New Age Of Summoners Chapter 244

232 Bloodline Managemen

Cortez was much faster than before as he rushed at Ajax with his halberd.



Before he could react, Ajax was cleaved by Cortez's halberd.

However, the attack this time was much powerful than the last time as Ajax was blasted away by the attack and fell down.

'I guess, I have to take Darbaudr's help and let go of the mission, Sigh' Ajax sighed as he was ready to ready to order Darbaudr to take care of Cortez.

Before he could give his order, Ajax received a series of system notifications that made him stop.


Congratulations to host for trying hard for a mission without taking Darbaudr's help until now.


Since the host has more than one bloodline and tried to complete a system's testing mission, the host will be granted with a new feature.


The new system feature, Bloodline management, is now available to host.

'What? System, Did I ever say I love you? Let me say now, 'I love you, system,'' Ajax was excited at the system's sudden notifications.


However, before he could check the new system feature, Ajax received another attack from Cortez.

"Twilight and Bane come now," Ajax loudly shouted with his beast voice calling Twilight, which was watching the fight from the distance while flying in the air.

As soon as they received the order,Twilight and Bane rushed towards him.

Both of them were much powerful than their usual cultivations as they received a boost from the Abyssal bloodline.

"What? More of your trumps cards?" Cortez shook his head and didn't waste any time as he rushed at Ajax, whose body was entirely covered with blood.

Ajax knew that except Darbaudr, he could use anyone that had a spirit contract with him. So, when he wanted some time to check his new system feature, he didn't hesitate to call Twilight and Bane.

However, before Cortez could reach Ajax, Twilight was already in front of Ajax, looking at Cortez with its bloody eyes that were filled with fury.

Every time, Ajax was cleaved, Twilight was filled with fury and wanted to rush. If not for Ajax stopping it from rushing, it would have already entered the fight.

When Ajax ordered it to come, it didn't waste any time and used it's enhanced flight, and along with the boost from the bloodline, it reached Ajax in a few seconds.

Bane, on the other hand, also didn't look good. Since his summoning master dies, he would die along with him. Also, his summoning master didn't complete his promise yet, so he had also waited for Ajax's order.

"Huh? So you got another elemental spirit. It must be an unofficial one, right? You have some great luck finding the elemental spirits in the elemental spirit world," Cortez didn't think much about Bane, but when he looked at the angry dragon, he felt some fear in his body.

However, he didn't show it out and rushed at the dragon and Bane.

Twilight used his first innate skill Dragon's fury directly increasing its strength, whereas Bane used his Poison scythe along with the assistance of his pet 'Viper'.

Soon, he started fighting Twilight and Bane with his level 2 halberd dao.

As they fought, Ajax quickly used more water to clean his wound and drank it for quick healing.

After that, he opened the user interface and checked the new system feature.


System feature:- Bloodline Management

Description:- The host can now combine the bloodlines of the same level together to get a new bloodline.

Note:- If the synchronization between the two bloodlines is very less, then there are very high chances of failing in the fusion of bloodlines. The host should maintain at least 50 percent of synchronization between them for a higher success rate.

'Good feature, but I wonder how powerful the fused bloodline will be? Ajax nodded his head the new system feature that was unlocked for his determination to fight Cortez without taking Daarbaudr's help.

'System, what is the synchronization between the two bloodlines I currently possess,' Ajax asked the system.


The host has two bloodlines, Abyssal bloodline (Level 1) and Beast god's bloodline (Level 1).


They have about 75 percent of synchronization.

"75 percent?" Ajax was surprised by that huge percent, but after thinking about those two bloodlines, he was not surprised.

'System, combine the bloodlines,' without any hesitation, Ajax decided to combine the bloodlines.

Since it was challenging to defeat Cortez with individual bloodlines, he wanted to combine them and test the upgraded bloodline on Cortez.


Do you want to combine the bloodline?

'Yes,' Ajax replied to the system's warning notice.

As soon as he said that he got another system notification,


Please select the primary bloodline and secondary bloodline.

'Huh? Is there a difference if I choose randomly?' Ajax didn't understand what the system was asking, so he inquired about it.


In the bloodline fusing process, the primary bloodline affects the final bloodline the most. So higher the primary bloodline, then higher will be the final bloodline.

"Hmm," Ajax understood something about primary and secondary bloodlines.

"Then keep Abyssal bloodline as the primary bloodline whereas secondary one will be beast god's bloodline" Ajax didn't waste any time selecting the primary and secondary bloodlines.

According to him, Abyssal bloodline was the most useful one for him as he was having more elemental spirits and spirit beasts now and would be having even more in the future.


Theprimary bloodline:- Abyssal bloodline

The secondary bloodline:- Beast god's bloodline

Synchronization:- 75 percent


Combing the bloodlines has started, please wait for a few minutes.

After selecting the primary and secondary bloodline, some multiple holographic screens appeared in front of him, gave a detailed summary, and asked him to wait for a few minutes.

'Even if the upgraded bloodline unable to stop him, then I will let Darbaudr take care of Cortez,' Ajax thought while combining the bloodlines.

Amidst his thoughts, he looked at the fight between his elemental spirits and Twilight with Cortez and his elemental spirits.

When Ajax looked at the battle prowess of Cortez, he was shocked as his strength reached the general realm, and Twilight was barely managing against him even with its dragon's rage.

Although Twilight's dragon's rage could increase its strength to mid-level rank 5, it was still lacking battle experience against Cortez, so it was unable to gain the upper hand in the fight.


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