New Age Of Summoners Chapter 243

231 Groom Selection Ceremony

A random cultivator couldn't join the royal palace, and it was much even more impossible to please the King of Zrochester province.

However, there was an announcement that was not known to the general public yet and only made known to the top three sects and five main families.

The announcement was that after the Champion's contest, a groom selection ceremony would be conducted by the royal palace for Princess Daphne.

Also, there were many conditions to be chosen by the royal family, and Cortez didn't fit the main condition of that ceremony.

'Damn, I am just 12 years older than the princess, so what. Didn't the King himself married a 20 years younger bride than himself, so why did he limit that age t only 18 years?' When Cortez thought about the announcement, he cursed the King and the royal palace.

This led to the rise of jealousy when he looked at Ajax, who had almost all of his capabilities at a very young age.

So, he wanted to torture Ajax to release his anger after knowing all his trump cards.

'Inanis, Demis, increase your power but just finish it too soon,' Cortez cunningly smiled as he ordered his elemental spirits.

After hearing their summoning master's orders through a voice transmission, both the elemental spirits nodded their heads and started to take the fight with Volcanis and Necros seriously.

Slowly the advantage for Ajax's elemental spirits decreased, and the fight between them once again balanced and ended up in the stalemate.

'He is playing me and wanted to know more of my skills,'

When Ajax saw the fight between the Elemental spirits, he understood Cortez's intentions.

"So, you want to know my other skills?" Ajax asked as he stood up from the ground and continued, "Sure, but I fear you will die right after knowing it."

"Really, then show me," Cortez suppressed his jealousy, hearing those words and asked with a smile.

Actually, Ajax was not joking when he said those words about the trump card. His most crucial trump card was none other than Darbaudr.

If he was here, the fight would not last more than a few seconds, but Ajax was trying to finish a mission, so he could not reveal that trump card yet.

'I will use him only if I don't have any confidence to kill Cortez,' Ajax thought as he decided to use Darbaudr in the last.

'Beast god bloodline, activate' without any hesitation, Ajax used his recently gained bloodline.

As soon as he activated the beast god's bloodline, his body started to transform into a beast.

Within a few seconds, his body reached a height of five meters and looked more ferocious than Erick's transformation.

"What? How do you possess Erick's beast transformation?" Cortez asked with a shocked face and looked serious at the transformed Ajax.


Ajax only replied with a loud roar that made the spirit beasts in the surroundings fear.

However, since all the spirit beasts in the middle section of the Cursed WIlderness were high-level ones, they only felt fear for a second and didn't pay any attention to Ajax's roar.

'Is he related to Erick? or he killed Erick and took the bloodline from him?' Cortez thought in his head.

After pondering for a moment, he concluded the later one was true as Erick was his best friend, and they grew up together from childhood.

As for his first thought, two members couldn't possess the same beast body for a beast god's bloodline. So he directly canceled it.

"Did you kill Erick," Cortez's usual calmness disappeared from his face and asked Ajax with a fit of anger.


However, Ajax roared in reply and rushed at Cortez with his huge body to finish the mission as quickly as possible.

Cortez also didn't want to drag the fight as he lost interest in Ajax when he knew that Ajax killed his best friend.

He rushed towards Ajax's huge beast body with his giant halberd and aimed it at Ajax's neck.

It was not Cortez's first time fighting the transformed beast. He used to have regular spars with Erick and knew about the transformed beast body's weak points.



'What?' Ajax was shocked that he missed catching Cortez and was allowed him to land a hit on him by the halberd in his hands.

Ajax really underestimated Cortez's speed.

When they were about to attack each other, Cortez's speed increased to the point he was unable to catch up with his eyes, which led him to receive a severe attack from the halberd.

Blood started to come out of Ajax's wound that was cleaved by the halberd on his neck area.

Without wasting any time, Ajax took out the water from the mini-thunder pool and drank it. He also poured some water on his wound for quick healing.

As soon as he poured the water on the wound, just like magic, the wound started to heal at an incredible speed.

'What is that? It has great healing properties?' Cortez didn't feel shocked anymore with Ajax's secrets.

When he saw the water that was healing Ajax's wounds, Cortez stopped his attacks and observed the wound on Ajax and tried to find out what Ajax was using.

However, he was unable to find out more about the water, giving rich lightning elemental energy.

'He only lacks cultivation. If he has that, then I would have died by now,' Cortez felt fear when he thought about Ajax's future strength, and his thoughts on killing him became even more.

According to Cortez, except for cultivation, Ajax had everything in his space ring.

'I think, even if he can call a general realm cultivator for his help from my back I would not be surprised,' Cortez thought in his head.

Just as he was thinking about this, Cortez's ring glowed with a red light.

"Okay, playing time is over. Time to kill you has come".

After seeing the light, Cortez's expression became serious, and hurriedly said to Ajax coldly.

"Huh?" Ajax was shocked to see the seriousness on Cortez's face all of a sudden.

'Even, when he knew that I killed Erick, he was not this serious but what happened to him all of sudden,' Ajax thought and wondered what made Cortez kill him quickly.

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