New Age Of Summoners Chapter 250

238 The Third Elder Sighs

Since everyone from her squad had seen Ajax's face, he requested Rosa to look after Ajax in the Cursed Wilderness, which would help him finding Ajax sooner.

"Sure," Rosa didn't think much before agreeing to his request without any hesitation.

"You heard the request of the Hazegroove mercenary squad's captain request, so you have to give your all," After she agreed, Rosa turned around and loudly said to her squad members.

"Woah, its Captain Edmond,"

"He is requesting help from us,"

When they heard it was Hazegroove mercenary squad's captain, who was requesting their help, everyone became excited and discussed some minor details before rushing in separate directions to search for Ajax.

Although they were the squad members of the number 2 mercenary squad, they were excited because, if they help Edmond now, he would help them and their squad when needed.

So they didn't ask for any rewards and immediately started their search forming two small teams of three men and two women.

Soon, everyone left, leaving Edmond and Rosa behind.

"Sorry for my earlier rudeness," Edmond apologized for his earlier behaviour.

"No need to apologize, I know why you became angry. I should have given my reply properly," Rosa shook her head and asked Edmond not to apologize.

"Thanks for helping me, Rosa. Activate this talisman if you or your squad members find Ajax," Edmond thanked Rosa and gave her a talisman before sprinting in a specific direction.

'Please take care of yourself, Big brother,' After Edmond left, Rosa silently muttered, seeing the running silhouette in the distance.

At the same time, her eyes were moistened, and her face was filled with worry.

After a few moments, she suppressed all her emotions and ran in another direction.


"We have to find that Ajax before any of the other Hall disciples would find him,"

"Yes, and master also clearly gave orders to kill the other halls disciples, if they come in our way,"

"Nevertheless, we should hope that we don't encounter other hall disciples,"

"But, senior brother, why everyone Hall leader was so adamant on killing this Ajax guy,"

"Yes, senior brother. Isn't it enough to send some low-level teams to kill him, why bother sending the top teams of every hall,"

At another place in the outer section of the Cursed Wilderness, a group of masked disciples talked as they ran towards the middle section of the Wilderness.

"It is a very important mission that must have come from some high-level cultivator or organization. But who cares about all that. We finish the mission and take the reward for our efforts," the masked disciple, who was leading the remaining masked disciples, replied them with a chuckle and continued to lead them.

This was not the only group from the assassin sect looking for Ajax, but eight other teams from the respective halls searched for Ajax.

Except for weapons hall, the remaining halls sent their number 1 team to kill Ajax.

Among those 11 teams, Ajax already took care of two teams, and the remaining nine teams were still searching for Ajax.

Without knowing to Ajax, he became the most searched person in the Cursed Wilderness.

As for him, he was lazing, looking for any suspicious or mysterious things from the back of twilight.

He was trying to find the reason for the appearance of the rank four spirit beasts in the outer section of the Cursed Wilderness to complete his mission.

Behind him, Darbaudr also looked for something that looked suspicious on the orders of Ajax.

'Also, where are the demon servants that were supposed to be in the Cursed Wilderness. I think that Mercenary squad received some wrong intel,' Along the way, Ajax suddenly that of the demon servants and the bounty missions that the Mercenary squad issued.

From the time he entered the Cursed Wilderness with Paulin to now, Ajax didn't find a single demon servant and thought that information about Demon servants' appearance was wrong.

From time to time, he discussed something with Darbaudr and continued searching for the reason.

"Young master, there..,"

"I saw, hehe," Before Darbaudr could finish his sentence, Ajax nodded his head with a chuckle.

Instead of finding the reason for the appearance of the spirit beasts in the outer section of the cursed wilderness, Ajax saw a group of masked disciples and instantly recognized them as assassin sect's disciples.

"They must be looking for me, go and say hello in my name," Ajax didn't want to waste any time with those assassin sect disciples and ordered Darbaudr to kill all of them.

"Sure, young master," Darbaudr replied to Ajax before disappearing form twilight's back.




Ajax only saw some flashes of Darbaudr when he moved at them and killed them.

Within a few seconds, Darbaudr appeared behind Ajax and sat as though he did nothing.

'It's good to have a high-level follower,' Ajax thought in his head and continued his search.


In the assassin sect's mission hall,

"How can this happen? Just how?" the third elder, who was the mission hall leader,loudly shouted as he looked at the broken jades in front of him.

"What happened, master?" A young man around 18 years old, behind the third elder, worriedly asked when he saw his master shout loudly.

"Someone killed your Eldest senior brother, Cortez, and his team," The third elder said with an angry face.

"What?" the young man was shocked and asked, "Isn't the eldest senior brother's team was stronger than Braylon's team?" Also, doesn't he have escape talismans with him?"

"I know that Caprice, not only those talismans, he also has many secrets that even I don't know," The third elder's face looked even more ugly thinking about his first and favourite disciple who had many talents.

"Then who would kill him before he could activate his escape talismans," Caprice was not really close with Cortez, but he admired Cortez very much for his fighting style and techniques.

However, when he heard that someone killed his idol, Caprice felt sad and thought about the killer's strength to kill Cortez before he could activate the talisman.

"Also, do you know Cortez had a technique to copy others skills, and he said he would give it to you after this mission," The third elder sighed when he said those words to Caprice carr.


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