New Age Of Summoners Chapter 260

248 Exchange Starts

"This dimensional Key can be used to enter most of the places in the real black market that normal dimensional key," Levi proudly continued his explanation,

"For example, this tree has a separate dimension inside it that can be used for some specific reasons."

As he explained, Levi touched the tree with the dimensional key.

Just as the dimensional key that looked like a small stone touched the tree, it sucked Levis along with Ajax who held Levi's hand into it.


In a place that was only lit by the light of the candles, a group of 6 members sat on a round table.

There were two empty chairs among them.

Among the two chairs, one looked like a King's chair, while the other one was like the rest of the chairs, it was simple.

"Where is that Cortez?" a young man with spikey hair said with irritation on his face.

"Maybe, he is not coming here this time, let's start the exchange already," Another young man that had a sharp face urged others to start something called 'Exchange'.

"Hahaha," Just after the sharp-faced young man urged to start the exchange, a loud voice came from the darkness from a small distance away from their table.

"Who dares to start the exchange without me?" a young man that looked 18 years old came out of the darkness and said with a mighty voice that made other fear.

"Brother Levi, How can we start without you?" the sharp-face young man hurriedly stood up and tried to cover his earlier words.

The one who came from the darkness was none other than Levi.

"Hmm okay," Levi nodded his head.

Behind him, Ajax also slowly came out of the darkness by clutching his head with his hands.

"Levi, how can you bring an outsider into the 'Essence absorbing tree'? Just because you have higher cultivation doesn't mean you can fo anything you want," the young man with the spikey hair roared angrily.

"Who said he was an outsider," Levi coldly looked at the spikey young man and turned towards other members who were sitting on the normal chairs and said, "Meet my brother Ajax. Don't try anything funny with him. If you do, you know about me, right?"

Levi introduced Ajax as his brother to others, and at the same time, he indirectly threatened them.

"Also, where is your friend Cortez? If he doesn't come in a few minutes, I will lock this space and not allow him for this time's exchange," he looked at the spikey young man and seriously said.

"..." The spikey young man didn't say anything and went back to his seat.

"Ajax, the beauties over there are Olivia and Stella," Levi introduced the ladies in the group to Ajax first.

"Hi," Ajax shyly greeted them.

From his childhood, he rarely talked with girls. So, he became shy all of a sudden.

"Hi, Ajax," Both of the girls greeted him back and chuckled lightly covering their mouths, seeing his shy face.

"This sharp-faced one is Mason and beside him are the twins, Quin brothers and the angry spikey one is Barret and the empty chair is for our another member, who didn't come today," Levi quickly introduced Ajax to others.

"Hi everyone," Ajax greeted everyone.

"Hello," Mason and Quin brothers replied to the greeting.


As for the spikey young man called Barret, he harrumphed at Ajax.

"Senior Brother Levi, what is the name of the last person that didn't come today?" Ajax already guessed who might that last person would be.

Nevertheless, he wanted to confirm it.

"Huh? An arrogant person named Cortez. I hope he will die soon," when Levi said about Cortez, there was dissatisfaction and hatred on his face.

'So, he was the same Cortez I killed,' Ajax confirmed his assumptions.

When they were fighting, Ajax heard something like exchange and meeting from Cortez's mouth. However, he didn't pay any attention to it at that time.

Now, when he heard the same name from Levi's mouth and thinking back to the dimension key, he got from Cortez's space ring, all his suspicions became true.

'Will they do anything to me if they knew I killed one of their members?' Ajax thought in his head and became worried.

He was worried that all the members who were present here had a cultivation of peak elite commander realm just like Cortez and he imagined that all of them more or less have the same battle prowess as Cortez.

'More importantly, Darbaudr is not here with me,' His strongest trump card was not with him at the moment he decided to act as he knew nothing about Cortez.

"Ajax, come and sit here,"

As Ajax was thinking about Cortez's matter, he heard the loud shout of Levi, who was asking him to sit beside his King's chair.

Ajax didn't reject as he knew that Cortez would not come here anyway, so he slowly went and sat in the normal chair.

"Since the time for exchange is already crossed, I am sealing the entrance to the Essence absorbing tree," After Ajax sat in the chair, Levi announced from his King's chair.

There was a pleased expression on his face when he announced that.

"But Cortez.."

"The exchange time is already crossed by more than an hour, Let him come next time," Before Barret could say anything, he was stopped by Levi.

'Next time? I am sure he will not come forever, hehe' Ajax coldly laughed in his heart.

There was no regret or remorse in Ajax's heart in killing Cortez, so he laughed in his heart.

'At least, Senior brother is irritated with that Cortez. I guess I should tell him when this 'Exchange' thing is over,' Ajax thought and looked at the other members who were suddenly excited when they heard Levi's words.

"Now, Let's start exchanging," Levi's did something with his dimension key, and space around them shook once before stopping. Then Ajax heard Levi's words to start the exchange.

"Don't worry, I just sealed the space around us," Seeing the confused expression on Ajax's face, Levi explained to Ajax.

"Hmm" Ajax nodded his head and looked at Mason.

"As always, I will start first," Mason, with his sharp face, took out something from his space ring.

"A Mid-level artifact upgrade stone, who wants this can give me an equivalent price and take it." Mason played with the stone he took out from the space ring and asked for an equivalent price.


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