New Age Of Summoners Chapter 237

225 Shadow Clone


Ajax took out his inheritance sword from the spirit consciousness and clashed with the incoming assassin sect's disciple.

"You have a nice sword, but it's useless when you don't have enough strength to display its true power, Hahaha" Looking at the dazzling sword, the disciple was surprised and then mocked Ajax for his strength.

"Really?" As the disciple laughed while running, Ajax used his level 2 cloud steps and increased his speed, which was slightly faster than the level 1 elite commander realm cultivator.




When Ajax used his movement technique, Ajax disappeared from his sight for a moment and appeared in front of the masked disciple before slashing him.

Ajax didn't want to kill the disciple in one slash, so he barely cut on his chest.

'Aarrgh, damn you brat,' The disciple was angered when he saw that Ajax managed to cut him with ease.

In return, the disciple didn't waste any time using one of his powerful techniques in an attempt to kill him.

"You are weak, I don't want to play with you," Ajax shook his head and used his peak level 1 sword dao to cut him with his increased attack speed combined with the cloud steps.

Initially, Ajax wanted to leave them after playing with them for a moment.

However, to his surprise, their mission in this Cursed Wilderness was to kill him.

So, he doesn't want to show mercy to them and directly killed the first masked disciple form the squad.

Also, there was one doubt that was always lingering in his head after he gave a second chance to Braylon, so he asked the system while they were flying towards the middle section of the Cursed Wilderness.

"System, how can I know that a person truly wants to repent?" Ajax asked the system at that time.


The host must feel nature more closely and observe the person; then there is a chance to know.


However, it is a host's problem to find out about it. If the host was right in giving a chance to an enemy that genuinely wants to repent, you could get a reward.

".." Ajax was speechless and simply focused on observing nature while flying on twilight until he was woken up by Darbaudr, who pointed at the assassin sect's disciples.

Coming back the present, Ajax didn't feel that the disciple who he just killed would not change even if he were given a chance, so he simply killed him without wasting any time.


The host has killed a level 1 elite commander realm cultivator.


The host gained 1000 units of the essence of nature.

'Good, he gave more than I thought,' Ajax nodded his head, looking at the dead body on the ground.

When Darbaudr killed the assassin sect's disciples earlier, he didn't get any essence of nature from it, so he felt good when the essence of nature flowed into his body.

He just used 5000 units on the second chance for Braylon, so he was excited to see those 1000 units of the essence of nature that came into his body.

"What?" the other level 1 elite commander realm disciple was scared by Ajax's simple sword slash.

"Go in groups and kill him quickly," The squad's captain didn't even look at his dead teammate and ordered others to go and finish the job quickly.

He just wanted then to finish the killing so that he could go back to the sect and cultivate in the seclusion to breakthrough to the general realm.

Suppressing his fear, the level 1 elite commander realm disciple and other five-level 5 elite commander realm disciples attack Ajax.

Among those six cultivators, he focused more on the least cultivation disciple as he wanted to practice his new skills slowly.

Before they could reach him, he used his shadow clone skill, which he awakened from his second official spirit contract.

As soon as he used that, his shadow on the ground became real and stood beside him.

The only difference between them was one had a dark shade on his face making him look like a demonic cultivator.

His shadow clone didn't waste any time and directly jumped into the shadow of the dead disciple and came out within a few seconds.


The host's shadow clone has absorbed a shadow of a dead being that the host had killed.


Need 99 more shadows to reach level 2 in the shadow clone skill.


Ajax already knew that his shadow clone could absorb other shadows that he killed, so he was not surprised; instead, he rushed towards the incoming masked disciples with his shadow clone beside him.

"Absolute darkness,"

As soon as he reached near them, he used his 'absolute darkness' and slashed a level 5 elite commander to death and injuring the other two disciples of the same realm beside him.

The shadow clone also didn't slack as it killed the level 1 elite commander who was terrified from the absolute darkness skill that blinded him and gave him some horrifying nightmares. Taking advantage of that, the shadow clone was easily able to kill him.

Within just a few seconds, among the six masked disciples, two were killed.

As for the remaining four level 5 elite commander realm disciples, they were injured by Ajax.



Even after those slashes, they were still unable to move and clutched their heads in pain and howled.


The host.


The host

Just like always, he got two system notifications informing the gained essence of nature.

However, Ajax didn't bother to check as he felt that his absolute darkness had become stronger.

'I think, breaking through to the spirit cultivation was the reason for the increase,' Ajax immediately related it to his spirit cultivation that was unlocked after his trip to the elemental spirit world.

'I need to focus on my spirit cultivation, and it's more useful than I think,' he noted down this point in his mind and looked at the four masked disciples who were still howling in pain.

"What did you do to my teammates," The captain of the squad finally took an interest in Ajax.

Since Ajax was able to fight the cultivators of one major realm higher than him, the captain accepted that Ajax as someone that was worthy of fighting him, the future head of the mission hall.

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