New Age Of Summoners Chapter 247

235 Escape Talisman

'He looks weak and his face seems like he was heavily affected by Twilight's poison's breath, I can still kill him on my own,' When Ajax observed Cortez's face, he thought he still had chances to kill Cortez, so he decided to see what Cortez does first before striking him down.

"Good good good," Cortez said to Ajax in a weak voice that was barely audible.

"You are the first person to reduce me to this pathetic state but don't worry I will pay you back what you have done to me with an interest," Even with all the wounds and being poison, Cortez coldly smiled at Ajax and continued in his weak voice, "As for now, I am going."

After he said those words, he took out a blue talisman from his space ring.

When Ajax saw the blue talisman in Cortez's hands, Ajax didn't waste any time and rushed towards him in an attempt to stop him from activating that talisman.

It was a talisman that Ajax was able to immediately recognize as he saw that talisman in the Auction plaza in the mercenary squad's market square.

However, it's price was very high and also, Ajax did not have any interest in the item at that particular time as he was eagerly waiting to check his new feature.

The talisman's name was escape talisman that could teleport the activated person to a random place in the radius of 10 kilometers range.

So when he saw that Cortez was planning to escape, Ajax hurriedly rushed towards Cortez. However, before he could reach Cortez, the talisman was activated, and Cortez disappeared from his place.

"Damn it, Damn it," Ajax loudly cursed when he failed to catch Cortez, who was almost within his reach.

"Now, he knows all about me and my elemental spirits. I should not have acted on my own and should have asked Darbaudr to take care of him," Ajax became angry at himself for feeling confident in himself.

'Sigh if he says about my abilities to the assassin sect, I wonder what would happend?' He suppressed his anger and sighed.

'Whatever, in the worst case scenario, I will hide in the Cursed Wilderness and not become burden to Hazegroove mercenary squad members,' Ajax thought about what to do in the worst-case scenario.

Even though he knew that Edmond could help him, but if the assassin sect informs his abilities to other sects and main families, it will become more troublesome for Edmond and others. So he decided to hide in the Cursed Wilderness if assassin sect was really adamant about recruiting him into their sect.

As Ajax was pondering about the future possibilities, somewhere around from that place, a tattered clothed man who looked like he was in his late twenties with wounds all over his body, weakly walked towards a tree to rest.

He was none other than Cortez, who escaped from Ajax by activating the escape talisman.

"Damn you Ajax, I will take revenge for Erick and what you have done to me today," As he was stumbling towards a tree to take rest and recover his strength, he gnashed his teeth and swore to himself.


As he was cursing Ajax and walking towards the tree, he heard someone moving behind him.

"Who?" he quickly became alert and turned around to look at the place where the sound came from earlier.

However, there was nothing in there, so he shook his head, thinking it must be some spirit beast and continued stumbling towards the tree.

"Hello," Just as he was about to sit, Cortez heard someone was greeting him with a rough voice.

When he heard the rough voice all of a sudden, he was scared witless and hurried looked at his surroundings.

Still, he was unable to see anyone, and his fear increased even more.

"Why are looking at your sides, when I am above you?" Instinctively, he looked above to only a hideous looking barbarian that was smiling at him.

Seeing the smile on Darbaudr's face, sweat rolled down from Cortez's face.

"Who are you?" Cortez suppressed his fear and asked the Barbarian who leisurely sat on the tree and looked down at him with a smile.

"It's not important now. However, I need to take you to meet some," After finishing his words, Darbaudr jumped from the tree and knocked Cortez down.

Catching the unconscious Cortez, Darbaudr put him on his shoulder and rushed towards the direction he came from at an incredible speed.


"Where is this Darbaudr went to? Not even replying to me?" Ajax looked at the area where Darbaudr was supposed to station, but even after calling him through his spirit imprint, Darbaudr didn't reply to him, making him somewhat anxious.

"Is he fighting someone? Or blocked by someone's barrier?" Ajax continued to think about the possibilities of Darbaudr, not giving him a reply.

He slowly walked towards the Twilight that was resting on the ground as he pondered.

After Cortez escaped using the escape talisman, Ajax summoned back all his elemental spirits to rest in the inner world except for Twilight. He kept it outside to accompany him for some time until Darbaudr comes back.

"You fought great today, twilight," Ajax patted the huge dragon head that laid on the ground.

'Grr grr'

Twilight replied with its eyes closed, enjoying the patting from Ajax's hand.



"Who?" Ajax was about to sit beside Twilight when a burly silhouette came rushed towards him suddenly and threw a body in front of him.

"Sorry young master, it took some time for me to find the place where this one is teleported," the burly silhouette bowed in front of Ajax and replied to Ajax.

"Uff...Don't come like that once again," Ajax said to Darbaudr while heaving a sigh of relief.

When he saw Darbaudr's face all of a sudden, Ajax was almost scared witless, so he said those words first without wasting any time.

"Yes young master," Darbaudr nodded his head and sheepishly laughed, which seemed even more hideous on his face.

"You caught Cortez?" Only now, he focused on the body that was laid on the ground and asked.

"Yes young master," the barbarian answered.

"Good," Ajax praised Darbaudr and took out some mini thunder pool's water before splashing on Cortez.

"Huh? Where am I?" Cortez slowly opened his eyes and looked at his surroundings.

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