New Age Of Summoners Chapter 254

242 Killing The Demon Servants

Ajax's back drenched with cold sweat when he sensed that someone was behind him.

However, seeing that Darbaudr didn't alert him even when a silhouette appeared behind made Ajax relaxed a little.

"What are you doing here, kid, making all us worried for you," a cold voice was heard in his head through voice transmission.

"Uncle Udo, why are you here?" Ajax was surprised and felt a little anxious when he heard Udo Keenaxe's voice in his head and asked.

"First answer my question, why didn't you return to the residence with Paulin?" Udo asked why thinking in his head, 'This brat's cultivation increased once again.'

When he last saw Ajax, his cultivation was at level 4 of the commander realm, which already made him think that Ajax was some kind of demonic cultivator.

However, only a couple of days had passed from then, and his cultivation increased once again increased by two levels, which made him almost confirm his suspicions about Ajax.

Nevertheless, he didn't act but looked at the group of demon servants in the distance along with Ajax while waiting for an answer to his question.

"I wanted to finish that bounty missions that were issued by the mercenary squad," Ajax thought for a moment and slowly answered Udo shift his reason to stay back on the Bounty missions.

"Huh?" Udo surprised for a moment and asked, "So, you wanted to kill those demon servants."

"Yes," Ajax instantly replied while taking out the bracelet he got from the mercenary guild as a proof to convince Udo.

When the bracelet in Ajax's hand, Udo nodded his head and looked at Darbaudr and Justice.

Among them, he only recognized Darbaudr and didn't recognize Justice.

Justice, formerly known as Braylon, always covered his face with a mask, and aside from certain people, no one knows how he looks. So, Udo was unable to recognize him.

However, he didn't care about him as he sensed not even a shed of cultivation in him.

"How much longer should we wait here?" one of the demon servants angrily asked.

As Ajax and Udo were slowly talked in a voice transmission, they heard the demon servants who were silent until now, started talking.

Seeing that, they stopped their talk and focused on the demon servants.

"Until our young master comes out of the dimension crevice, we have to guard him," another demon servant scoffed at the first demon servant who asked the question.

"I wonder how long he will take this time? Last time he went into the dimension crevice he was gone for two days," Another one showed his dissatisfaction towards their young master.

"Who knows. However, we have to guard here until he comes out of the dimension crevice," The demon servant that answered earlier replied.

"By the way, chief. When will the invasion of this region start?"

The first demon servant questioned in the beginning once again asked a question. However, he was excited when he asked this question.

"Our invasion was supposed to start as soon as our young master comes out of the dimensional crevice,"

The one who was answering all the questions replied as usual.

"So, it's true that the demons are invading this region," Udo, hearing their words, nodded his head and turned to Ajax and asked, "Do you think you can kill them?"

"No," without any hesitation, Ajax said 'No' to Udo.

"However, with the help of Darbaudr, I can take care of them," Ajax said after looking at Darbaudr.

"Come, assist me. After we kill them, I will send a signal to Edmond," As though he was disappointed with something, Udo shook his head and said to Ajax,

"Yes, uncle Udo," Ajax accepted Udo's arrangement.

"Let's go, take care of level 1 elite commanders. As for the rest, I will take care of them," Udo said to Ajax before rushing towards the demon servants.

'Darbaudr, help Justice level up,' Ajax silent orders Darbaudr to assist his new follower.

Darbaudr nodded his head and selected a target before rushing towards him along with Justice.

Udo appeared behind the one called as Chief and easily killed him before he slowly searched for something.

As for the remaining demon servants, he casually killed while he was at it.

Ajax also didn't use his full power but acted as though he was using full power to kill a level elite commander demon servant after fighting with him for a few minutes.

'Is he really using his true strength?' When Udo saw Ajax's difficulty in killing a level 1 elite demon commander, he stopped his search for a moment before thinking about it.

However, soon he thought that he was just wasting time and resumed his search for something.

As for Darbaudr, he was entirely helping Justice kill the high-level demon servants to increase his cultivation level.


Justice utilized Darbaudr's assistance to the peak and quickly killed a level 10 elite demon commander.

As soon as he killed that demon servant, some energy came out of the dead demon servant and entered into Justice's body.

Ajax, who was observing Justice the entire to know more about his cultivation that would be increased by killing the evil on the earth, noticed the energy that entered into Justice's body.

Soon, the energy from Justice's body started to rise as his cultivation began to increase at an incredible rate.

Within seconds, Justice broke through a couple of minor realms, and the increase in his cultivation was still increasing but with some decreased speed.

After a couple of minutes, Justice's cultivation broke through to the elite soldier realm level, and only then his cultivation stopped increasing.

'So killing a level 10 elite demon commander only allowed him to reached level 1 of the elite soldier realm?' Ajax was not happy with the cultivation improvement of Justice when he saw the amount of energy that Justice got from the demon servant.

He was dissatisfied because he thought that Justice would at least enter the commander realm after killing a level 10 elite demon commander.

However, when he saw that Justice's cultivation didn't cross the level 1 elite soldier realm, he was disappointed with the system's cultivation path that was arranged for Justice.

'Sigh...' Ajax sighed and worriedly looked at Justice, who closed his eyes and enjoying the increment in his cultivation realms.

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