accept your challenge, if you add another condition to my reward," Ajax didn't bother with Barret's shamelessness and said with a smile on his face.

"Ajax, don't fall into his trap," Levi immediately tried to stop.

"Sure, what is it?" Barret was excited to hear Ajax's words.

Barret didn't give Levi any time to continue his preaching to Ajax and immediately agreed to Ajax's request.

"Along with the elemental spirit stone, you need to kneel in front of me, what do you say?" Ajax said with a mock on his face.

"Hahaha hahaha."

All the members laughed at Ajax's words as it was the first time that someone asked him to kneel.

"You..," Barret infuriated with Ajax's words, and the group members laugh, but he suppressed it.

'Since I am going to win the elemental spirit battle anyway, let him be happy for a moment,' With this thought, he successfully managed to suppress his anger.

"Okay, I agree to your condition," Barret agreed to Ajax's condition without any hesitation.

"Ajax, are you sure, you want to let your elemental spirits fight his spirits?" Levi slowly asked with a worried face.

"I can handle it," Ajax nodded his head and thought, 'Since it's been more than 24 hours, I can use the bloodline once again without losing control.'

His Abyssal beast god's bloodline had a cooldown time of 24 hours, and it's been more than 24 hours since he last used it, so he felt confident in winning the fight.

"Okay then. Let's move to the battleground," Levi nodded his head and moved towards a corner where the candlelight was not reaching.

The rest of the group members followed behind him, so Ajax also curiously followed to the battleground that Levi mentioned.

After entering the darkness, Ajax felt that his body moved on its own towards a specific direction and soon reached a vast open area.

"Mason and Quin brothers, let your elemental spirit battle first," Levi ordered them to fight first.

"Mason, what do you want 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2," One of the quin brothers asked Mason about the battle type?

"Two versus two," Mason proudly replied.

"We will give you the seeds of rank 5 Jade oregano if you win," Quin brothers said their wage for the battle.

"If I lose, I will give a 5 percent discount on all the rank 5 and below pills, What do you say?" Mason thought for a moment and announced his bet for the battle.

"Okay, let's start," As soon as the Quin brothers agreed, some silhouette came out of Mason and Quin brothers' spirit consciousness.

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