New Age Of Summoners Chapter 240

228 Cortez

'Young master, there is something wrong with that guy,' Darbaudr, who was watching from a distance, warned Ajax through voice transmission as he sensed some powerful energy from the captain of the squad.

'Huh? Okay,' Ajax also felt an ominous feeling as he looked at the captain that was rushing at him.

'System, use the energy orb,' Ajax didn't waste any time and used an energy orb to breakthrough a minor realm.

As soon as he said that a small energy orb in his body broke and the energy in it rushed out and covered every part of his body.


The host successfully broke through to the level 5 commander realm in his body cultivation.

As always, the system notification informed him about his breakthrough, which only lasted a couple of seconds.



However, before he could adapt to his new strength, a kick landed on Ajax that sent him flying into a large.

"Hehe, a breakthrough in the middle of a battle? Are you a fool or what?" the captain looked at Ajax and laughed.

It was a common sense that breaking through amidst battle was the worst thing for a low-level cultivator as they were not able to adapt to their new strength in a very short time.

"Do you want to see the true breakthrough?" When he saw the mocking laugh on the captain's face, Ajax shook his head and said.

'System, use all the energy orbs now,' Ajax finally decided to use all his energy orbs in order to show him the real breakthrough.


There should not be more than five minor realms difference between the body cultivation and the spirit cultivation.


Please upgrade the spirit cultivation first.

'What?' Ajax was shocked at the sudden system notifications that informed him about the spirit cultivation.

Nevertheless, he asked the system, 'upgrade my spirit cultivation by three levels and one level in body cultivation.'

As soon as he said that, the remaining two energy orbs in his body also broke, and the energy rushed into his body.

The energy from the large energy orb rushed towards the spirit consciousness, and the energy from the small energy orb, which was less concentrated rushed towards his body parts.

Ajax just felt pain from his spirit consciousness for a second before getting a system notification.


The host's Spirit cultivation reached level 4 of the spirit commander realm.


The host's body cultivation reached level 6 of the commander realm.

As soon as his cultivations in both body and spirit cultivations upgraded, Ajax felt great and powerful.

'Now, with my level 2 spear dao, I could easily go against a level 1 general realm,' Ajax silently thought in his mind at the felt he could now crush Erick in his beast body easily.

"What? Multiple breakthroughs?" the captain looked at Ajax with a shocked expression on his face.

Moreover, he felt that Ajax didn't breakthrough only two minor realms but something more than that.

"Now use all your trump cards before you regret dying in my hands," Ajax seriously said with mocking in his words.

"Whatever trick you are using, I think it will not last much longer, Hmpf," The captain harrumphed at Ajax before continuing, "Just know that you were killed in the hands of Cortez, the mission hall's future leader."

After announcing his name, he rushed at Ajax at a great speed. Along the way, he split into two shocking Ajax greatly.

'Looks like his had awakened some skill from the ability fruit,' Ajax thought, looking at the two Cortez's that were running at him.

"So, are you shocked now?" Cortez arrived in front of Ajax, and without attacking, he simply talked as though they were some kind of friends.

However, Ajax didn't slack and attacked the Cortez in front of him.


His spear easily pierced through Cortez, but nothing happened to him.

Before Ajax could know what was happening, he felt someone was behind him, and without any hesitation, he shouted, "Absolute Darkness."

After shouting, Ajax jumped forward and turned around only to see the real Cortez was standing there rubbing his eyes.

"It's some nice skill you got there? I wonder how you got this abnormal skill?" Cortez was only rubbed his eyes for a second before asking about his 'Absolute Darkness'.

"Even, if I say, it's impossible for you to learn," Ajax scoffed at Cortez. Still, he silently thought, 'What even though I upgraded three minor realms in Spirit cultivation and two minor realms in the body cultivation, my absolute darkness only lasted for a few seconds.'

'Looks like I need to take Darbaudr's help for this one,' Ajax quickly thought and contacted Darbaudr, 'Be ready, I will use another trump card. If it fails, come to my rescue.'

'Yes, young master,' Darbaudr immediately replied.

"Why can't I learn?" Cortez said with a smile on his face and closed his eyes.

Even though he closed his eyes, his lips were muttering something.

Ajax didn't want to waste any time before rushing towards him with his Bloodspear.

'Heaven's destroyer form.'

As soon as Ajax said that, the blood-red spear in his hands changed it's colour to shining white, and the power exuded by it also increased a lot.

When Ajax was in an 8-10 meters distance away from Cortez, he threw his spear at him.

Just when the spear was about to pierce him, Cortez opened his eyes and dodged the shinning spear.

"Now it's my turn," Cortez looked at Ajax and smilingly said.

'Absolute Darkness,' Before Cortez could say the word, he saw Ajax made a turning action with his fingers.




The spear which Cortez was dodged earlier turned around and pierced him, whereas Ajax was covered in darkness as he clutched his head and howled in pain.

'What the heck,'

Cortez and Ajax, both were shocked at each other's skills while howling in pain.

Cortez was shocked at Ajax's control over the shinning spear, whereas Ajax was utterly shocked by the fact that Cortez just used his skill 'Absolute Darkness.'

However, there was no time for both of them as they were fighting against the pain from their last attacks.

Ajax continued to fight with the nightmares from Coetez's 'Absolute Darkness' skill.'


Darbaudr didn't waste any time and jumped from the Dragon to rescue Ajax.

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