New Age Of Summoners Chapter 229

217 Collecting The Spoils


Bloodline:- Beast god (Level 1) (Purity 5%)

'Only 5 percent?' Ajax just checked the level and purity of the bloodline as there were no new effects for the bloodline.

However, what surprised him the most was the purity of the bloodline.

It was only 5 percent, but it's already increasing the abilities of the user by two times.

'What will happen if it reaches 100 percent purity?' Ajax didn't dare to imagine it as it would be too overpowered.

'I thought I am the only one having powerful secret trump cards, but I should not underestimate others,' he thought and checked his surroundings which were completely silent and waited for his follower to come to him.

He didn't have any fear of the high-level spirit beasts since they were in the outer section of the Cursed Wilderness where most of the spirit beasts were low-level ones.

'Summoning master, here are the space rings,' soon his elemental spirits brought him the space rings of the dead assassin sect's disciples.

Ajax took the rings from their hands and checked the insides of those rings.

There was a rule that one could not simply use the space rings of others unless they were dead.

Since the original owners of those rings were dead, Ajax didn't have any problem in checking them.

In Erick's space ring, there were mountains of spirit beast's carcasses that ranged from rank 3 to rank 4 spirit beasts. There was even2 or 3 rank 5 spirit beasts dead bodies among the piles.

'Woah, this space ring has more space than any other space rings I have ever used,' Ajax was surprised at how spacious Erick's space ring was and compared it with all the space rings he had ever used.

'I will gift it to others,' However, he shook his head.

Ajax never cared about space rings much as he already had an inventory and the inner world.

So, he decided to give it to others who need it most.

'Why did he have so many beast carcasses in his space ring? Do it have something to do with the beast god's bloodline?'

Ajax pondered about the spirit beast's dead bodies in Erick's space ring and thought about the bloodline.

'Let's see other items before testing those carcasses,'

Soon his gaze landed on a dagger which was peak earth grade and checked it's attributes.

When he saw the attributes of the dagger, he shook his head and focused on the next items.

At one corner of the space ring, there was a massive pile of spirit stones which made Ajax once again surprised.

'Woah, this one is definitely a rich disciple,' Looking at the pale body of Erick, Ajax scoffed.

Other than those items, there were some other miscellaneous items in the ring that didn't pique his interest.

After thoroughly checking the space ring, he threw it into his inventory.

'Let's see the next one,' Ajax quickly checked the next space ring and utterly disappointed.

'What a poor guy,' Ajax sighed at the assassin sect's disciple that sneak on him after his battle with Erick.

He sighed because there was not even a single spirit stone in it.

To say more clearly, except for some clothes there was nothing in the space ring.

"Oh shit, I totally forget about the Golden bear king," Ajax suddenly remembered about the whole reason, he and Paulin waited in the outer section.

'I think, it most probably died by now, sigh,' Ajax sighed thinking that he missed a golden opportunity to tame the golden bear king.


A new system mission is generated. Please check the quest tab for more information.

Amidst his sighing, he got a system notification that made him excited as he quickly opened the quest tab to check for the mission details.


Mission name:- Save the Golden Bear King

Reward:- A lottery chance in the lottery tab.

Danger rating:- B+

Description:- The golden bear king is surrounded by a group Assassin sect's disciples. So saving it may give a chance for the host to tame it.

"What? Is it still not dead? But surrounded by the assassin sect's disciples?" Ajax became excited but suddenly thought of something.

'I saw many shadows earlier. Are they belong to the Assassin sect's disciples?'

When an assassin sect disciple first attacked him, he saw 8-9 shadows among the trees.

However, when he ran towards the exit of the Cursed Wilderness, he was followed by only a single shadow. So he thought the remaining disciples went after the Golden bear king.

'But judging from the strengths of those shadows, they had around the same cultivation of these two assassin sect's disciples, Sigh' Ajax sighed at the end of thinking.

Only two assassin sect's disciples made almost use all his trump cards if more than 5 or 6 assassin sect's disciples would easily kill him, so his excitement from the mission disappeared immediately.

'If they are all from the same squad, then they would probably come for their missing teammates, so it's best to leave from here right now,' Ajax quickly stood up and looked at his elemental spirits Volcanis, Necros, and Slait.

All of them looked tired after the fight and sat down to take some rest.

"Thanks, you all did well today," Ajax praised them and summoned them back into his inner world since it had the more concentrated essence of nature compared to the outside world.

After he summoned them back, his eyes landed on the upgraded mini-thunder pool.

Back then, he didn't have time to check as the assassin sect's disciple attacked him, so he checked it for its upgrades.


Item Name:- Mini thunder pool

Elemental paradise:- Lightning and Thunder (Grade 2)

Effects:- 1) Heals all the wounds of the all element spirit beasts and elemental spirits.

2) Increases the cultivation speed by thrice

3) Continuous staying in the pool and drinking the mini thunder pool's water can increase the bloodline and strength.

Special effect:-The water in the mini-thunder pool helps the growth of plants and trees.

"What? A special effect?"

Ajax was over the moon when he saw the special effect that was the same as the water from the spring of life.

'A grade 2 Elemental paradise can increase the cultivation speed by three times,' Ajax already knew the difference between grade 1 and grade 2, so he was not surprised by it.

'I should move now,'

After checking the upgraded Elemental paradise, Ajax stood up and walked towards the unconscious Paulin.

However, just as he was about to pick Paulin, he felt energy fluctuations from his inner world.

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