New Age Of Summoners Chapter 248

236 Cocoon

"What? How is this possible?" When he looked at the familiar face in front of him, Cortez was shocked and immediately stood up to escape.

However, he forgot that his body was entirely covered in wounds and fell down on the ground as soon as he stood up.

"Sigh why are you running?" Ajax sighed when he looked at Cortez's attempt to escape.

"How did I come here? Wait, I remember now. Some barbarian knocked me out and I don't know what happened to me afterwards," Cortez thought how he came here and remembered the Barbarian's hideous face.

"Why is he bowing to you? who are you really," When he looked at Barbarian who was bowing to Ajax. Cortez was shocked and asked Ajax.

"Who am I? I am a simple mercenary," Ajax replied with a smile on his face.

"Don't joke with me. How can you have a general realm cultivator as your servant?" Cortez didn't believe Ajax's words and asked him coldly.

Before taking the mission to kill Ajax, Cortez was given information about Ajax. In that data, Ajax only had an elite commander realm Barbarian as his servant, but the barbarian that was present here was having a cultivation of around level 5 of the general realm.

So he thought this barbarian was another servant of Ajax.

"Okay, I will say the truth now, I am from another province and my parents forced me to cultivate in this Zrochester province and ordered me to not return home until I became a king realm cultivator.sigh," Ajax started some story and said to Cortez.

"And, he was the servant that was sent to protect me in this province," Ajax laughed inside his heart when he said the story; however, he had a serious expression on his face that made Cortez almost believe him.


Mission name:- Kill Cortez.

Mission status:-Failed.

Reason:- Due to the intervention of Darbaudr.

As he as playing with Cortez, Ajax received a system notification of his previous mission.

"Sigh...it has some good rewards but now...," Ajax sighed, looking at the mission status and felt sad.

'Nevermind, I hope the system gives more mission with good rewards,' He stopped feeling regret over the failed mission and looked at Cortez.

"Please don't kill me, I will follow you for the rest of my life and do what you say,"Seeing the smile on Ajax's face, Cortez felt goosebumps all over his body with the fear.

"Really, Okay," Ajax nodded his head and turned to look at Twilight as though he was asking it what to do.

In reply to Ajax, Twilight shook its head disapproving of Ajax's decision.

"Sorry Cortez, even my Twilight is not agreeing to my decision and wants to kill you. So at least try to be a good man in your next life," Ajax's right hand turned into a demon claw as it pierced through Cortez's heart.

'Why was my joke earlier became real?' When he was falling onto the ground, Cortez had a single thought in his head.

Earlier, he joked with Ajax, that even if Ajax got a general realm cultivator as his assistance, he would not be surprised.

However, he was not only surprised but also shocked when he saw the general realm Barbarian as Ajax's servant.


Killed a special peak elite commander realm cultivator

The host gained 3000 units of the essence of nature.

As soon as he killed Cortez with demon claw, his shadow clone entered into the dead body and absorbed Cortez's blood and shadow.


The host's spirit consciousness is completed, filled with the essence of nature.


Choose a target to transfer the extra units of the essence of nature.

"Huh? Full already? Transfer to Spirus," Ajax was surprised for a moment, and without any delay, he selected his life elemental spirit, Spirus, to transfer the essence of nature.

Among his first batch of elemental spirits, Spirus was the only one who still remained below the elemental spirit commander realm, so he chose her without hesitation.

Just as he chose her, she came out of his spirit consciousness with a green halo around her, and the essence of nature continuously transferred from him into her.

The process took place for a few moments before the green halo around her started becoming brighter with each passing second.

After another few seconds, Ajax was unable to see her due to the bright green light.

'Looks like 3000 units of the essence of nature is not enough for her to break through,'

Just when he thought that Spirus would break through to spirit commander realm, he felt the energy surrounding her started decreasing and hurriedly sent more essence of nature from his spirit consciousness.


Extra 1000 units are transferred.






Only 100 units are left in the host's spirit consciousness.

The transfer of the essence of nature from Ajax's spirit consciousness to Spirus continued until only 100 units were left in Ajax's spirit consciousness.

Ajax didn't hesitate to transfer all his essence of nature to Spirus as he wanted her to become strong as soon as possible so that she could heal his summons.

After hearing that he only had 100 units of the essence of nature, Ajax stopped the transfer, not because he was afraid of emptying his spirit consciousness; instead, he felt it was enough for her to break through to the elemental spirit commander.

Soon the green halo became a cocoon that covered Spirus completely shocking Ajax.

"What happened?" seeing the simple egg-shaped cocoon, Ajax was shocked as he didn't expect it.


Due to the direct transfer of the host's essence of nature, Spirus triggered a mutation.

"What? A mutation?" Ajax was surprised to see the system notification in front of him.

"What kind of mutation? Is it going to change its life element?" Ajax hurriedly asked the system as he wanted Spirus to have that life element.


The host need not worry, you will know when she comes out of the cocoon.

"Okay," Ajax rubbed the back of his head and shook his head.

He was excited and anxious at the same time when he heard the mutation, so he didn't think clearly earlier.

"System, do you know how much time will it take for Spirus to come out of the cocoon?" Ajax asked the system, but the system gave no reply to him.

Seeing that system was not giving him any reply, he stopped bothering it and looked at the cocoon and moved towards it.

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