New Age Of Summoners Chapter 233

221 An Expected New Mission


Ajax was shocked to see the golden bear king fell to the ground.

Without wasting any time, he quickly went to it and poured the Elemental paradise's water on his bloody wound.

After that, he also poured some water into its mouth with the help of Darbaudr.

Soon, it's health started stabilizing as the wound on its body healed rapidly.

"What is it?" after everything was done, Ajax saw something under the massive body of the golden bear king.

"Huh? It looks like an egg, but it was stronger than stone," Ajax took out the egg-shaped stone under it.


Item name:-A golden bear's egg.

"It's really an egg," Ajax exclaimed with a surprise and silent thought in his head, 'So the reason, it didn't move from its position was to protect this egg.'

From the first time he saw the golden bear king to until now, the bear didn't move from this position.

'Please live, please live,' Ajax wanted it to live so that he could add it to his team.

Moreover, he felt sympathetic when he saw how he cared for its unborn.

'Sigh, having protecting parent is such a blessing,' Ajax sighed as he looked at the golden bear king and then looked at the egg in his hands.

"Young master, there is nothing to worry, its wounds are healing at a rapid speed," When he saw Ajax's sigh, Darbaudr, who was checking the golden bear king's wounds explained.

"Good, let's go back and meet up with Bane," Ajax nodded his head and stored the stabilizing golden bear king into his inner world before turning back.

"Yes, young master," Darbaudr replied as followed Ajax.

Darbaud didn't shock when he saw Ajax casually store the golden bear king as he knew that his young master had some kind of treasure that could help me store the living things.

Soon, Ajax and Darbaudr returned to the place where they killed the assassin sect's disciples.

Ajax was astounded at the scene of Bane, who was in his thin young man's form played with a transparent scythe.

'My cultivation is gone. Gone forever,'

As for Braylon, he stood at the same position from the before as he muttered the same thing he muttered when they left.

"Bane, what areyou doing playing with that scythe?" Ajax asked as he raised his brows.

Ajax knew that it was his second skill 'Poison scythe', but he doesn't know why he was carelessly playing with it, so he asked Bane about it.

"Summoning master after you went, some rank 4 spirit beasts came to this area and wanted to take those corpses, So, Viper and I took care of them," Bane explained as he pointed at some spirit beast's corpses in the distance.

As he looked at those dead bodies, a small green snake came out of those bodies and coiled around Bane's thin hand.

"This is....,"

"I know, that is Viper, and it's your summon," Before, Bane could complete his sentence, Ajax said to Bane.

"That's right," Bane proudly nodded his head.

'It's no wonder, he became a servant to Prophis so easily,' Ajax shook his head seeing the childish Bane.

'Why are rank 4 spirit beasts coming to the outer section of the cursed wilderness,'

He didn't bother with him much, but he suddenly thought of something.

First, the golden bear king, and next, those three rank 4 spirit beasts that were killed by Bane, so Ajax thought there might be something going on in the middle section of the Cursed Wilderness.


The mission 'Save the golden bear' is completed.


The reward is given add to the host's lottery tab.

As he was pondering, Ajax got the system notifications informing about the mission completion.

When he saw those notifications, Ajax heaved a big sigh.

Since the system deemed the mission as completed, then he doesn't need to worry about the golden bear king's life.

Soon, he opened his lottery tab, in that there were two available lottery chances.

'Good,' Ajax thought in his head.

Ajax already had a lottery chance from one of his previous missions, so he was not surprised at it.

'Bane, did you collect the space rings?' Ajax looked at Bane and asked.

Before leaving for the golden bear king's mission, he gave another task for Bane. That is to collect all the space rings from the assassin sect's dead disciples.

"Huh?" Bane looked at Ajax sheepishly before shaking his head, indicating that he didn't complete the task.

"Sigh Go now and collect all the space rings," Ajax sighed as he ordered him to complete the task now.

As Bane was collecting the space rings, Ajax went towards three dead spirit beasts and looked at them carefully.

"The silver raptor cat, the howling ash deer and the aquatic blight ape. These are all low-level rank 4 spirit beasts," Ajax was able to identify them clearly since they were the most commonly seen spirit beasts in the middle section of the Cursed Wilderness.

'There should be something in the middle section that was making these spirit beasts come to the outer section of the Cursed Wilderness,' Ajax once again pondered about the middle section.


A new system mission generated in the quest tab. Please check for more details.

Ajax already guessed he would get a mission since he just completed the mission.

He also guessed about the contents of the mission. But, still, he opened the quest tab to check more information about it.


Mission:-Find out the reason behind the appearance of rank 4 spirit beasts in the outer section of the Cursed Wilderness.

Reward:- 3 random poisons that could be used for building the Poison elemental paradise.

Danger rating:-B

"I know, hehe," Ajax laughed as he read about the mission.

"The rewards seem good," just like always, he became greedy when he saw the rewards.

At the moment, he needed some poisons to build a poison elemental paradise for Bane.

Even though it was easy to find the poisons in the goldcrest town, he wanted the poisons from the system.

According to him, all the items the system rewards were good, so, he thought the three random poisons would also be great.

The more poisonous the poisons were, the higher the effects of the poison elemental paradise that would be build from them.

So, without any hesitation, he decided to finish the mission first before going back to the five elemental world to save Raweth's brother.

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