New Age Of Summoners Chapter 230

218 Viper

'What is it now?'

Ajax stopped his actions and checked his inner world.

As soon as his spirit consciousness entered into the inner world, he heard the laughter of Bane who was emitting more powerful energy compared to when he entered the inner world.

"Come out, Bane," Ajax shook his head and summoned the poison elemental spirit that was laughing madly, out of the inner world.

"Bane thanks the summoning master for giving me the quick strength,"

Just as he was summoned, without any delay, Bane bowed to Ajax and thanked him for giving the two elemental spirit stones which made him directly upgrade to the elemental spirit commander realm.

A few seconds ago, he made a breakthrough to the Elemental spirit commander realm, so he was unable to control his happiness and madly laughed disturbing other elemental spirits and spirit beasts.

Ajax was quick to react and summoned him out of the inner world.

"Good. Since you broke through to the elemental spirit commander realm help me with something," Ajax nodded his head and asked the poison elemental spirit.

"Just order me, summoning master, I will do whatever you ask me to do," Bane proudly raised his chest and replied to Ajax.

"First transform into a human," Ajax slowly ordered Bane to transform.

"Sure," within a few seconds, Bane's transparent body transformed into a thin young man that wore a light green coloured robe.

"Huh?" Ajax was shocked to see the transformed Bane as he was looked skinny that he may be blown away by the wind anytime.

Bane looked at Ajax as though he was waiting for Ajax to order a mission for him.

"Just follow me," Ajax shook his head and picked up the unconscious Paulin.

Initially, he thought of making Bane carry Paulin, but after seeing the thin and pale Bane, Ajax shook his head, and he himself carried Paulin.

'Anyway, I can easily carry him,' Ajax thought in his head as he started running towards the exit of the Curse Wilderness.

"Huh?" Bane was puzzled at his summoning master but still, followed Ajax without asking anything.

As they were running Ajax checked the skills of Bane with the help of the system.


Elemental spirit name:- Bane

Element type:- Poison (Auxiliary)

Cultivation:- Level 1 elemental spirit commander.

Skills:- 1) Poison mist (Level 3)

Skill description:- A 100-meter radius around the elemental spirit becomes a field of mist that was filled with toxins for 30 minutes.

Cooldown time:- 1 hour

Note:- Nothing will happen to the host in the Poison mist.

2) Poison scythe (Level 2)

Skill description:- A transparent scythe will be summoned by the elemental spirit that had a level 1 scythe dao. When the enemy was cut by it, he would be poisoned, and his strength would decrease with time.

Cooldown time:- 1 hour

3) Viper (Level 1)

Skill Description:- An extremely poisonous snake will be summoned by the elemental spirit for 10 minutes that had the strength of the skill user.

Cooldown time:- 30 minutes.

'He got some good skills. So there is nothing wrong with his mad laughter earlier,' Ajax nodded his head at Bane's skills that could be used for a sneak attack.

'As long as he uses his level 3 poison mist, even level 1 elite commander realm cultivators will be poisoned,' Ajax felt he good that he managed to form a contract with an auxiliary elemental spirit.

'I need to break through to the general realm quickly to form a contract with that space elemental spirit,' Ajax excited, thinking that his next official contract would be a top auxiliary elemental spirit.

As Ajax and Bane were running towards the exit of the Cursed Wilderness, in the opposite direction to them, a masked figure was running hurriedly.

'I should quickly notify the eldest brother Braylon about that Hawkpelt boy who managed to increases the cultivation level of the middle-aged man by almost a major realm,' As he ran, he muttered.

He was none other than the two assassin sect's disciples who followed Erick to help him in case of any unknown danger.

However, not only Erick but also his junior brother died in the hands of Ajax.

According to him, Ajax belongs to the Hawkpelt family as he could boost the cultivation strengths of others.

Soon he reached the place his fellow teammates were about to fight the golden bear king.

"Eldest brother, stop the attack, we need to catch that boy," Without any delay, the masked assassin sect's disciples explained everything about the fight.

He even revealed about spear that killed Erick's beast body.


"Vice-captain was killed?"

"Erick was killed in his beast transformation?"

All the teammates were shocked because Erick was their vice-captain and he was the second strongest of their team.

So when they heard he was killed, all were utterly shocked.

"Also, the most important thing was that Ajax belongs to Hawkpelt family and even achieved mastery in their family's special technique," As they were in the shock, the disciple revealed everything he assumed about Ajax making their hearts stop for a moment.

"What? He belongs to the Hawkpelt family?" Braylon shouted loudly at the disciple, who said the information.

"Come, let's go. We have to kill them today," Braylon quickly shouted at his teammates and ran towards the direction of the earlier fight.

Whey they saw that their calm captain became mad after hearing about the Hawlpelt family, they didn't ask anything and ran towards him.

"What about that golden brother," Zak who was over the moon earlier got depressed and asked Braylon as he ran beside him.

"We will come after to get that bear king. You don't have to about it," Braylon replied coldly making Zak not to ask any further questions.

"Brother, what happened to the other one with you?"

As all the assassin sect's disciples ran after Braylon and Zak, one of the disciples asked the disciple who came to inform them about Erick's death.

"That Ajax killed him," that disciple said as he sighed that he missed his junior brother.

"What? Why did you tried to fight him when you know that he was able to kill Erick?" the disciple who asked the question was shocked and scolded him.

"After killing Erick, Ajax looked so weak, and we thought we could take revenge for our vice-captain, but who knows that a middle-aged man came out of nowhere and .."

He explained how his fellow teammate died in the hand of Ajax with a sad face.

However, in his heart, he didn't feel anything.

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