New Age Of Summoners Chapter 251

239 Cortezs Background

"What?" Caprice carr shouted when he heard his master's words.

Caprice felt shocked and hated Cortez's killer to his very core.

Cortez became famous for his secret technique, which he showed when he entered the sect.

"Another thing, Cortez has relations with the headquarters. Now my biggest fear is how should I inform them that he was killed by someone in the Cursed Wilderness," The third elder became even more aged when he thought about it.

"He has relations with the headquarters?" Caprice became shocked once again and came to a sudden realization, 'No wonder, no one tried to steal that technique from him.'

Cortez joined the assassin sects just like a normal cultivator, along with Erick.

Both of them showed some powerful techniques and were easily recruited by the sect.

However, Cortez's coping technique piqued the interest of the upper echelon of the assassin sect.

When they saw Cortez's technique, they were competed for one against another to take him under their wing. However, to their surprise, he chose the third elder as his master.

Many other elders sent someone to kill Cortez, but all the members they sent were killed mysteriously, and afterward, they got a secret message from the headquarters to not come in the way of Cortez ever again.

From then onwards, no one dared to bother Cortez and started to please him with many gifts.

"Caprice, you go and cultivate. I will do what it needs to be done," The third elder looked Caprice and ordered him to cultivate.

Since he was participating in the Champion's contest, the third elder wanted him to become as much powerful as possible.

"But, master.."

"No buts, just focus on your cultivation and Champion's contest,"

Before Caprice could say anything, the third elder interjected him.

"Ok master," without a choice, Caprice left the mission hall and went to his residence to cultivate.

'Was he killed in that meeting he regularly attends every month? Or was there a misunderstanding in exchanging their items in th meeting?' After Caprice left the mission hall, the third elder's thoughts flashed at lightning speed and stopped at something called 'Meeting.'

After Cortez became his disciple, he came to know that Cortez was someone from the headquarters and didn't force Cortez to reveal his secrets and gave full freedom to him and took care of him.

Due to that, Cortez started sharing some things about him, and among them, 'Meeting' was one of Cortez's secrets.

'According to him, the meeting was between some prodigies of the Zrochester province who meet regularly at a particular time to exchange their knowledge of items,' The third elder tried to remember about the meeting that Cortez mentioned.

'But, he didn't say more than that..sigh,' He sighed and started to think about a plan to escape from head quarter's punishment for not protecting Cortez.


'who dare to kill my disciples,' just as he was pondering about a plan, the third elder heard an angry yell that was familiar.

Soon, he came out and looked in the medicinal hall's direction and tried to find out what had happened.

However, he didn't hear any more sounds from the medicinal hall.

So, he shook his head and returned into his mission hall.

"Looks like someone killed the fifth elder's disciples also," Along the way, he thought about the words he first heard from the medicinal hall.

"I think, someone was targeting all the disciples of the assassin sect," The third elder's face became serious when he thought of this possibility.

Earlier, he managed to find out that someone in the Cursed Wilderness completely annihilated the first elder's number 1 team.

Next, his own disciples were killed, and now even the fifth elder's disciples were killed.

When he connected all the dots, he came to that possibility.

"Who is behind all of this? Sects or the five main families? I should inform this to sect master quickly," The third elder hurriedly stood up and went towards the sect master's residence.

"Wait a second. Since all my disciples are inside the sect, I will let other halls receive some damage before informing the sect master, hehe" Before he could exit his mission hall's exit, the third elder stopped all of a sudden and cunningly smiled and returned back to his room in the mission hall.

After entering into his room, he kept his ears alert to catch some of the other hall leaders' angry shouts to test his theory.

He didn't wait for much time before he heard the raged voice of the fourth elder.

One after another, elders shouted at the loss of their disciples at regular intervals.

Hearing them, the third elder forgot his own loss and started laughing.

"Hehe, all the elders lost their main team, but why I didn't hear the second elder's voice?"

After a few hours of hearing the angry shouts, the third elder counted all the elder's voices he heard and thought about the second elder.

'This old second didn't send his disciples out of the sect, I guess,' The third elder concluded and shook his head.

Among all the elders, he wanted to hear the second elder's angry cry as he had some bad blood with him in the past.

"Now, I will inform the sect master," With that thought, he walked towards the sect master's residence.


"Dman that assassin sect, how may team did they sent to kill me? Also, all of them were very powerful," Ajax's rage towards the assassin sect increased with each team he annihilated on his way.

"Nevertheless, I became very rich from all the space rings that Darbaudr collected after killing them," After killing a team, Darbaudr would collect all the space rings and hand it to Ajax.

As for Ajax, he would leisurely check each space ring's insides and transfer the valuables into his inventory or inner world.

Among all the pile of space rings, he had collected, only Cortez and Erick was filled with various items that made Ajax excited.

"It's no wonder, robbing is the easiest way to becoming rich," Ajax thought as he looked at the fight that was completed just a few moments ago.

After killing them, as usual, Darbaudr collected the space rings from the dead bodies and jumped onto Twilight's back, handing the loot to Ajax.

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