New Age Of Summoners Chapter 23

20 Upgrade

Inventory has total 25 squares of which only five are filled and remaining 20 are empty.

In the first square, Ajax saw the familiar black spirit stone icon with x2 on it.

In the second square, he saw the pendant which he obtained from killed the black robed skeleton in the cave.

A Shining green coloured stone occupied the 3 square, with a thought it came into his hand. Soon another holograhic screen above the previous one with the information explaining about the stone appeared with a notification 'Ding' sound.


item name :- Medium grade spirit jade

Usage :- Helps in increasing the spirit consciousness of user by 100 km in area.

Used :- Through Meditation

rating :- Good

"What??", when he saw the usage for this medium grade spirit jade, Ajax's lower jaw dropped with shock.

" It's a treasure for me", Ajax checked the information about it correctly and shouted.

Because he knows that bigger the spirit consciousness is, longer the summoned elemental spirit can fight along side the summoner.

Thus it is a treasured item for summoners.

After feeling happy for sometime, he kept the spirit jade in the inventory and proceeded with next item which is the egg of a high grade spirit beasts.


item name :- Egg of a high grade spirit beast

description :- it is an egg of an unknown spirit beast found in the depths of the Cursed forest.

rating :- disaster

"Disaster??? ", Ajax felt a bad premonition in his heart when he saw the rating 'Disaster'.

Because he knows what it means, where ever it

goes it's wrecks the havoc.

" I think, it's better to break this egg instead of hatching it", But he didn't have the heart to break it.

"I will try to control it and don't make it kill unreasonably", thinking he can control it since it will be only a baby spirit beast after hatching.

Although he still didn't believe he can control it but with the help of this system he thought he can control it.

After keeping the fist sized egg back in to the inventory, he gazed finally landed on the last occupied square in the inventory which is a medium grade upgrade stone.


item name :- Medium grade upgrade stone

Usage :- it can be used to upgrade any low grade artifact to the medium grade artifact.

special effect :- There is a 30 percent chance of obtaining a special effect while upgrading.

rating :- Good

Ajax stared at the holographic screen with out blinking his eyes.

After a while

"Looks like lady luck is smiling on me today", Ajax started laughing after he said it.

" With this medium grade upgrade stone, I can upgrade the sigmis black pendant from low grade to medium grade, I wonder what how much it's stats will be increased", Ajax floated in his thought regarding the Sigmis black pendent.

That pendant already has 20 percent increase body defense and the 'summon of the dead' skill, if he upgraded it to the medium grade artifact who knows what kind of changes it goes through.

Without any delay Ajax took out the sigmis black pendant from the inventory to upgrade it to medium grade.

He holded the upgrade stone in one hand and the sigmis black pendant in the other. But he didn't know how to upgrade it.

To his help, soon a notification came


Do you want to upgrade the item sigmis black pendant from low grade artifact to medium grade artifact???

"Yes, upgrade it", as he was waiting for this notification he accepted it quickly.

As soon as he accepted the upgrade request, the upgrade stone and the black pendant floated infront of him in the air.

The upgrade stone melted in to liquid and covered the whole rhombus shaped black pendant and made is somewhat bigger.

After a few seconds, the upgrade black pendant which is bigger than before fell in his hands and go a notification


Successfully Upgraded the low grade artifact to medium grade artifact .


Upgrade stone's Special effect is triggered

Soon another notification came with the Infromation of the upgraded black pendant.


Item name :- Sigmis black pendant

Grade :- medium grade artifact (Evolvable)

Effect :- xxxxxxxxx

Special Skill :- xxxxxxxx

rating :- xxxxxxxx

Description :- xxxxxxxxxx

(Author's note:- Above 'xxxxxxxx' means it will be revealed in the next chapter for some suspense for you guys)

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