New Age Of Summoners Chapter 231

219 Darbaudr Arrived


Ajax continued to run carrying Paulin, but he was suddenly stopped when he heard a movement in front of him.


When he saw who it was, he heaved a sigh of relief.

He was none other than Darbaudr, the barbarian hunter, who came as quickly as possible after hearing his young master's order.

"Young master, are you all right?" The first thing he did after encountering Ajax was to check his health condition.

"Yes, I am fine," Ajax finally felt fully relax that he doesn't have to run from anyone any longer.

"Sorry, Young master, I was unable to come on time to help," Darbaudr bowed and apologized to Ajax.

"No, no, no. You came at the right time, hehe" Ajax cunningly laughed as he checked that the golden bear king resume mission in the quest tab was still there.

"Huh?" Darbaudr was puzzled at the Ajax's cunning laugh as he didn't understand what his young master was planning.

"Glacious, come out," Ajax's spirit sense entered into Paulin's spirit consciousness and called Glacious out.

Since Paulin was unconscious at the present moment such that his spirit consciousness was least guarded which made Ajax's sprit sense to enter into his spirit consciousness easily.

For that same reason, Glacious was able to come out of the spirit consciousness easily.

"Drink this and carry Paulin back to the squad building," After Glacios came out, Ajax quickly handed it some water from the mini-thunder pool and asked him to carry Paulin.

"T..this is ..," Glacious was shocked by the life and lightning energy coming from the water.

Nevertheless, he quickly drank it to heal his injuries and carried Paulin.

He immediately transformed into his human form, and without looking back, he ran towards the exit of the Cursed Wilderness.

Ajax was not worried about Glacious being attacked by some spirit beasts along the way, as there was only less than halfway out of the outer section of the Cursed Wilderness.

"Now, let's take some revenge for present and past grievances, hehe,"

After sending Glacious and Paulin, Ajax turned towards Darbaudr and revealed a cruel smile.

"..." Darbaudr was speechless for a moment before nodding his head.

"Come on. We don't have much time," He didn't waste any second longer and immediately ran towards the Golden bear king's direction with the Barbarian Hunter following behind him.

'Young master got another new elemental spirit?' Darbaudr was surprised seeing Bane, who was running beside him.

Even though Bane was in his human form, Darbaudr, with his general realm cultivation, could easily say that the thin young boy beside him was not a human; instead, he was an elemental spirit.

He was not shocked at the addition of new elemental spirit to Ajax's team as he already knew about the official and unofficial elemental spirits.

'Pease be alive my dear Fuzzball,' along the way, while Darbaudr was examining Bane, Ajax prayed for the golden bear king's life.

Although the reward from the mission was not that great, he was aiming for more than that.

He wanted a spirit beast that was already powerful to his team in case of emergencies.

After running for a few minutes with their full speed, Ajax and his team met the assassin sect's discipline hall's remaining disciples.

"Hahaha. Why is our target coming towards us?" One of the assassin sect's disciples asked while he laughed.

"Maybe, he wanted to beg for mercy, Haha" another disciple replied with a laugh.

Even though they knew that Ajax was able to kill their Vice-captain Erick, they didn't fear as they now have more number of teammates.

Moreover, they have their captain who recently broke through to the general realm on their side.

Due to that reason, their morale was very high and mocked Ajax continuously.

As for their Captain Braylon, he was looking at the Barbarian behind the Ajax.

According to the report he read about Ajax, Braylon knew that Ajax bought a Barbarian slave whose strength was at the peak Elite commander realm.

But at the same time, he already knew that Ajax didn't bring his barbarian slave along with him to the Cursed Wilderness.

'Then how did he appear here?' Braylon pondered about it, but he didn't find the answer for it.

And the most important thing that troubled him was, he couldn't sense the cultivation of the Barbarian.

'I have to be careful,' Braylon silently thought and shouted loudly to his teammates, "Everyone, be careful."

When his teammates heard their captain's serious words, they all became alert and carefully observed Darbaudr.

"Zak, choose two of our brothers and kill Ajax as soon as possible. As for others, we will take care of this Barbarian," Braylon quickly divided two teams consisting of 5 and 3 members.

The three men unit should kill Ajax and join the five men unit who would be fighting the Barbarian.

Even though Braylon was arrogant, he would never underestimate an opponent. That is the reason he was able to reach the position he was currently in.

Since he was unable to sense the cultivation of the Barbarian, he treated his opponent cultivation as the level 1 general realm.

"Darbaudr, leave that guy who was ordering other disciples. As for others, kill them,"

As Braylon was planning for the fight, Ajax ordered Darbaudr to finish them all except for Braylon whom he wanted to ask some questions.

"Yes, Young master," Darbaurd replied before vanishing from his place.

After he disappeared from his initial position, he appeared behind an unguarded assassin sect's disciple and caught his head before twisting that poor disciple's neck.

Darbaudr didn't stop there, and before anyone could notice what was happening, he killed two more disciples with the same technique.


The remaining five assassin sect's disciples, including Braylon and Zak, were utterly petrified by the speediness of the Barbarian.

Even though Darbaudr was only at level 5 general realm, he had the battle experience of the peak elite general realm cultivator.

So, he easily killed the peak elite commander realm cultivators before anyone could react.

'He is definitely not a simple general realm cultivator. I was not capable of doing it even after consuming the strength portion. I need to escape,' Braylon looked at the Barbarian whose face was covered entirely in the blood of his fellow teammates and thought in his head.

As he was observing Darbaudr,Darbaudr revealed a smile on his ugly face, which made him shiver as though he saw some monster that was thirsting for blood.

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