New Age Of Summoners Chapter 246

234 Enlightenmen

'But, I will become weak after that technique and can't show my dominance in the meeting,' Cortez continued thinking, 'It's all because of this brat's annoying techniques.'

When he looked at Ajax, his cunning smile became a cruel one and didn't think much and decided to used his final technique to kill Ajax and his team quickly to join some kind of meeting.

"Inanis and Demis, come and join me," As soon as he decided, he called his contracted elemental spirits and closed his eyes.

When they heard their summoning master's order, they abandoned their fight with Ajax's elemental spirits and merged with Cortez's body.

Just as they entered his body, his cultivation officially broke through to the General realm, and it didn't stop there ut continued to increase one minor real after another.

Within only a few seconds, Cortez's cultivation reached Level 3 in the general realm, and his battle prowess crossed more than that realm.

"What in the holy heavens," Ajax was shocked to see Cortez and his elemental spirits merged and became one entity with a higher cultivation realm and battle prowess.

After the merging process was completed, Cortez moved towards Ajax at a very high speed.

'He is using his wind elemental spirits to increase his speed,' Ajax quickly found the reason behind his high speed, but he didn't felt any fear since Twilight had the same battle prowess with the dragon's fury along with the boost from his new bloodline.

'As long as I guide Twilight against him, then it will be an easy fight,' Ajax thought as he jumped on to Twilight and looked at Bane, "Bane, look here. See how I defeat with poison."

Even though they were in the middle of the fight, Ajax didn't forget Bane's depression over Cortez's words, so he said some words to Bane before rushing towards Cortez with Twilight.

Although it was not Bane's first time hearing the words that Cortez said, those words made him depressed all of a sudden since it was his first time hearing those words from a human.

However, with Ajax's words, he felt a little better and looked at the Ajax with a happy expression.



Cortez used a weird cleaving technique that was different from the previous time. However, it was blocked by Twilight's wings that were covered by dragon scales.

'Twilight, slam him with your another wing, now,' As soon as the attack was blocked, Ajax didn't waste any time and ordered the dragon to attack Cortez, who was shocked with the way that Twilight blocked his halberd cleave.


Twilight hit Cortez with another wing that made him slammed into the ground.

'Now, Dragon tail and finish it with Poison breath,' Ajax jumped from Twilight's back and walked towards Bane after he finished giving his orders to Twilight.



After hearing Ajax's orders, Twilight immediately used its attack 'Dragon tail' and slammed Cortez into the ground even deeper and released the poison breath onto him.

haThe reason Ajax asked Twilight to finish the fight with a poison breath because he wanted to show Bane how powerful the poison element could be if used properly.

As for the poison resistance pills that Cortez swallowed earlier, Ajax didn't bother with them, since Twilight's poison is a very high-level one, so he had confidence that Cortez would be poisoned for sure and die quick.

"Did you see that, the last attack 'Poison breath'," Ajax pointed at Twilight that was releasing its 'poison breath' attack onto Cortez's body and said to Bane.

Seeing the 'Poison breath' attack, Bane was shocked at the dense poisonous air that was released from the dragon's mouth.

As he was observing the poison breath, a flash of light came from the sky and fell on him, and Bane's body started shining as though he was having enlightenment from the heavens.

When he saw this phenomenon, Ajax didn't dare disturb Bane and allowed him to gain something from it.

It was a rare chance for someone to get enlightened by the heavens, as it required luck and the proper understanding of something that they wanted to get enlightened with.

So, Ajax didn't disturb him.


Congratulations to the host, your elemental spirit is gaining enlightenment into the way of poison.

'Way of poison? It looks like his poisons will be even more poisonous from now, I guess,'

When Ajax saw the system notification, the term 'Way of poison' caught his attention, and he guessed about its use.

Soon, the light from the sky disappeared, and Bane opened his eyes that shined brightly for a moment.

"Bane, how is it?' Ajax asked Bane about the enlightenment with a small smile on his face.

"Thanks, summoning master, I understood now," Bane bowed and thanked Ajax as he understood more about poisons.

"I was wrong this entire time and I belittled myself hearing the mocking of others from the time I was born," Bane said about his past experience of how he was bullied and mocked by other auxiliary elemental spirits and continued saying, "I don't know when but I started hating my own element and wanted to mutate to another element."

"After seeing the poison breath from Twilight, I understood how powerful and potent poison can be if used properly," When he said the last words, Bane was excited as though he learned the most important lesson in his life.

"Good, that you finally understood. There are no useless elements in nature only the way we look at them made them stronger and weaker," Ajax nodded his head and explained his views on the elements in nature.

Bane nodded his head in reply and agreed with Ajax.

After giving his lecture about elements of nature, Ajax looked at Bane's information to find the changes that occurred in him after the enlightenment.

Soon a holographic screen appeared in front of him that was showing Bane's information.

He didn't waste much time looking at the data he already knew; instead, he looked a new section 'Enlightened'.

In that section, he found what he was searching for and concentrated on the term.


Way of Poison:- A common dao for poison type users, but they rarely gained it.

Effects:- Even a common poison could become the most potent poison in the hands of the uses.

"Excellent," Ajax was unable to hold the excitement and shouted out loud, but soon he suppressed it when he saw all the other elemental spirits were looking at him with confused faces.


As he was busy suppressing his excitement, he heard a low rumbling sound from the place when Cortez was crushed into the ground earlier.

Soon, a figure that was entirely covered in the wounds stood up from the pile of rocks.

'What the hell! He is still alive after that many attacks from Twilight?' Ajax was shocked to see the heavily injured Cortez stood up from the ground.

Never in his dreams, Ajax thought that Cortez would still be alive after that many wounds and a very powerful poisonous attack.

'What should I do?' After Twilight's poison breath, Ajax deactivated his Abyssal beast god's bloodline since he thought that was enough to kill Cortez, so he didn't have any trumps cards now except for Darbaudr.

'Should I call him,' Ajax thought in his head about calling Darbaudr, but he shook his head as he thought of something.

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