New Age Of Summoners Chapter 26

23 Hazegrove Mercenary Squad Goldcrest Town

"I need some time to consider joining your squad", Ajax replied.

" Ok, Until then if you like, you can temporarily stay with us ", Hunter's boss also didn't force him.

After some thought, Ajax followed the hunters back to the town.

"By the way, my name is Edmond Hazegrove, captain of the Hazegrove Mercenary squad which is formed recently, that's why we are lacking in numbers which is also why we are asking you to join us, if you don't have anywhere to go", While walking Edmond introduced himself and continued introducing others, "the middle aged man and youth with long hair who are carrying with axes on their backs are Udo keenaxe and Jeff keenaxe. They are father and son. The remaining two are Paulin hawkpelt and Lewis graystream. They are sons of my old friends", Edmond finished the everyone's introduction.

"Hello,everyone", Ajax soon looked at them and remembered their names while greeting.

Udo just nodded his head in response while others greeted politely.

These three youths were puzzled and shocked at their captain's invitation into the squad because it's not easy for them to join even with their father's recommendation.

' Maybe something in him piqued Boss's interest', they silently thought to themselves and greeted politely.

Soon they reached the town, Goldcrest.

"The town itself looks exciting. This town wasn't built by a lake by accident, as it has fertile soils, which is of great importance to the people of Goldcrest and it's success", as soon as they entered the town, paulin started describing about the town.

"It has a blooming economy, which is mainly supported by smithing and hunting but it's biggest strength is 'Mercenary guild", lewis explained about town's economy but sensing the confused look on Ajax's face he continued, " Mercenary guild is one of the largest organization in the Zrochester province which has many branches in many towns and cities.They provide living residences,missions and rewards for us mercenary squad. So many people are willing join the mercenary guild for its rewards", Lewis explained many things about mercenary guild.

Ajax now understood how the mercenary guild works. It's releases some missions, completing them gives rewards and increase the squad ranking.

"Hey, old Edmond, you are back early today",

"Boss, are doing any mission today?? ",

" Edmond, you have a new face in your squad, did you recruit him",

When they were waking in the town, their squad was greeted with many passerbys.

All passerbys had a respectful tone while greeting.

Amidst their talking, they reached a White building. It has two floors and it is fully surrounded by a garden path with add beauty to the building.

"This building is provided for our mercenary squad for Completing many missions without failing", Said the usual silent Udo keenaxe with a proud look in his eyes.

" Ajax, take the first room on the first floor. Clean yourself and get some rest. When dinner is ready I will inform you", Edmond Hazegrove said to Ajax after they went into the building.

"But boss.... ", but even before he complete the sentence he was cuts off by Edmond's glare.

" You can go, Ajax ", Edmond said gently.

After Ajax went in to the room, Lewis continued, " Boss, that room is off limits to everyone but why did you now allow him, who didn't even join our squad??", Lewis asked Edmond puzzledly.

"I will say", before Edmond can say anything, Udo spoke as he continued, " Because he looks somewhat identical to boss's son who died before we established this squad".

As soon as they heard of this, they didn't ask anything,because they didn't want to make Edmond sad.

In the room

"It's feels refreshing to shower after so many day and a soft bed to sleep after spending many days in that damned cursed abyss",Ajax relaxed on a soft bed as he thought to himself.

" I wonder, how my friends are??? ", soon he felt worried thinking about his friends, Damon, Hector and Jason who escapes in to the cursed wilderness.

" I hope they are safe", Ajax comforted himself and fell in to deep sleep.

At night he was woken up by paulin and Lewis to eat dinner and talked something while eating.

After eating, Ajax said to Edmond,

"I will join your squad, sir".

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