New Age Of Summoners Chapter 236

224 Ajax Wants To Play

The thing he took out of the space ring was a doll that looked just like him, but it was very small.

After looking at it for a moment, he closed his eyes and injected his essence of nature into the doll.

Within a few seconds, the small doll started growing in size and reached the same height as the first elder.

"Bring me the bodies of my first two disciples," As soon as the doll became a regular cultivator with the general realm cultivation, the first elder ordered it.

His clone nodded his head and rushed out of the discipline hall.

'He his using that doll technique. It seems like something terrible happened, Hahaha,' when the second elder, who kept an eye on the discipline hall, saw a person who looked just like the first elder surprised for a moment and laughed.

He didn't pay any heed to the clone and went back to his cultivation.

Nevertheless, he was still keeping an eye on the first elder's hall from his weapons hall.


In the Hazegroove mercenary squad's building,

"What happened to Paulin?" When Udo saw Glacious, who was carrying the unconscious Paulin, he quickly asked Glacious.

Udo, who always keeps an eye on his surroundings, immediately came out of his room when he sensed Paulin's weak presence.

Without waiting for a reply from Glacious, Udo checked the condition of the Paulin and heaved a sigh of relief.

'Master and Ajax, both are attacked by the assassin sect's disciples,'

"What? Where is Ajax?"

Before, Glacious could explain the whole story. Edmond, who came out of his room, was shocked to hear that his squad members were attacked by the assassin sect's disciples and worriedly asked about Ajax.

"Master and Ajax were able to kill the two disciples that followed them. After killing them, Ajax asked me to leave with Paulin," Glacious briefly explained the incidents in the Cursed Wilderness.

"Udo, Let's enter the Cursed Wilderness," Hearing about the assassinations attempts on Ajax, and Paulin made Edmond seeth with anger.

"Sure," Udo nodded his head and went back to his room to make preparations to enter the Cursed Wilderness.

"Glacious, take Paulin to his room and rest," Edmond said to Glacius before leaving to his room.

Glacious, carried Paulin and left to Paulin's room.

After a few minutes, Edmond and Udo came out of their rooms simultaneously as they were already planned about it.

"Are you going to meet the guild master?" After coming out of their building, Udo asked Edmond.

"No, let's directly head to the Cursed Wilderness," Edmond took out a paper pigeon from his space ring and wrote something on it before it flew away.


When he saw the paper pigeon, Udo nodded his head and didn't ask any more questions.

As soon as he sent the paper pigeon away, Edmond started running with Udo behind him towards the exit of the Goldcrest town.

"Edmond, are you starting the mission early?" While running, Udo asked Edmond seeing the determination on Edmond's face.

"No, this doesn't have anything to do with the mission," Edmond shook his head.

"By the way, I didn't see that Barbarian from the morning, where do you think, he had gone to?" Udo slowly asked another question that was bugging him for a while.

"Let's clear the demon servants along the way if we find any. Don't muddle your head with those things, Udo," Edmond made Udo stop his further questions with some simple words.

From then, there was silence between them and only focused on running towards the Cursed Wilderness.


Ajax didn't know that Edmond and Udo were rushing towards the Cursed Abyss for him, but he flew towards the middle section of the Cursed Wilderness without care.

"Young master, there are some masked disciples who look similar to the one I just killed," As he was flying with the twilight, he heard Darbaudr's voice who sat behind him.

He looked at the direction, Darbaudr was pointing at and revealed a grin.

"Ho, it looks like there is another squad of the assassin sect. I wonder what they were searching for?" Ajax didn't think they were looking for him as there were already ten powerful cultivators that were already sent after him which was already an overkill.

So, he thought, why would they send more teams to kill a commander realm cultivator.

Nevertheless, he wanted to say hello to them.

"Darbaudr, only act when I need help, alright?" As he ordered Darbaudr, he jumped from twilight's back.

"Yes, young master," even though he knew that Ajax could not hear him, Darbaudr still replied.

'Let's test my skills,' Ajax thought and ran towards the ten-member squad of the assassin's sect.

"Senior brother, look, our target is running towards us, Haha," one of the masked disciples loudly laughed, pointing his finger at Ajax.

Although he was far away from them, Ajax still heard him clearly as the owner of that voice spoke loudly.

"Finish him quickly, and we could go back to sect sooner," the one who was called Senior brother, didn't even bother to look at Ajax and ordered his teammates.

According to him, it was unnecessary for sending their team to kill a commander realm cultivator.

So, he was pissed at his own master for this silly mission.

Nevertheless, he couldn't openly oppose his master, so he simply followed his master's order.

However, after searching for nearly a day, he lost interest in this mission as he and his teammates were unable to find a measly commander realm cultivator.

Just when he was about to lose his control, he finally heard from his teammate that their target was finally coming towards them on their own accord.

"Yes, senior brother," the masked disciple beside him nodded his head and slowly walked forward.

"System, show their strengths," Ajax didn't stop running when he asked the system to show their cultivations.

Soon, he got a piece of brief information on the cultivation of all the masked disciples.

'1 peak elite commander, 2 level 8 elite commanders, 5 level 5 elite commanders and 2 level 1 elite commander, not bad,' Ajax didn't fear at their strengths as Darbaudr already got his back.

All he wanted to do now was to use all of his skills on these Assassin sect disciples.

"I am enough for this commander realm brat," one of the level 1 elite commander realm masked disciple ran towards Ajax with his full speed.

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