New Age Of Summoners Chapter 24

21 Medium Grade Artifac


Item name :- Sigmis black pendant

Grade :- medium grade artifact (Evolvable)

Normal Effect :- 40 percent increase in body defense

Special effect :- 20 percent increase in attack power when fight enemies.

Skill :- Summon of the dead (level 5)

Skill description :- Helps the user to summon 5 undead soldiers. (Upgradable).

Number of Summons available :- 2/5.

Note :- User must absorb the enemy he killed in to the pendant to turn it in to undead.

rating :- Good

item Description :- Basically, it is a greatest work of the elite undead mage, Sigmis. After using an upgrade stone , it became medium grade artifact.

"Ha ha hahaa hahah", seeing the upgraded medium grade Sigmis black pendant Ajax laughed continuously.

" It's normal effec increased from 20 percent to 40 percent, that a double increment in the effect",

"Also the special effect which appeared after upgrading is a good one",

" Not only the effects but also the skill within the pendant also incream from level 2 to level 5 directly. That's total 3 levels increase",

Ajax continuously laughed with each effect increase in the black pendant.


In the far away place from the cursed abyss,

In a dark room, a gloomy old man who sat cross-lessed with his eyes closed opened his eyes eyes when someone entered his room.

"How did it go??, Is that item found?? ", although the old man started slowly but at the end of his sentence he got agitated with his own question.

" Ancestor, please calm down, that matter went as we planned but we didn't found any item", said the middle aged man slowly.

The old man is none other than 'The Ancestor', who ordered the massacre in the volar city.

"What???, you didn't find the item there??? Ancestor shouted with an anger in his voice and a powerful aura emanated from his frail body.

" Yes, ancestor., Maybe that item was not there", the middle aged man visibly suppressed by the aura released by his ancestor and his entire face was covered in sweat.

"What??, are you doubting me?? My divination technique was never failed in my entire life however now you are saying that this technique is useless??" ,The ancestor's rage increased continuously with every question.

"No ancestor, this lowly one doesn't dare to doubt you, please forgive this lowly one", Soon that middle aged man kneeled and begged for forgiveness.

Seeing the kneeling middle aged man, the ancestor calmed down a little.

" But there is one thing, that an silver grade assassin didn't returned to the base after the mission. May be he took the item and escaped", soon the middle aged said this after seeing the ancestor calm down.

"No, it's impossible to betray us", said the ancestor slowly.

" why?? "middle aged man asked puzzledly.

" Do you why our recruitment ceremony is done only in our headquarters unlike other families and sects", asked the ancestor.

"Because it will make them more easy to improve there cultivation after taking in the essence of nature from the idol which is situated in the head quarters", replied the middle aged man what he knows about the recruitment ceremony.

" Correct, however what you people don't know is, that makes the people who took the essence of nature from the idol, loyal to the my sect. That's why, it's impossible to betray us", The ancestor explained slowly however at the end of the sentence, he again turned angry thinking of the item.

"... ", the middle aged man became speechless and a shivered with fear. 'Then I also became loyal to it because of that', regret flashed across his face.

" you idiots",

"Bunch of wastrel",

" Fools",

"Good for nothings",

The ancestor continued shouting with rage.

Finally coughed a mouthful of blood.

" I wasted so many resources and the most important thing is I wasted more than half of the essence of nature", With a sigh, that old ancestor continued,

"But i will not loose hope yet, Search the surrounding regions for any new 14-15 year old kids who appeared after our attack on the volar city, Moreover check their information regarding where they stayed previously", the ancestors soon collected himself and ordered the middle aged man who was kneeling infront of him this entire time.

"Yes, ancestor", with that he quickly came out and released a huge sigh of relief.


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