New Age Of Summoners Chapter 235

223 Second Chance

"What?" Ajax was shocked at the new system notification informing him about a new system feature.


There is nothing wrong with giving a chance for those who really regretted.


Please check the new system feature.

"Correct," Ajax agreed with the system and checked the user interface.


System feature:- Second chance

Available uses:- 1 (A free use was given when the feature is unlocked).

Description:- Everyone needs a second chance, but how to find out that they have really changed? Here comes the 'Second chance' feature to find about it.' The system will give the person a suitable mission to repent for his actions.

More info:- Host needs to use 5000 units of the essence of nature with the available use to activate this feature.

Rewards:- If the host were right in giving a chance to the enemy, he would be rewarded along with his 5000 units of the essence of nature; otherwise, another 5000 units will be deducted slowly over time.

"Hmm," Ajax was becoming more and more vary about the system.

'What it wants to make me? A Judgment hero?' Ajax thought in his head and looked at Braylon.

'Why can't anyone live without harming others?' He had wondered about his questions since he started hearing the stories from Elder Boron.

Nevertheless, he checked his spirit consciousness for the essence of nature.

"Woah, system, use the 'Second chance,'"

When he saw the 6000+ units of the essence of nature, he immediately gave ordered the system to initiate the second chance feature.


Consuming 5000 units of the essence of nature along with the available use.


Please choose the target.

Soon he got a series of notifications asking him to choose the target.

"Braylon," Ajax pointed at Braylon and chose the target.


Target selected.

Braylon will now be under an illusion. If he really wants to change, he will come back; otherwise, he will die, and the host needs to pay an additional 5000 units of the essence of nature.

As soon as he chose Braylon, the muttering Braylon blanked out as started snoring.

"That's it? I don't have to do anything?" Ajax asked the system, but he got no reply.

Soon, he sent Braylon to his inner world to let him complete whatever the trial the system is putting him in the dreamy illusion.

'I wonder, will he come out? Or die in that illusion?' He didn't bother with Braylon any longer and went to sit on Twilight.

Darbaudr and Bane followed Ajax to sit on the dragon back.

Twilight didn't mind Ajax mounting it, but when it saw Darbaudr and Bane, it loudly snorted as though it was expressing its dissatisfaction.

However, Ajax convinced it, saying that they were powerful and could help them from the unexpected attacks in the middle section of the cursed wilderness.

Although the dragon allowed them to mount on it, it still looked dissatisfied towards Ajax.

Soon, everyone mounted on it and sat on its broad back.

After that, the dragon immediately took flight and rushed towards the middle section of the cursed wilderness.

"What the hell happened,"

As Ajax and his team flew towards the middle section of the cursed wilderness, in the discipline hall of the assassin sect's, an angry voice came out.



"How can this happened. Who dares to kill my disciples?" the first elder, who was the head of the discipline hall, angrily broke things in front of him.

"How can the life and death jades of all my top 10 disciples be broken?" he looked at his hands.

In his hands, there were many broken jades.

These jades were called life and death jade that was used to know the life and death of a particular person.

However, in his hands, more than half a dozen jades were broken, which meant his disciples were killed by someone or something.

It was not an uncommon thing for sects to have this method.

Almost all the top sects and organizations use this method on their genius disciples.

'I think, someone from other halls or the five main families must have had their hands in this incident,' The first elder immediately concluded the mastermind behind the killing of his disciples.

He knew that although all the halls were under the assassin sect, they won't give a moment of thinking to kill the other hall disciples.

"Moreover, I need to find the bodies of that Erick and Braylon immediately,"

The first elder suddenly became anxious and rushed out of his discipline hall to find the bodies of his top two disciples.

As for what reason, he became anxious all of a sudden, no one knows.

"Where are you rushing to in such a hurry, First elder?"

Just as he came out of the hall, he heard a loud familiar voice from his left side.

"Didn't sect master ordered all of us to stay in the sect and fight against the possible demon invasion?" before he could check his left side, he heard another familiar voice from the right.

"What are you doing here, Second elder," The first elder didn't bother with the one from his right side. Instead, he looked at his left and coldly asked.

"Hahaha, what am I doing? Of course, I am keeping an eye on all the troublesome elders who might leave the sect in these emergency crises," the secondly laughed loud as he said with a mocking voice.

"Youuu," The first elder was raged with the second elder's mocking but controlled his rage and immediately entered back into his hall.

"Second Elder, the first elder looks very angry at you. Is it necessary to incite him?" After the first elder entered the hall, a middle-aged man came from the right side and asked the second elder politely.

"It's not enough. Just you watch, I will slowly torture him for what he did to me in the past, fourth elder" The second elder scoffed and left from the discipline hall's entrance.

"Sigh..." The fourth elder shook his head at the second elder.


Inside the discipline hall, the first elder looked at the two bigger broken jade and clenched his hands.

"If I don't get their bodies, my years of hard work will be in vain," He thought for a moment and took out something from his space ring.

"I think I need to use this thing," he sighed but determined to use the item he took out of the space ring.

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