New Age Of Summoners Chapter 263

251 Three Conditions

To his shock, Barret sat in his chair like a wife who was scolded by her husband.

"Pfft" Ajax could not control his laugh when he saw the expression on Barret's face.

"Hahaha," Not only Ajax but the rest of the members also laughed, making Barret even angrier.

'Just you wait, I will make you all pay for today's insults,' Barret silently thought in his head and swore in his heart.

"Brother Levi, take out your items," Mason returned to his easygoing mood and asked Levi to brig out his items.

"Sorry guys, I don't have any items now.Sigh," Levi's happy mood suddenly turned sore and sighed.

"What? Brother Levi, we mostly come for your items. How can you do this to us," Mason said with a pained expression.

"Yes, brother. What happened to you this time?" the silent Quin brothers also asked with a worried expression.

"There was a small incident before coming here. So, there will be no items this time," Levi replied and didn't give any chance to others and continued, "If no has anything to exchange, let's conclude the exchange meeting."

After saying this, he looked at everyone before looking at Ajax with a smile.

'Is that incident related to why he was working in the store,' Looking at the smile, Ajax understood one thing.

Levi doesn't want to speak about that incident and indirectly asked Ajax not to ask anything about it.

"Since no one has anything to exchange now, let's conclude this meeting. Also, does anyone wants their contracted elemental spirits to fight a friendly spar?" seeing that no one took out any items, Levi immediately concluded the exchanging session and started a new session that made Ajax a little surprise.

'So everyone here is a summoner,' Ajax became excited and curiously waited for the elemental spirit battle.

From the start, Ajax thought that they were all official summoners just like Cortez, so he was only surprised a little.

"Yes, I will challenge Quin brothers," Mason replied to Levi and looked at the twins, "What do you say guys say?"

"Sure, why can't we have a free reward, Hehe" both of the twins looked at Mason and laughed.

"What about others?" Levis nodded his head at Mason and Qun brothers before looking at the girls and Barret to ask.

"We are disappointed with you, brother Levi. We will only watch the battles for this time," Olivia and Stella shook their head.

'Senior brother's items are that good?'

Although their faces were covered with masks, Ajax could guess that they were really sad, which made him look Levi in a different light.

According to him, these girls who didn't even put a mid-level upgrade stone in their eyes were waiting for Levi's items. So, Ajax could directly guess how valuable his things would be.

"Hehe," In response to the girls, Levi sheepishly smiled, rubbing the back of his head and said, "Don't worry, next time I will get double items to make up for this today's meeting."

He casually promised and looked at Barret.

"Is your brother, a summoner?" Barret asked Levi and looked at Ajax.

"He has nothing to do with the meeting, so leave him out," Levi raised his brows and looked at Barret as though he knew what Barret was thinking.

"Why it has nothing to do with him? Didn't he bid for the items?" Barret looked at Levi and said without any anger.

'Let's see how you gonna save him this time. Although it's only an elemental spirit battle, let me vent my anger on his elemental spirit,' However, Barret was coldly laughing as he thought about this inside his heart.

"You don't need to explain rules to me. Also, even if he was a summoner, he can reject the battle," Levi shook his head at Barret's ignorance.

"I know he can reject me, but I doubt that he is not a crowd," Barret smirked, looking at Ajax.

However, Ajax turned to Levi and asked, "Senior brother Levi, how can I join these exchange meetings regularly and become a member of this group?

"Oh, you want to join us regularly? Good," Levi nodded his head at Ajax's words and continued, "As long as you meet three conditions, you can join our group."

Ajax didn't disturb him and focused on his words to know about the three conditions.

"First, you should be a human,"

"Second, you need a recommendation from one of the members of this group."

"And the most important one, you should be an official summoner with at least two elemental spirits," Levi slowly explained the conditions to biome a part of their group.

"Since you are human and I will be recommending you to this group, you automatically met two conditions and as for the last condition is with you," Levi's words made Ajax smile and felt good to have another senior brother.

"I am an official summoner," Ajax nodded his head.

"Good, I felt you are a summoner form the beginning," Levi smiled and asked, "Just summon your two elemental spirits for us to see and you can attend the meetings regularly."

All members looked at Ajax with a smile except for Barret, though. He was waiting for Ajax to join their group and thinking a plan to make his elemental spirits fight with his elemental spirits.

"Hmm," Ajax agreed and summoned Volcanis and Necros, who were having high cultivations in his elemental spirit team.

Soon, two silhouettes, one orange, and another black came out of his spirit consciousness and stood before him.

"Volcanis and Necros, meet senior brother Levi and others," Ajax introduced his elemental spirits to others.

"Good, now take this dimensional key and you can enter this inner space of the essence absorbing tree at a specific time we decide and join the exchange meetings,"

Levi nodded his head and gave him a dimension key after seeing the two elemental spirits.

"Thanks, senior brother Levi," Ajax took the dimensional key and thanked Levi.

"By the way, don't say about thisgroup to anyone and don't bring anyone with you to this place. Even if you wanted to bring, you can't bring them anyway,"

Levis explained some more rules to Ajax.

"Ok sure, Senior brother Levi," Ajax understood that the dimension key in Ajax's inventory could only bring him into a dimensional crevice. Still, it won't allow entering the essence absorbing tree.

'However, with this new dimension key, I can enter this palace, haha,' Ajax felt good that he could come to this place regularly from now on.

"Senior brother Levi, what is this group?"

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