New Age Of Summoners Chapter 256

244 Dimensional Crevice

'Where is the entrance?' Ajax looked for the entrance of the dimensional crevice with the key in his hands.

He searched for the entrance for some time, before the stone shaped dimensional key shone brightly.

'Finally found it,'

Seeing that brightly lit stone in his hand, Ajax felt excited, but before he knew what was happening, he disappeared from his place, leaving Darabudr and Justice behind.

"Young master," Darbaudr rushed towards the place where Ajax disappeared and shook his head.

'Let's hope he doesn't encounter a high-level cultivator,' saying that, he left with Justice and sat on a boulder and waited for Ajax to return safely from the dimensional crevice.

Darbaudr knew that his young master entered into the dimension crevice, so he just hoped that his young master would return safely.

Udo, who was still searching for something in the distance, didn't pay attention to Ajax much, so he didn't notice that Ajax was missing.

After a few moments, a silhouette came running towards Udo from afar.

"Udo, did you find him?" As soon as the silhouette reached Udo, it asked him hurriedly.

"Yes," When he saw the worried Edmond, Udo nodded his head and answered him.

"Where?" Edmond looked at the surroundings but didn't find Ajax.

"Damn you old Edmond, are you blind now? Can't you see him there?" While saying that, Udo turned around to point his finger towards the boulder, but he didn't find Ajax either.

"Huh? Where did he go?" Udo was shocked to find that Ajax was not at the boulder.

He only saw Darbaudr and Justice, who were talking casually.

'When did he became an elite soldier?' And the most important thing that shocked him was Justice's cultivation, which was only at level 1 soldier realm earlier.

However, now it had increased to level 1 of the elite soldier realm.

"Huh? Darbaudr is also here? Then there is nothing to worry," Once he saw that Darbaudr, Edmond calmed down and thought, 'Since he was with him, I have been worried in vain.'

"Hey, Darbaudr, where is Ajax?"

As Udo was still in shock, Edmond walked towards Darbaudr and asked about Ajax.

"Captain Edmond, he went into a dimensional crevice," Darbaudr answered Edmond's question in a polite way.

"What? He entered the Dimensional crevice?" Edmond and Udo shouted out loud at the same time.

"Yes," The barbarian nodded his head.

"Where did he get the key to that place anyway?" Edmond suppressed his shock and asked Darbaudr.

"I don't know, captain,"

Although Darbaudr knew the answer to that question, he didn't say anything as he knew that Ajax doesn't want to know about his killings to anyone.

"Okay then let's wait here until he comes out of the dimensional crevice,"

Edmond raised his brows at Darbaudr's answer and nodded his head.

After that, he selected a place to sit somewhere near the boulder.

"Edmond, I have an important matter to discuss with you,"

When he came out of all the shocks, Udo went to Edmond and clearly explained about all the information he got from the demon servant before he died.

"So, did you find it?"

After hearing Udo's words about the Demon invasion, Edmond asked a question that puzzled Darbaudr.

He expected Edmond would plan something to defend the demon invasion or inform others about it, but he asked Udo about finding something.

"No, I think it will be somewhere around here," Udo replied slowly.

"Leave that thing to me, I will find it. You go and inform the guild master of the mercenary guild," Edmond nodded his head and asked Udo to go to the mercenary guild.


"Don't worry; you seemed to forget my strength now, hehe" Before Udo could say anything, Edmond interjected his words with a smile.

"Okay," Udo looked at Darbaudr for a moment and left to the mercenary guild to inform the guild master about the demon invasion.

After Udo left, Edmond stood up and started searching for something.

Just like Udo, he increased his search range along with time.

Darbaudr looked at Edmond, who was busy searching for something and shook his head.

"Justice, keep an eye on the surroundings, and if you notice anything, alert me," Darbaurd said to Justice before closing his eyes to cultivate.

Justice nodded his head in agreement.


In the Dimensional Crevice,



Ajax fell on the ground from a portal.

While exclaiming from the fell, Ajax looked at his surroundings.

In front of him, a huge entrance with two guards guarding it.

The guards' bodies were entirely covered with full knight equipment.

"Welcome to the Cursed Dimensional crevice; Please pay 10000 spirit stones to enter inside this crevice's black market," when they saw Ajax on the ground, both the guards politely welcomed him.

'What? 10000 spirit stones?' Ajax was shocked by the exorbitant price for just entering inside it.

"Okay," However, those 10000 spirit stones were nothing to Ajax as he had more than half a million of them, which he got by killing the assassin sect's disciples.

So, he casually tossed them a space ring with 10000 spirit stones in it.

"Please take this badge, and when you are inside, don't create any trouble," As soon as they got the payment, the guards' attitude towards Ajax turned 180 degrees and coldly said to Ajax.

"Huh?" Ajax was flabbergasted at their sudden change in attitude, but he didn't pay attention to them and walked inside the dimensional crevice's black market.

"Also, as long as you are inside the black market, keep an eye on your surroundings. Later, don't come to us and cry that you lost things, Haha" Just as Ajax passed them and entered the entrance, one of the guards mocked Ajax and laughed.

'Lowly watchdogs,' Ajax muttered in a low voice that could be barely audible to the guards and quickly entered the black market.

"I heard something like Lovely dogs, where are the dogs?" After Ajax left, one of the guards asked the other one.

"You fool. That brat said, 'Lowly watchdogs' to us," The other watch guard angrily shouted.

"What? He dared to call us dogs. I will go after him and kill him," The first guard became angry and tried to enter the Black market.

"Damn foo. At least use that brain once in a while. Did you forget our rules? Wait until he comes to us for his missing things, then we will show him what we are?" The second watch guard stopped the first guard and explained his plan.


After hearing the plan, both of them started laughing.


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