New Age Of Summoners Chapter 262

250 Bidding War

Everyone looked at Barret with a surprise and didn't try to compete with him.

Almost all families and sects have their own techniques in various fields, so many cultivators don't show any interest in other families' techniques.

However, when they saw Barret take an initiate for an item that was not that valuable, everyone was surprised for a moment.

"Really? That book can help one become the rank 4 alchemy master," Ajax asked with doubt as he believed that there were no shortcuts in cultivation and alchemy except for system though.

'Hmph, a lowly peasant,' Seeing the curious Ajax, Barret scoffed in a whisper.

Barret was unable to calm his anger seeing Ajax's curiosity every time they took out some items.

Also, since he was sitting in his best friend's chair made him increase his anger even more.

However, he was unable to say anything to Ajax as Levi was backing him.

"Huh?" Ajax felt mocking from Barret's gaze, and his facial expression became serious.

"Yes, it has all the techniques and knowledge of my family alchemy masters. So it's an invaluable thing. However, we all know each for a while now, I will take this out for the exchange,"

Mason felt good to brag with his item as he explained more about the book in his hand.

"Then, I want that item too," Ajax loudly said to Mason.

Ajax didn't want to compete with Barret initially, but when he felt the mocking gaze on Barret's face, he wanted to take that item.

'Since I need that item anyway, I will spend more on it' Ajax became ready to spend more than Barret.

"Okay then. As we have two competitors for my item, whoever bids will have it," Mason became excited that his item had two competitors and asked them to bid for themselves.

"Don't compare me with this lo one," When Barret heard Mason's words, he immediately stood up and shouted.

"Do you dare to finish the word you wanted to call him?" Levi's exuded his aura and coldly asked.

"Levi, don't use your high cultivation to suppress me," Barret replied to Levi in a cold voice before turning to Mason and asked, "Name a price."

"I already said, the one with the highest bid can take the book," Mason didn't show any fear in front of Barret and cleared stated his condition.

"I said I want the item," Barret asked once again.

"Barret, don't break the rules. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to enter here ever again," Levi took out his dimensional key while he was talking to Barret.

"Hmph," When he saw what Levi was about to do, Barret immediately sat down in his chair and seriously looked at Ajax.

"I will give 100k spirit stones for the book," Barret bid for Mason's book with a smirk on his face.

'Let's see, what you will do, Lowly peasant. Unless Levi helps you with his spirit stones, you won't win against me,' Barret that in his mind and continued, "Levi, let me remind you one of the rules of this exchange meeting. No one should help others with the spirit stones."

After saying that, Barret looked at Ajax to bid for the item.

"Hahaha," when Levi heard those words, he could not withhold his laughter and looked at Barret with a funny expression.

"Who are you teaching the rules? I was the one that created those rules, I know better than anyone," Levi scoffed at Barret, and inside his head, he thought, 'Ajax is richer than me in spirit stones, fool.'

"I bid 101k spirit stones," Ajax increased the bid without any hesitation.

"110K spirit stones," Barret said with an angry expression.

"Let's make it 111k spirit stones, hehe" Ajax once again raised the bid by 1000 spirit stones that made Barret furious.

'Damn, I know what are you want to do, Now increase the bid for this one,' Barret made a plan and said, "I bid 200k spirit stones."

"Holy God," Mason shouted out loud when he saw that Barret increased the price directly by a 90k spirit stones.

'I don't know that a single copy of my family's alchemy tips would be this valuable,' Mason thought in his head and became proud of his family.

'Now increase the price, peasant,' Barret was looking at Ajax with a smile on his face.

"Ajax, just leave the bid. The original price of that book is already crossed by 10k spirit stones," As everyone was in their thoughts, Levi asked Ajax to stop bidding for the book.

'Damn Levi, why are you interfering in my plans,' when Barret heard Levi's advice to Ajax, Barret didn't feel right.

"201k spirit stones," Ajax smiled at Levi and then turned to Mason to bid.

'That's the spirit, peasant,' Barret became excited and said, "Let him take that item, I will not bid for it."

"Okay," Mason nodded his head and said, "Okay, Ajax. You can take this book after paying me 201k spirit stones."

Mason didn't feel bad for Ajax, as he thought, 'since he was the one that decided to bid, then he must have that money on him.'

"If you don't pay, You will be crippled, hehe," Barret laughed after saying his words.

"Who said I don't have money?" Ajax scoffed at Barret and shook his head.

"Brother Mason, check the spirit stones in it," While scoffing, he threw two space rings towards Mason, who caught them and quickly started counting the spirit stoned in the space rings.

"Yes, they indeed have 201k spirit stones, Ajax here is your item," After saying that, Mason threw the alchemy tips book to Ajax.

Ajax didn't check the alchemy book and immediately stored in his inventory to use it later when he returned to his room.

"Mason, do take sides with Levi, let me show those space rings," Barret was in a shock when he heard Mason's words, and he was unable to believe that Ajax had 200k+ spirit stones in him.

"Barret, I don't have to take sides with anyone, the transaction amount was accurate and If I allow you to check those space rings, it will be against my morals. So, you can fucking sit in your chair and don't order around like you own this place," Mason excluded his aura and coldly said to barret.

Ajax was shocked to see this side of Mason because from the start, he thought Mason was an easygoing person.

However, the most important thing was after that warning, what happened made Ajax even more shocked.


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