New Age Of Summoners Chapter 25

22 Weird Stone

At the bottom of the Cursed abyss

Ajax is oblivious about the entire thing that is happened in the dark room.

Although he wanted to use the medium grade spirit jade to increase his spirit consciousness but refrained himself from doing it. Instead he thought, he can use it when he officially started his cultivation.

".guu guuuu", finally Ajax came out of his thoughts with hunger sounds of his stomach.

It's nearly one day for him without food, but he forget about it, with all things he went through during the day.

"But the problem is, where should I find food in this damned cursed abyss", Ajax checked his surroundings only to see mist covering it.

" I can't go up by climbing this narrow mountain, so I can only find a way by moving horizontally", With that thought he moved towards one direction which least covered by mist.

"This is.... ", he took only a few steps before he found a small black bag.

" Yes, this is the bag of that black assassin who came after me", as soon as he that of that assassins, he eyes flash a cold glint.

"If I ever found who did this, I will take the revenge even if it's cost me my life", He clenched his teeth and swore.

But when he think of his friends his coldness turned into worry.

" I wonder how my friend are?? and how they are fairing in the cursed wilderness???", He said worriedly.

Soon he took the bag into his hand and checked for the items in it.

He found some meat jerky, clothes, an ordinary dagger and a weird fist sized stone with two cross silver daggers on it.


item name :- Normal dagger

rating :- worst

as usual the system notification came with the dagger rating.

But When he touched the weird fist sized stone, he didn't got any notification.

"I think this can be used to know who did the massacre", with that he stored that stone in to the inventory.

He filled his stomach with the meat jerky.

After eating, he suddenly thought of 3 elemental spirits he formed master-servant pact. Soon he checked his spirit consciousness.

In his spirit consciousness he saw the three elemental spirits sleeping without a worry, so he didn't feel like waking them up.

He thought he can introduce himself after they wake up.

Soon he moved in the direction which is least covered in mist.

Due to the corroding death energy in the cursed abyss he found no spirit beasts on his way.

Occasionally he took short breaks to eat the meat jerky and rest.

While travelling, he carried the egg of the high grade spirit beast with him as he sensed that it is absorb the surrounding death energy in the cursed abyss.

He travelled through the mist for three days before finding a mist free area which looked like a small forest.

Soon he heard the sounds of people from far away, he kept the egg inside the inventory and became alert.

Although the people who looked like hunters didn't make much noise due to his senses being sharp, he heard them say, "boss, I found a youth who looked 15-17 years old to our South".

" ok, don't make him scare, I will handle it", said another voice.

Soon hunters got a clear view of Ajax and Ajax also saw five hunters, Two middle aged man with strong figure and three of them look like 17-18 years old.

"Boy, what is your name?? what are you doing here?? are you lost??", asked the strong middle aged man.

" Yes, My name is Ajax", Ajax guessed this man as the boss of this small hunter team and continued, " also I don't remember anything except for my name".

"..... ", all the hunters are speechless at his words.

They looked at each other and finally looked towards their boss.

" Ok then, come with me for now and join my mercenary squad", the Boss said with a smile on his face.

Ajax frowned at boss's words.

Although he want to find a place to live, Ajax didn't want to join some unknown mercenary squad because he don't know what kind of peeple they are.

Seeing the frown on Ajax's face, the boss smilingly said, "I know what you are thinking,but Iam not forcing you to join the squad anyway. As soon as we enter the town you will know that we are not as bad as you think".

The remaining hunters nodded their heads when they heard the boss's words.

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