New Age Of Summoners Chapter 228

216 Beast Gods Bloodline

"Full already?" Ajax was surprised for a moment but remembered that he gained 2500 units of the essence of nature form killing Erick, so he nodded his head and moved back towards the unconscious Paulin.


The host's spirit consciousness is nearly almost full.


The host has met the required conditions to upgrade the Abyssal bloodline to level 2.

Do you want to upgrade?


Just as he sat beside Paulin, Ajax got the system notifications suggesting to upgrade the Abyssal bloodline to level 2 which made him a little surprised.

'Should I upgrade it or increase my resistance to the level 1 bloodline?' he suddenly thought about the pros and cons in upgrading the Abyssal bloodline to level 2.

In his mind, various thoughts continuously flashed as he analysed about the level 2 bloodline and finally asked the system before deciding his conclusion.

'System, how much time will it take to upgrade the Abyssal bloodline?' He wanted to know the time taken for the upgrade before choosing his option.

Although he was in a dilemma about upgrading the bloodline, he was more inclined to not upgrading it.

As for a reason, it was simple. He wanted to increase his resistance to 100 percent before upgrading it to level 2, so he could fearlessly use the Abyssal bloodline whenever he wanted.

However, the problem was if some powerful energy came after him, his level 2 bloodline would be very helpful in fighting against him.


The upgrade time depends on the host's strength.


Higher the host's strength, lesser will be the time taken o upgrade.

"Uffo, can you say the approximate time based on my present strength," Ajax requested the system with a sigh.

Nevertheless, he was happy seeing the system's words on the holographic screen.

With time, his strength would be increased gradually, so he felt that it was good.


At present, the host has to endure the pain from the upgrade for 30 minutes.

"Ok then, I will upgrade after I increase my resistance to the Abyssal bloodline's crazy thoughts," Ajax finally concluded that it's best for to postpone the upgrade as it would help him two ways.

With time, his strength would increase, thus decreasing the enduring pain time.

Also, his resistance to the blood could be increased during this time.

After concluding the matter, he ordered his elemental spirits to bring the space rings from the two dead bodies, whereas he checked his inventory.

It was because he gained an additional reward for killing Erick's beast transformation form.

Previous, he didn't have time to check, so he wanted to look at the item he gained.

In one of the inventory's square boxes, there was a blood drop icon.

Ajax immediately related it to the item he gained from killing Erick as it was the only item that was foreign to him in his inventory.


Item name:- Unpurified Beast god bloodline.

Grade:-Low-level Earth grade

Use:- Consuming it will give a low purity Beast god bloodline.

Description:- This drop of the bloodline could be obtained by killing the people who consumed it earlier.

"What? A bloodline?"

Ajax didn't expect the blood drop belongs to a beast god.

'Although it is an unpurified bloodline, its effects are good,' Ajax thought in his head.

Even though he didn't know the exact effects of the bloodline, but he saw how powerful Erick had become after activating the bloodline.

If not for his Heaven's destroyer spear form, his senior brother would have already lost his life in the hands of the beast.

"System, can you should the effects of the low purity beat god bloodline?" Ajax asked as he thought the system would have already recorded the data from Erick's body.


Bloodline:- Beast god bloodline (Low purity) (Level 1)

Effects:- 1) Transforms the cultivator into a huge beast.

2) Increases overall abilities by 2 times for some time, depending on the cultivator's strength.

"It's almost similar to my Abyssal bloodline, but it only focuses the cultivator," Ajax compared the beast god bloodline with his Abyssal bloodline.

The main disadvantage for the beast god bloodline was its transformation as for the Abyssal bloodline it was turning insane.

'Should I use it?' After pondering for some time, he thought about using it.

Although it was unpurified for now, Ajax thought he could upgrade the bloodline with the helo of system, so the purification was never his problem.

Without any delay, he took out the item from the inventory that was completely crystallized with blood-red colour.

Soon, he put that crystallized blood drop into his mouth, which melted immediately.

As soon as it was melted, Ajax felt like his body on fire, and the energy from the crystallized blood travelled all over the body.

In a few seconds, the energy covered travelling all over his body and then came back into his spirit consciousness.

After coming into the spirit consciousness, that energy's violent nature became mild and attached itself to the boundaries of his spirit consciousness.

Throughout the process, Ajax only felt his body was completely on fire as though he thought it would explode soon.

However, he gritted his teeth and endured the heat until it disappeared.

As soon as the heat in his body was disappeared, he heaved a sigh of relief and checked his spirit consciousness.


Congratulations to the host for gaining a new bloodline.


Check the bloodline sections to know more about the bloodline.

Before he could even check his spirit consciousness, he got the system notifications informing about the newly gained bloodline.

However, he observed his spirit consciousness that now had strong boundaries that were extremely thick than its previous boundaries which were very thin.

"Good," he nodded his head at the powerful boundaries.

'With these powerful boundaries, my spirit consciousness will become quite resistant to demonic skills,' Ajax thought back to the time where Rosa's passive skill hypnotized him.

When the demonic skill hypnotized him, his spirit consciousness would become shaky, and his essence of nature's circulation in his body became turbulent that lead him to fell into the effects of that skill easily.

So having stronger boundaries of the spirit consciousness would help his spirit consciousness stable and he could remain focused all the time.

After checking his spirit consciousness, he opened his user interface to check the newly gained beast god's bloodline.


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