New Age Of Summoners Chapter 242

230 Kill Cortez


Mission name:- Kill Cortez as soon as possible

Reward:- System upgrade

Additional requirement:- Without Darbaudr's help, kill him.

Danger rating:- B

Description:- Cortez has some secret techniques, so kill him as soon as possible without the help of Darbaudr.

Additional rewards:- Depends on the time that the host took to kill the target.

"Huh?" Ajax raised his brows in surprise as this was the first mission that was forcing him to kill someone quickly.

'But, without Darbaudr's help...' he thought for a moment and kept that those thoughts aside and focused on Cortez, who was visibly looking tired.

"By the way, I am also an official summoner, so don't give me that look," As he said that, Ajax summoned Volcanis and Necros.

Since they were his strongest elemental spirits at the moment, Ajax summoned them.

"What? How can you..."

"Stop with all the talk and let's focus on the fight as I have some mission to complete after this," Ajax didn't waste any time and rushed at Cortez to kill him as soon as possible.



"You are very interesting, Ajax. If not for this mission which came from my own master, I would have become brothers with you. But it's too late... Sigh," Cortez sighed as waved his halberd to stop the spear piercing from Ajax.

Cortez received another surprise from Ajax when he saw that he was a dual elemental summoner with fire and dark elements, so he sighed that he had to kill such a genius.

"Now, let me show you the true power," As soon as he said that Cortez's body received some kind of power-up from one of his elemental spirits that were carrying a huge halberd.

"Die," Cortez didn't waste any time and cleaved at Ajax with his huge halberd.

Ajax used his spear to defend the incoming attack, but he was unable to completely defend it the impact from it, which forced him a few meters back.

'Is it a halberd dao?' Ajax was shocked at the abilities of Cortez, who was revealing one at a time.

However, with each one of these abilities, Ajax's mindset kept on changing.

Initially, he thought he was special to possess a system which was giving some cool items, and also the cultivation became easy.

But, he didn't imagine that there were others with almost the same abilities as him without a system.

'I thought I am becoming strong at an incredible speed but it's not enough,' Ajax gritted his teeth and decided to do more 'A' danger rating missions and level up as soon as possible.

"Stop gritting your teeth and show me your true strength," Cortez looked at Ajax, who was gritting his teeth and said with a smile on his face.

As Ajax and Cortez were talking, their elemental spirits started fighting using their skills.

Vocanis fought the elemental spirit with a halberd, whereas Necros's summons fought the other elemental spirit.

Ajax's elemental spirits didn't waste any time in using their ultimate skills. Volcanis used inferno to raise his all abilities, and along with the passive skill 'King of Fire,' he was easily taking care of his opponent.

Necros used his summoning skill and summoned two undead commanders who had the same cultivation as him. With the two summoned beings taking care of an elite spirit commander realm Elemental spirit, while Necros was supporting them with is confusion ray from time to time.

Overall, Ajax's elemental spirits were able to gain the upper hand against Cortez's elemental spirits that were having the cultivation of the Elite Elemental spirit commander realm cultivations.

"Although your dual elemental spirits look strong, too bad, they didn't reach the elite spirit commander realm yet, so they would not last much longer against my elemental spirits,"

Cortez smilingly said when he looked at the elemental spirits that were fighting beside them.

Cortez was once again surprised by the strength displayed by Volcanis and Necros.

He was more surprised by Volcanis when he saw how powerful his attacks were against his first elemental spirit, Inanis.

'He is interesting, I should find out what skills he had under his sleeve and them kill him,' Cortez thought in his mind and decided to force Ajax's to use all his trump cards before killing him.

'I should kill him as soon as possible and get the rewards,'

As Cortez was thinking about extending the fight, Ajax was thinking the opposite to finish the mission quicker so that he could get some good rewards.

'Abyssal bloodline,' Ajax didn't waste any time in using his first bloodline.

As soon as he used that, his elemental spirits' strengths increased, and the fight with their opposite elemental spirits became very easy.

"Oh, here comes another skill, good good," Cortez didn't worry that his elemental spirits would lose, so didn't take that skill seriously.

However, he felt that it was a skill that was tailor-made for a summoner.

Since he was an official summoner with two official elemental spirits, he knew the value of boosting the strengths of his elemental spirits in a fight.

'Where did he came from? Actually, who is he really to have that many skills and talents?' All of a sudden, Cortez fell into a dilemma about Ajax's origins.

Since it was almost impossible for anyone in the Zrochester province to have those kinds of talents, he felt something was wrong with Ajax's origins.

There was nothing wrong with Cortez's thoughts about Ajax's origins after seeing his skills and talents.

With his own eyes, Cortez saw that Ajax had two types of weapons: dao, a spear, and a sword. With one at a level 2and another one was about to break through to level 2.

Also, a Nightmarish skill that could affect the cultivators with one major realm higher than Ajax's strength and a boosting skill could increase the battle prowess of all the elemental spirits.

With these many talents, he could directly enter into the royal family and become one of them.

'If he pleased the king, then he could directly become the next king of the Zrochester province,' Cortez thoughts started to wander up to the royal palace.

'Nevertheless, let me drag this fight some more to find out more of his trump cards, hehe' Cortez stopped worrying about Ajax's origins and focused on dragging the fight to know more of Ajax's skill and techniques.

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