New Age Of Summoners Chapter 253

241 New Specialty

"So, I got a new follower just like that?" Ajax was puzzled after his excitement.


Justice felt that he was granted a new life to correct his past mistakes and become your follower.

"Hmm," Ajax nodded his head and opened his user interface to check the follower tab.

In the 'follower tab' feature, besides Darbaudr, another name was present, and he focused on it.


Follower name:- Justice

Cultivation:- Level 1 soldier

Description:- His cultivation will increase by eliminating evil.

"Cool, Justice, you can take some rest for now," Ajax said to Justice, and he also returned to his place to sit.

After sitting, Ajax took out two transparent stones from the inventory and played with them.

The two stones are none other than Elemental spirit stones he got after killing Cortez.

"These must be from his contracted elemental spirits," Ajax thought and finally knew what would happen to elemental spirits if their summoning master dies.

"Young master, although they can help your elemental spirits, it is better to use the same type of elemental spirit to get more benefits," Seeing the elemental spirit stones Darbaudr explained to Ajax.

Ajax nodded his head in agreement and resumed his search.

Ajax already knew that using the elemental spirit stones on the same type of elemental spirit would benefit more, so he just nodded his head.

In the past, all the elemental spirit stones, he got from the system were universal elemental spirit stones that could be used on any elemental spirit (Except for one that he used on Necros).

So, he didn't have any problems until now. However, now he had to wait until he contracted a wind elemental spirit.

"Young master, order Twilight to land," As they searched from the sky, Darbaudr urged Ajax to order Twilight.

Seeing that seriousness on Darbaudr's face, Ajax immediately ordered Twilight to land without any delay.

"What happened, Darbaudr," After landing on the ground, Ajax asked Darbaudr before jumping down from Twilight's back.

"I saw a group of demon servants ahead of us," The Barbarian said with hatred on his face.

"Demon servants?" Ajax's face became serious and thought, 'I just casually thought about them earlier, and now they were on my way, isn't it too much of a coincidence?'

"Young master, I saw only low-level ones in that group. So, let me go and finish them," Darbaudr requested Ajax.

"Since there are no high-level ones, let me go with you," Ajax decided to go with Darbaudr.

"As you order, young master," When he the seriousness on Ajax's face, Darbaudr respectfully replied.

"Twilight, take rest in the inner world. Also, don't go into the dark elemental paradise for now," Ajax said to Twilight before sending it into the inner world.


It roared into retortion, but he had already sent it.

After he sent it into the inner world, he didn't move immediately towards the demon servants; instead, he silently checked the dragon in the inner world, which slept in front of the dark elemental paradise.

'Even though it acts rebellious, it sure is obedient' Ajax smiled at Twilight and decided to find a quick way to increase the dark elemental paradise's size.

"It looks like all the spirit beasts and elemental spirits will break through to higher realms sooner than I thought,"

Since he entered the inner world anyway, he checked on his other spirit beasts and elemental spirits and felt good as they were progressing at a rapid speed.

'Before confronting those Demon servants, I will use the 'specialty roulette' to get a random specialty.

It was a reward that he got from contracting an auxiliary elemental spirit in the elemental spirit world. Still, he didn' use it as he went from one thing to another and was unable to spin the roulette.

However, now he decided to use it.

'System, spin the roulette for the specialties,' Ajax ordered the system to spin to the roulette.


Spinning the specialty roulette, please wat.


There is a 40 percent chance that the host may not get any specialty from the roulette,

As soon as he ordered the system, a transparent roulette started spinning.

The specialty roulette had ten portions, and among them, only six were filled as for the remaining four portions, they were empty.

'Should I pray for a specialty?' Ajax thought, looking at the spinning roulette in front of him but quickly rejected that thought as his praying didn't work earlier.

Soon the roulette stopped spinning.


Congratulations to host for gaining a new specialty 'Water Elementalist.'


All the water elemental beings will not actively attack the host and even treat the host with friendliness.

"Hahaha," Ajax laughed out loud when he saw the pointer that stopped on the Water Elementalist on the roulette.

'It's good I got what I needed,' Ajax was satisfied with the specialty as he didn't any water type elemental spirits with hi.

He thought that with this specialty, he could easily convince the water elemental spirits to form a contract with him when he enter the elemental spirit world in the future.

"Let's go now," After feeling satisfied with the new specialty; Ajax went towards the demon servants with his two followers.

When they heard his words, both the followers became excited.

Darbaudr was excited as he had the blood feud with the demons, and as for Justice, he wanted to eliminate the demon servants who were a symbol for evil.

Ajax and his followers didn't rush to kill the demon servants; instead, they slowly observed the demon servants from the distance to know what they were doing.

In the distance, 18-20 weird beings that had curved horns and with sharp teeth protruding out of their mouths.

They were around 2-3 meters in height, and almost all of them had the cultivation of the Elite commander realm.

'Woah.. these demon servants were strong,' Looking at them, Ajax didn't felt any fear, but he was surprised to find that all the demon servants have high cultivations.

"Young master, all the demon servants will have the cultivation of a commander realm at the time of their birth," Darbaudr, who fought with demons in the past, explained Ajax.

"Oh, then there is no surprise they have high cultivation," Ajax nodded his head and checked the surroundings to find any high-level demon servants.


As he was checking for high-level demons, a silhouette appeared behind him without any noise.

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