New Age Of Summoners Chapter 252

240 Justice

"Please give me some rare items instead of spirit stones," Ajax prayed as he checked the space rings that were given to him by Darbaudr.






"Please, at least this final space ring should have some rare thing in it," all the space rings he checked only had spirit stones and other basic things. So, he prayed even more for that last space ring in his hand.

"Damn it, where is my luck?" Ajax cursed, looking at the sky when he saw that the final space ring had nothing in it.

Even the spirit stones were not present in it.

"Nevermind, I will once again look at the items I gained from Cortez," He stopped bothering about the empty space ring and took out Cortez's space ring to console himself from depression.

From the space ring, Ajax took out some papers with mysterious symbols on it.


Item name:- Escape talisman (Quantity:-3)

Description:- A talisman that can teleport the person who activated it to a random location within a radius of 10 km around him.

As soon as he looked at it, the information about the papers appeared on the holographic screen.

"Haha," Ajax was neither surprised nor shocked; he was only excited when he once again check the talisman.

'With these talismans, I can easily escape when facing a high realm cultivator,' Ajax thought in his head and took out the next item.


Item name:- Duplication (Cultivation technique)

Grade:- Low-level heaven grade

Description:- A technique, when learned, can help the user to copy the ability or skill of the opponent with a 50 percent power.

"This is the technique that Cortez used to copy my 'Absolute Darkness.' It is good, but it won't be any help," Even though Ajax felt that technique was good; still, he thought it wouldn't be effective against high realm cultivators.

'I can gift it others,' Ajax decided to give this technique to others.

"And here comes the next item that piqued my interest the most," Ajax slowly took out a small red coloured stone that was nearly similar to a spirit stone.


Item name:- A dimensional key

Description:- A key that can be used to enter a dimensional crevice at a particular day from a particular place. Mostly used to conduct secret transactions and meetings.

Note:- Whenever the key holder is near the dimensional crevice, the key will shine brightly.

When he saw that information on the dimensional key for the first time, he felt excited and started to hold it in his hand to find out the dimensional crevice.

Since he was searching the Cursed Wilderness for a reason behind the rank 4 spirit beasts' appearance, he wanted to test his luck in finding the dimension crevice to look at what it actually looks like.

Although he didn't know exactly how they look, he had a little understanding of those dimensional crevices.

Dimensional crevices were small regions that appear between different worlds, and people from different worlds gather to exchange things with other people.

Although it looked simple, sometime, they would be killed for even a slight misunderstanding.

So, there was a popular saying in the stories that Ajax heard from Elder Boron.

'If you don't have enough strength, then stay out of the dimensional crevice.'

Ajax remembered it very clearly as Elder Boron made him hear this line more than a dozen times.

However, Ajax thought that he had enough strength now and wanted to enter the legendary dimension crevice.

Just as he was pondering that, a series of system notifications rung in his head made him surprised.


Braylon, who was given a second chance by the host, had successfully cleared the system mission.


Congratulation to the host for giving a second chance for an enemy who wanted to change truly.


The host has gained three chances for using the second chance feature.


The host has been refunded with 5000 units of the essence of nature and a special reward box for his right decision.

"Wonderful," Ajax was surprised and carefully looked at every system notifications.

'A special reward and 5000 units of the essence of nature that I used for the second chance has been added back to my spirit consciousness' Ajax was over the moon as he read those notifications.

"Let's check Braylon first before opening the special reward box," Ajax looed at the Braylon was checking his surroundings after he came out of who knows where.

"System, does he have his past memories?" Ajax asked the system as he walked towards Braylon.


Yes, he had all his past memories. However, his cultivation has been destroyed by Darbaudr earlier. So the system made another arrangement for him to cultivate.

"That's good. What is that arrangement," When Ajax saw those words, he nodded his head and asked about the arrangement.

Ajax knew that Braylon's spirit consciousness was destroyed and wondered about the arrangement the system had made to help Braylon cultivate once again.


Every time he kills the wicked and evil beings, he gains a small amount of cultivation from the beings he killed.

"What?" Ajax was shocked by the weird arrangement made by the system for Braylon.

What kind of concept was it to gain the strength from killing evil beings?

It was the thought in his head.

"Thanks for giving me a second chance, master," Just as Ajax came close to Braylon, he bowed and thanked Ajax for giving him a second chance.

When he heard Braylon calling him a master, Ajax was shocked and felt weird, but he suppressed his shock and acted normal.

"No, no, no, you earned it," Ajax shocked his head and continued, "Since you became a new person, do you mind changing your name?"

"I will leave this to master to decide,"

Braylon acted as though he doesn't care about his name or his past anymore.

"Since you will be killing the evil people from now on, I will call you Justice," Ajax thought for a moment before giving him a name.

"Okay, master, I will be Justice form now on," Braylon, who became 'Justice' after Ajax's second chance, accepted his new name.


Congratulations to the host for gaining a new follower.


After naming Justice, Ajax got a system notification all of a sudden that gave him another surprise, and he became happy to see it.

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