New Age Of Summoners Chapter 234

222 Twilight Wakes Up

Although he had more than a week's time to complete the mission, Ajax decided to go early since this was related to the life of someone.

So, he didn't want to be late and complete the mission ahead of time.

He didn't plan to rush into the five elemental world directly, but he already planned about it. So he was confident with the mission.

Soon, Bane finished collecting the space rings and handed it to Ajax.

However, Ajax didn't check them.

Instead, he stored them in his inventory along with the dead spirit beasts.

"Darbaudr, Bane, let's go," Ajax called them.

Just as they ran for a few minutes, Ajax felt the fluctuations from the inner world, which made him stop in his tracks.

"What happened this time?" Ajax immediately checked his inner world.

As soon as he checked that, Ajax became excited.

Because his first contracted spirit beast finally woke up from its slumber after sleeping for a long time.

In the dark elemental paradise, a huge purple coloured dragon with enormous wings and spiky horns on its head.

'What the ,' Ajax looked at the Destructive twilight dragon that occupied half of the area in the dark elemental paradise, making other dark beings uncomfortable.

Without wasting any time, he quickly summoned Twilight out of the Inner World.

As soon as it came out, it caught Ajax's clothes with its sharp teeth and shook him hard.

"What are you doing?"Ajax was unable to react to the Dragon's love and became a sacrifice for it.

After shaking Ajax for a few minutes, Twilight stopped playing with Ajax and flew into the air and circled around them.

"Young master, are you alright?" Darbaudr asked Ajax with his crude voice.

"Yes, I am good," Ajax rubbed his head and stood, but still he was not stable as felt his eyes were rotating.

After adjusting to his condition, Ajax looked at Twilight that was freely flying in the air with its enormous wings.

'It sure looks happy,' when he saw how happy Twilight was, he felt good.

"Twilight, come down," After allowing it to fly for a few minutes, Ajax aksed it to come down.

Soon, the Dragon came down and landed in front of Ajax and nudged at him.

"Let me see your new skills, twilight," Ajax looked at it and excitedly said.


Spirit beast name:- Destructive twilight dragon.

Strength:- Mid-level rank 4.

Passive skills:- Tough skin, Enhanced flight.

Active skills:- Poison breath, Dragon tail.

Innate skills:- Dragon's rage (Activates when the Dragon is angry passively), Destructive overlord.

Soon a holographic screen appeared in front of Ajax, making him surprised.

"Twilight, you became strong," Ajax gently caressed its spiky head.

After caressing it for a second, he focused on its newly gained skills.


Destructive overlord:- A passive skill, whenever the Dragon destroys something, its strength increases along with the damage it had done for some time.


Dragon tail:- Its tail becomes stronger as long as the skill is activated.


Dragon's rage:- A passive skill, that is only activated when the Dragon was angry. When the skill is activated, the Dragon's cultivation will be increased by a major realm.

Side effects:- Needs at least one of rest in an extremely rich essence of nature to recover its strength.

"Destructive overlord. I think, its new innate skill is truly powerful," Ajax only checked some new skills and its already awakened innate skill 'Dragon's rage'.

When he saw the description of the 'Destructive overlord', he finally understood the true power of the destructive dragons.

Destroying was easier than creation.

"I think Twilight will be playing an important role in destroying the assassin sect?" Ajax thought as he looked for that day.

Just imagine, whenever it destroys something, it becomes stronger and If it continues the destruction, then who would be its match.

A simple imagination made Ajax excited, and he also thought his dream of taking revenge was also coming soon.

'Just you wait for me, assassin sect. I will make you regret what you did to the Silver Orphanage,' Ajax face was filled with anger remembering the scenes of the killings from the orphanage.

"I just need some more time," Ajax thought as he looked at Darabudr, Bane and Twilight.

He thought that with his elemental spirits and spirit beast, he could overwhelm the assassin sect when he had sufficient strength.

"Come, let's move,"

He didn't focus too much on other skills as he knew them already and ordered Darbaudr and Bane to mount the Dargon along with him.

"But, young master. What should we do with him?" Darbaudr pointed at Braylon, who was still in a shock from losing his consciousness and asked.

"Huh?" Ajax looked at Braylon and felt pity.

However, he steeled his heart, remembering how cruel the assassin sect and its disciples were.

Nevertheless, he felt that he was becoming more and more heartless as he started the path of taking revenge.

"Sigh.Kill him darbaudr," After waiting for some time, he sighed and order Darbaudr to kill Braylon.

"Young Master, you don't have any question to ask him?" Darbaudr went towards Braylon. But before killing him, he asked Ajax to confirm his order.

Ajax nodded his head and silently mounted the Dragon behind him, not watching the killing.


Can the host give a chance to Braylon if he is truly changed?

As soon as he mounted, Ajax got a notification from the system.

"Darbaudr, stop," Before he could check the system notification, he stopped Darbaudr form killing him.

Darbaudr stopped his actions and looked at Ajax with a puzzled expression on his face wondering why Ajax made him stop him all of a sudden.

"System, what are you saying?" Ajax didn't understand what it was implying to, so he asked for clarity.


Can the host give a chance to Braylon if he is truly changed?

Instead of explaining clearly, the system repeated the same notification.

"..." Ajax became speechless at the system for a moment and read the notification once again before giving his answer.

"Yes," Ajax replied to the system wondering what would system do to Braylon if he agreed.


Braylon, who lost his cultivation, finally understood the pain of what it's meant to lose something dear to someone. Now, he started regretting doing all the things he did in the past and wanted to repent.


Congratulations to the host for unlocking a new system feature.

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