New Age Of Summoners Chapter 259

247 Real Black Marke

Levi was not only surprised, but the excitement was apparent on his face.

"Huh? Why are so excited Senior brother? Don't say me you are also from the Zrochester province," Ajax felt something was wrong with the senior brother he recently made.

"No, I am from Ylercester province," Levi said after controlling his excitement and continued explaining,

"I was surprised because it was rare to see a young commander realm cultivator form the Zrochester province and felt excited that I became brothers with a genius, Hahaha."

It was a known fact that the purity of the essence of nature in the Zrochester province was very thin. So it was very hard to reach a higher realm at such a young age.

"You are overpraising me too much, senior brother Levi. I am not even as strong as you," Ajax shook his head in modesty.

"No need to look down on yourself. It's just a matter of time before you become a general realm cultivator," Levi smacked Ajax's head jokingly as he replied to Ajax.

"Ok senior brother," Ajax stopped being modest and continued asking, "By the way, why all the stores are having fake items?"

"Huh? You find out that sooner than I thought? Hehe," Levi laughed when he heard Ajax's words.

"What?" Ajax didn't understand what Levi said.

"I mean this is not the real black market," Levi slowly said to Ajax in a whisper.

"Not a real black market? Then where is the real one" Ajax was surprised when he heard Levi's words and asked Levi about the real one.

"Don't you feel something wrong with paying high entry fees to buy the fake items?" Levi didn't answer Ajax; instead, he asked a question in reply.

"Yes, but I am satisfied with the items I bought in your store though, so I never really cared about the entry fee," Ajax nodded his head.

For Ajax, the entry fee seemed not high, and with the items, he got from the first store made feel complacent.

"Ajax, are you a sect master's son or the son-in-law of the royal family?" Levi's jaws dropped hearing Ajax's attitude towards spirit stones and asked.

"No, I am a mercenary, hehe" Ajax sheepishly smiled as he knew why Levi thought about his like that.

"What? A mercenary in the Zrochester province is that rich to the point where he won't care about 10000 spirit stones?" Levi wanted to find some rock and knock himself out.

"Yes, before coming to this dimensional crevice I encountered a small fortune, hehe" Ajax found that this new senior brother of his was very funny.

"Okay, How many spirit stones, do you have now?" Levi looked at his surroundings before slowly asking Ajax.

"Huh? Why senior brother?" Ajax raised his brows and asked.

"Don't get me wrong, I will take you to a good place in the real black market if you have more spirit stones," Levi assumed that Ajax was thinking wrong about him, so he explained clearly.

"I have more than what I have paid to you in the store," Ajax nodded his head and said, making Levi excited.

"Then what are we waiting for? Let's go," Levi turned around and started walking towards a remote alley beside the first store Ajax had bought the items.

Ajax followed Levi silently and entered the remote alley.

Levi removed a brick and put a small stone inside it for a moment before storing it back into his space ring.

As soon as he did, a portal opened in front of Levi.

"Don't remove your mask after we enter the real black market," Before entering the portal, Levi warned Ajax not to reveal his identity in the real black market.

"Hmm" Ajax nodded his head and adjusted the mask on his face and entered the portal after Levi.

Soon, Ajax and Levi were teleported to a place that looked like a common market place that was fully crowded with people.

Rather than saying it people, it's better to say crowded with all types of beings.

Because, among the crowd, there are other races beings like Elves, Dwarves, Demons, etc.

"How is this possible? Weren't there wars between different races and how can they all be together?" Ajax asked Levi in a low voice when he saw the different races in the real black market.

"Yes, there is hatred between different races. However, once someone enters the real black market, no one should fight unless they want to die, haha" Levi explained and brought Ajax to a huge tree that was situated at the end of the black market.

"Ajax, I am bringing you to a special place but I advise you to remain silent the entire time we are inside that special place. If you want any item, let me know. However, you should pay for it, since I am penniless now, hehe," Levi said all the things, and at the end of the sentence, he laughed embarrassedly.

Ajax only heard Levi's words as his main focus was on the tree that was giving him a weird sensation.

'What is this tree?' Ajax curiously went forwards to touch the tree.

"Ajax, stop it," Just when he was about to touch the tree, Levi immediately stopped Ajax.

"Huh? Why, senior brother?" Ajax puzzledly asked Levi.

"The tree will suck all your essence of nature even if you just touch it once," Levi seriously said to him which made Ajax shiver and immediately backed off from the tree.

"Now, hold my hand," Levi gave his hand to Ajax, and with the other hand he took out the same stone he took out earlier to enter the real black market.

'So, dimension key has more uses than just entering the dimension crevice,' Ajax was unable to see the dimensional key earlier clearly, so he thought the dimensional key had other uses.

"Hehe" When Levi saw that Ajax was looking at the Dimensional key in his hands, Levi's smiled and said, "I think you are wondering why my dimensional key is different from yours, right?"

"Huh?" Ajax didn't understand what Levi was asking as he puzzledly looked at the dimensional key in Levi's hands.

'What is he saying. Are there different types of dimensional keys? But, the dimensional key looks just like the one in his hand,' At the same time, many questions raised regarding the dimensional key.

"So, what is it's specialty?" Ajax asked Levi about the dimensional key as he wanted to know more about it.


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