New Age Of Summoners Chapter 257

245 Hollow Mask

After entering the black market, Ajax carefully observed the surroundings.

The area ahead of him was just like the mercenary guild's market square with many stores, but the stores here looked more splendid than the later ones.

'Also, there are only a few people here, making it easier for me to look for the item,' Ajax compared the mercenary guild's market square with the black mark in the dimensional crevice.

"Woah, there are some good items here," Ajax casually strolled the black market and observed all the items.

Although most of the items didn't pique his interest, many of them would never be available in the Zrochester province.

Low-grade primitive stones, spirit beast eggs, talismans, and many more things were just placed openly.

After checking almost all the stores in the black market, he stopped in front of a store with a wide range of items.

"Who do you want, young master," As Ajax was checking the store's items, a young man came towards him and asked respectfully.

Since most of the cultivators who could enter the black market were from a wealthy background, all the store servants would act politely not to anger the customers.

"Huh?" When he saw a young man who had the general realm's cultivation acts as a store servant, Ajax was surprised.

"I want all the primitive stones and high-level talismans in your store. Calculate the price and say to me," But he suppressed his surprise and asked the young man.

"What? It will cost more than 100k spirit stones," The young man was unable to withhold the shock when he heard Ajax's words and shouted out loud.

"I will pay the price. Just get the items already," Ajax irritatedly said when he saw the shock in the young man's face.

'Do I look like a peasant to you?' Ajax scolded that young man in his heart.

"Also, find a high-quality mask," As the young man took out the items and calculated the price, Ajax added another item to his list.

"Sure," the young man was feeling happy with the earlier order Ajax had made, so he didn't feel angry when he was disturbed in the middle of his calculation.

Soon, the young man came with a space ring and politely said,

"Young master, there is one middle-grade primitive stone, ten low-grade middle stones, ten sets of Escape talismans, Prison talisman, invisible talisman and thousands of basic talismans and a High-level earth grade mask that can hide the cultivation level of the user."

"Adding all the prices together, it costs 212k spirit stones," the young man said all the items and their prices very fastly that Ajax didn't remember the individual costs.

Nevertheless, he felt that the cost was justified since the items he just brought were rarely available in the outside world, and here he bought them with the spirit stones which he looted from the assassin sect disciples.

Soon, Ajax gave the spirit stones and collected the items before leaving the store.

As for the young man in the store, he casually threw the space ring that Ajax gave into a locker before saying, "Since I helped you gain a profit of 100k from the earlier transaction and completed the contract, I am leaving the store now."

No one knows who he was talking to, but after saying those words, he left the store without even closing its doors.

As soon as he left, the doors of the store closed automatically.


'Let me check the details about this mask,' After coming out of the store; Ajax found a secluded area to find out the details about the items he just bought.


Item name:- Hollow mask

Grade:- High-level Earth grade

Use: It is used not only for covering the face, but it can also mask the user's cultivation.

Note:- General realm cultivators with keen eyes can be able to find the actual cultivation of the user.

"It's good," Ajax nodded his head at the mask and felt satisfied.

The reason he bought a mask was to hide his information from the prying eyes of some cultivators who were following him for a while now.

However, he chose to ignore them until he finished his shopping spree.

After wearing the mask, Ajax didn't check other items as he knew what they were used for and decided to shop in another store.

Soon, he entered another store that looked more splendid than the earlier shop he bought the items.

However, he felt something wrong as soon as he entered the store.

"What do you want, young master?" As Ajax was looking around, an older man appeared out of nowhere and asked Ajax.

'No respect, the earlier store was good,' Although the old man called him young master, there was not even a hint of respect in that voice that made Ajax compare the present store with the earlier store.

"I will check and inform you," Ajax also replied without any respect and started looking at the counter items.

"Hmm," the old man nodded his head and disappeared again.

Ajax didn't pay any attention to the older man and casually looked at the items.


Item name:- a common sea stone


Item name:- a common weed


Item name:- a broken talisman.

"What the heck! There are not even basic good items," When Ajax saw the counter's items, he unconsciously cursed the store.

"What did you say?" as soon as he cursed the store, the previously disappeared old man appeared behind him like a ghost.

"Nothing, nothing," Only then, he remembered that he was in the store that belonged to an elite general realm old man and hurriedly said.

"If you want to buy those items, then buy. If not, they get the hell out of here," the old man said with a cold voice and even suffocated Ajax with his elite general realm aura.

"Thanks, elder," Ajax hurriedly escaped from the store.

'Maybe that old man was trying to scam people with his fake items,' Ajax thought in his head and moved to the next store.

All the items in the store he just ran from had a different name from what he saw in the store, so he concluded that the older man was shady.

'Nevertheless, he is not that bad, though. If he wanted to kill me, I would have already died by now,' Ajax stopped thinking about the old man's shop and entered another store.

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