New Age Of Summoners Chapter 258

246 Levi

"Welcome young cultivator, what do you want?" As soon as he entered the store, a middle-aged man stood up from his chair and asked Ajax politely.

"Huh? Let me check the items first," Ajax replied and turned to look at the items.

When he heard Ajax's words, the middle-aged man raised his brows and went back to his seat.

It was the first time someone that came to his shop was not respectful in replying to him.

'Maybe he doesn't know about me,'

However, he thought that the kid didn't know about him and shook his head.

'What? There are rank 5 herbs here?' Ajax was shocked for a moment, but soon he shook head as he remembered where he was at the moment.

Although there were only a few rank 5 herbs, Ajax was satisfied with them.

'Why these stores don't have a name?' As he saw the medicinal herbs that were stored in special containers, Ajax wondered about it.

All the stores in the black market don't have any name, and he doesn't know which stores sell what kind of items until he goes inside and check them separately.

For example, he doesn't know this store was a herbal store until he entered and checked the item.

"I want this, this and that," Soon, Ajax pointed at some items and said he would buy them.

"Are you sure?" The middle-aged man was shocked to see the items that Ajax was pointing and asked once again to confirm.

The middle-aged was shocked due to the fact that all the items that Ajax pointed were very costly ones.

"Yes, are they for sale or not?" Ajax was frustrated that no one was believing him that he had enough spirit stones to buy the items he needed.

'Am I looking that poor?' Ajax thought in his head.

"Sorry, young cultivator. They are for sale. Wait for a second; I will calculate the price," The middle-aged man hurried took out the items that Ajax pointed and started calculating.

"Five rank 5 herbs, 20 rank 4 herbs, and 50 rank 3 herbs, total 520k spirit stones. Since the young cultivator is making a bulk transaction, then I will give a 20k discount and round the overall price to 500k spirit stones," The middle-aged man looked at Ajax and acted like a magnanimous person.

"What? Why don't you directly rob me?" when he heard the price of all the herbs, Ajax's heart received a shocked and directly retorted.

"What are you talking, young man. All the prices in my stores are fair. If you don't buy them now, you can forget about leaving from here," the middle-aged man coldly said, revealing his true nature.

"Let's see, who will stop me?" Ajax didn't show any fear towards the middle-aged man who had the cultivation of level 8 elite commander realm and turned around to leave the store.

"Hehe, Brat, you really don't know who you are messing with," the middle-aged man cunningly laughed and rushed towards Ajax to punch him.

However, just when the punch was about to land on him, Ajax smiled and muttered, 'Absolute Darkness'.


The middle-aged man's punch was stopped mid-air as he fell down on the ground holding his head with his hands and crying in pain.

'Pfft, only a level 8 in the elite commander realm, and you are trying to attack me,' Ajax withheld his laughter and left the store picking all the items he just ordered.

"Huh?" As he was leaving the store, he took out one of the special containers to check a rank 5 herb.


Herb name:-Rock oregano

Description:- An ordinary rank 1 oregano that looks like a rank 5 jade oregano when mixed with other herbs.

Use:- It is used to make rank 1 pills.

"What the hell," Ajax was shocked to see the herb's information and quickly took other herbs to check their information.

"All herbs are fucking face," Ajax's face became ugly when he saw all the herbs that almost cost him 500k spirit stones were fake.

"You are also ascammer?" Ajax stopped exiting the store and returned back to the middle-aged man who was still crying in pain and kicked him.

"You can keep this shit for yourself," By saying this, he threw all the herb containers towards him and left the store.

"Damn you, brat; you dare to attack me. Just wait, I will beat the shit out of you,"

A few minutes after Ajax left the store, the middle-aged man stood up with an angry face and howled.


As for Ajax, he went one store after another.

He only stayed in each store for a few moments before leaving the store with a dejected expression.

'What is wrong with these stores? All the items in every store I went to were fake,' Ajax cursed all the stores.

Except for the first store where he bought the authentic items, all the other stores only had fake items, so Ajax was dejected with the store and left without asking for their price.

"Hello, brother," As he was cursing the stores, Ajax heard someone calling him from behind.

"Huh?" Ajax was surprised to see a familiar person that was walking towards him.

The person who called him brother was none other than the young man who worked in the first store, Ajax had entered.

"Hello," Suppressing his surprise, Ajax also greeted that young man politely.

"My name is Levi. What do I call you, brother?" The young man introduced himself and asked for Ajax's name.

"Hello senior brother Levi, My name is Ajax," Ajax didn't feel embarrassed to call a store servant as his senior brother.

According to him, the store he worked for was the best store that sells authentic items in this black market.

Moreover, the young man had a level 1 general realm cultivation, so he thought its better to know someone in an unknown place.

"Since you called me senior brother, I will just call you by your name, Ajax. What do you say?" Levi smiled as he talked.

"Ok, senior brother Levi," Ajax didn't mind as Levi was older than him anyway.

"Ajax, where did you come from?" Levi nodded his head and asked.

"I am from Zrochester province, and what about you, senior brother," Ajax didn't feel any malicious thoughts in Levi, so he was not hesitant in revealing his information.

"Really, you are from Zrochester Province?" Levis was surprised to hear Ajax's answer.


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