New Age Of Summoners Chapter 241

229 An Official Summoner?

'No need to come, I am fine. I can do this,'

However, before Darbaudr could reach the fighting location, he heard Ajax's voice.

When he heard his young master's voice, Darbaudr stopped in his tracks.

'Why are you doing this, young master,' Darbaudr could not understand why Ajax was taking such a huge risk.

'Because I have much bigger fights in the future,' Ajax replied with a gritted voice.

Although he didn't understand his big future fights, he followed his order and stopped rushing towards him.

As was not the only having a hard time here, Cortez, who was pierced by the shining spear, immediately took out the spear from his body and treated his own wound with medicinal pills and other techniques.

Since it was not in the bloodlust spear form, it could not absorb the blood from the enemy's body. So, soon he was able to stabilize the wound.

Even though he stabilized his wound, he didn't look good, and his face was filled with weakness.

"Damn you," Cortez looked at Ajax, who was making painful noises while holding his head and cursed.

Ajax was unable to hear his cursing as his head was filled with some nightmares. However, those nightmares were not as horrible as his childhood nightmare, so he was able to keep a calm mind, even the present nightmares in his head.

'So, these are nightmares from the Absolute Darkness,' Ajax finally woke up from the nightmares and nodded his head understanding why this skill looked very powerful from outside.

'If not for my resistance to the nightmares from childhood, I would have caught in those and become confused,' Ajax for the first time in his life felt those childhood nightmares were pleasant.

"What? You came out from the skill?" Cortez was shocked at Ajax for coming out that skill he just copied and asked.

"Why are you surprised at me, when I came out from my own skill which was very weak in comparison to my skill," Ajax mocked Cortez as he looked at him.

Although he mocked him, Ajax was also shocked at Cortez who managed to heal the wound from the heaven's destroyer spear.

'Even though I could only use 50 percent of the power form the copied skill but that should have killed since my cultivation was hight, right?' Cortez silently thought in his head and finally felt there was something abnormal with Ajax.

"Come," As both were shocked each other's capabilities, Ajax called his heaven's destroyer spear, which laid on the ground beside Cortez.

"You really got some good weapons and skills, kid."

Despite his clearly visible weakness on his face, Cortez acted strong in front of Ajax.

"I have more skills than you think, hehe" Ajax scoffed at him as the reply for his earlier words.


After saying that, Ajax once again threw the spear in his hands at Cortez.

"It would not work twice, kid," Cortez took out a halberd which looked huge and heavy.

This time, Cortez didn't even try to dodge the incoming spear, which rotated around itself; instead, he waved his halberd when the spear was within his reach.


However, what Cortez expected didn't happen when he waved his halberd at the spear.

When both the weapons have clashed at each other, Cortez was forced back by the force that was generated by the clashing.


It was not a simple force that backed Cortez, but it also made him cough blood.

"What the heck! Even my heaven grade halberd can't make that damn spear stop properly," Cortez was pissed at the spear and cursed it out loud.

"Hahaha," Ajax laughed when he saw that his heaven's destroyer spear could knock him back and even make him cough blood.

"It's finally time to show my final trump card which I don't like to use in front of others. Since you are going to die today anyway, let me use it, Haha" Cortez suppressed his inner rage and calmly said to Ajax and even made a laugh that looked there was a hint of anger in it.

"Okay, I will see," Ajax didn't fear as he alerted Darbaudr to come to the rescue when he senses something wrong.

After saying that he would show his trump card, Cortez closed his eyes and called, "Come on out, Inanis, Demis."

As soon as he called those names, two small colored lights came out of his spirit consciousness and formed two transparent beings.

"What?" When he saw the transparent beings, Ajax's eyeballs nearly popped out of his sockets because what he saw in front of him was none other than the elemental spirits.

"Isn't it wonderful? The one with the halberd is my first contracted elemental spirit, Inanis, and the one without any weapon was called Demis. Both are of wind type elemental spirits,"

Cortez proudly introduced his contracted elemental spirits to Ajax.

Ajax didn't pay any heed to his words as he was utterly shocked as this was his first time meeting an official summoner.

Although Paulin became an official summoner with the help of the Zaglanath, it was a kind of forced thing.

However, now he met a real official summoner, who already had two official elemental spirits in his spirit consciousness. So he was shocked, and at the same time, he was excited to know that in the Zrochester Province, there were other official summoners like him.

'Sigh...But I have to kill him,' He shook his head and sighed.

Ajax wanted to become friends with other summoners and could research more about their elemental spirits together. However, he knew that there was no chance for him as the other side was very determined to kill him.

"So, you are also a summoner," Ajax asked the question in a sighing expression.

"Yes, I am a summoner. Unlike you, I am an official summoner who managed to form an official contract two times," Cortez scoffed at Ajax as though he was merely an ant.

It was a known fact that Ajax formed an unofficial contract with an earth elemental spirit, so Cortez scoffed at him when Ajax compared Cortez with himself.

As Cortez was busy scoffing at Ajax, some system notifications chimed in Ajax's head.


A new mission has been generated in the quest tab. Please check the quest tab for more details.

'A new mission? At a time like this?' Ajax was puzzled but quickly opened the quest tab to check the mission.


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