New Age Of Summoners Chapter 249

237 Darbaudrs Elemental Affinity

After Ajax went near to it, he carefully observed the cocoon, which had small patches of green color on it.

'It looked beautiful,' He only observed it without touching it for a moment before slowly caressed it.

'It smooth and soft,' Ajax thought the cocoon must be hard from the looked, however to his surprise, it was quite the opposite.

"Young master, although it looks soft, it could even defend attacks from an elite commander realm," When he saw how careful Ajax was touching the cocoon, the barbarian could not help but help it to Ajax.

"Huh? Really?" Ajax was surprised and looked at Darbaudr and asked, "Is it that strong?"

"Yes, young master, I once saw a similar thing that happened back in my home province but that elemental spirit was only at an elemental spirit soldier realm and it was able to withstand the attacks of a commander realm cultivator,"

Darbaudr explained about what he saw in his province.

"It's a good thing then," When he heard that, Ajax was excited and curious for Sprius to come out of the cocoon to see her changes.

"Even if it is that strong, let me store it in the inner world," Ajax didn't want to take a chance, and he stored it quickly for the safe side.

"By the way Darbaudr, how did you manage to find out the exact location of Cortez in the Cursed Wilderness," After storing the cocoon in his inner world, Ajax asked Darbaudr.

Even though Darbaudr was strong, it was impossible to catch Cortez in a short time, so Ajax wanted to know what secret Darbaudr had that helped him catch Cortez.

"It's not a secret, young master. I have more affinity with space element than any other elements," Darbaudr slowly revealed his elemental affinity.

"Wow, you are awesome Darbaudr," Ajax praised Darbaudr when he heard the barbarian had space elemental affinity.

It was a rare thing to have space elemental affinity than possessing a common dual elemental affinity.

Also, the most important thing was it was very hard to reach a higher realm cultivation state with space elemental affinity.

'He reached almost King realm with his space elemental affinity. I wonder how powerful he would be when he breakthroughs to the King realm,' Ajax thought and became excited as he one act of kindness gave him a loyal follower.

'I think it is true that the heavens won't abandon a good person like me. I should do more good deeds in the future, hahaha' Ajax decided to do more good deeds from now on and laughed in his heart.

As he was praising himself, Darbaudr explained, "Since I have space elemental affinity, I am very sensitive to the spatial fluctuations and such that I was able to find him quickly."

"Oh," Ajax nodded his head and thought, 'Maybe because of his space elemental affinity, he was able to travel between the provinces.'

"Okay, now let's continue our mission," He said that as he mounted Twilight along with Darbaudr and flew towards the middle section of the Cursed Wilderness.


Somewhere in the outer section of the Cursed wilderness,


A middle-aged man with an average build was running at an incredible speed and searched for something while he was at it.

"Where are you Ajax?" As he was running, the middle-aged man continuously muttered the same sentence again and again.

The middle-aged man was none other than Edmond, who was searching for Ajax.

"Huh?" Edmond suddenly stopped when he saw some silhouettes that looked familiar.

"Who are you?" As soon as Edmond stopped his running, a young man from the group of silhouettes aksed Edmond raising his weapon at Edmond.

"Little six, lower your weapon. Otherwise, you will die for angering him by pointing your weapon at him," Before Edmond could say anything, a melodious voice came from behind the young man who questioned Edmond with his weapon.

"Big sister Rosa," The young man lowered his weapon and turned to look at a woman in her late twenties who stopped him.

That woman was non-other than Rosa, the captain of the number 2 mercenary squad, 'Blood rose.'

"Long time no see, Edmond," Rosa looked at Edmond and politely greeted him.

"Yes, it's been a long time," Edmond nodded his head and asked, "Did you see a young man around 16 years old in this outer section of the cursed wilderness?"

"You mean Ajax?" Rosa asked with her melodious voice.

"Yes. wait, how did you know I was looking for him? What did you do to him?" Edmond nodded his head unconsciously but suddenly became aggressive and asked her some questions with a serious voice.

While he was asking those questions, the energy from his body unconsciously came out and suppressed everyone that present around him.

"We don't know, we just met him when we entered the Cursed Wilderness,"

Just when everyone thought they were going to die, their squad captain, who was barely able to manage the energy from Edmond, said while gritting her teeth.

When he saw Rosa's pitiful state, Edmond retracted his energy back into his body and nodded his head as though he believed her words.

"But, how did you know I was searching for him?" Even though he believed her words, Edmond still asked her in a cold voice.

"T..that is," Rosa didn't answer Edmond directly; instead, she looked at her subordinates before saying, "I saw him in Ajax."

As soon as she said those words, Edmond's expression became somewhat soft.

"So, everyone from your squad saw Ajax, right?" Edmond looked at the Blood rose squad members and asked her.

"Yes, But what are you planning to do?" Rosa became anxious when she heard Edmond's question, and hurriedly asked.

"You don't need to be anxious. I am no longer that angry Edmond you knew in the past," Edmond shook his head when he looked the anxiousness on Rosa's face.

"Phew, then?" Rosa's heaved a sigh of relief at Edmond's words and asked him.

"I need a favor from your squad?" Edmond slowly asked Rosa.

"Sure, as long as it is reasonable, I and my squad members will do it," Rosa replied Edmond without any hesitation.

"Can you ask your squad members to split up and search for Ajax?" Edmond requested Rosa and looked at Rosa for her answer.

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