New Age Of Summoners Chapter 226

214 Sneak Attack

When the assassin sect disciples saw the blood-red spear, they didn't felt any powerful presence which they felt form the shinning spear.

So, they immediately took action to assassinate.

'Once I kill them, I will kill this junior brother of mine and take that heaven grade spear to myself, hehe,' the one who planned the assassination became greedy and wanted to silence his brother from the same sect for a heaven grade weapon.


As for Ajax, he was oblivious about the two assassins who wanted to assassinate him whereas Paulin was still unconscious.

Glacious, the contracted elemental spirit was also injured severely, so it went into Paulin's spirit consciousness when Ajax suggested it.

Behind Ajax, Slait was looking at his surroundings for any sudden attacks from any spirit beasts.

Soon, two silhouettes came from a distance and stood in front of Ajax.

One silhouette was a middle-aged man, whereas another one belongs to a young man.

"Sorry, summoning master," As soon as they came, they bowed and apologised to Ajax as they were powerless against a peak elite commander realm cultivator and not useful in the fight.

"No, I was the one who ordered you not to show yourselves in front of others. Anyway, the enemy was too powerful, and we barely manage to survive this time."

Ajax quickly ordered them to stand up as he shook his head.

He already knew that his summoning spirits were not able to defeat Erick in a direct confrontation, so he ordered Necros to use hs confuse ray and Volcanis to use his boosting skills to save Paulin.

When Paulin was caught by the beast earlier, Volcanis was ready to come out of the shadows, but Ajax stopped him as he already decided to use Heaven's destroyer spear from against the beast, so Volcanis didn't come out earlier.

"Keep guarding the surroundings," Ajax ordered them and sat beside Paulin.




Just as he wanted to relax, a masked figure appeared behind Ajax and sliced at him.

Before the masked figure could finish his attack, a figure came out of the ground and stopped the attack.

However, the masked figure's attack was very powerful that the figure from the ground was easily cut by him and fell to the ground before disappearing.


The masked figure that attacked Ajax was shocked at the sudden appearance of an undead figure in front of his target.

The masked figure was none other than the assassin sect disciple who came to assassinate Ajax on his brother's plan.

The figure that came out of the ground was the summon of Necros, which had the same strength of him. I.e., Peak level 10 commander realm.

Since the masked disciple had the cultivation of level 10 elite commander realm, he was easily able to kill the undead summon, but still, the shock was apparent on his face.

Nevertheless, he quickly controlled his shock and once again attacked Ajax before Ajax could dodge his attack.

But the masked disciple's quick assassination attempt was disrupted by Volcanis this time.

Before the masked figure's attack could reach Ajax, Volcanis used his powerful skill 'inferno' boosted by his passive skill 'King of fire' and directly slammed into the shadow.

The masked disciple was mainly concentrated on Ajax, so he was unable to defend himself against Volcanis' attack and was knocked back.

'Who is he? Even though his cultivation is only at the commander realm, he was able to knock me back. If he had the strength of an elite commander realm, then I am definitely not a match for him,'

When he saw the Volcanis's powerful attack, he felt fear and thought in his head.

"You have some powerful reinforcements kid. But still, you should get at least get an elite commander realm cultivator to stop my attacks, Haha."

The masked disciple laughed loudly.

Although Vocanis had a powerful battle prowess, he was still a commander realm cultivators, so he laughed looking at the Ajax.

According to him, Ajax had used all of his trump cards with the battle against Erick, so felt confident in killing him.

'Why the hell all the assassins sect disciples are idiots. Thinking they are all mighty and powerful,'

Ajax looked at the masked disciple and shook his head.

He already saw the masked disciple's sneak with his enhanced spirit sense, but he didn't have time to dodge the attack, so he ordered Necros to use his summoned undead as the meat shield for him.

"Okay, my dear assassin sect disciple, how many of you came this time?" Ajax just wanted to waste time until Darbaudr comes, so he was just talking some non-sense with the masked disciple.

"Oh? This time?" The masked disciple confused at Ajax's words.

"Yes. Previously I killed a small squad of assassin's sect who came for my head," Ajax was happy that he encountered a dumb disciple.

"Really, but you will die for sure this time, Haha," After finishing his words, he looked at Ajax and felt something was wrong as he didn't sense any fear from Ajax.

'Idiot, he is just wasting time to recover his strength. Quickly distract him and the others with him. I will assassinate the target,'

As he was feeling that, he heard his fellow teammate's voice in his head.

'I will do it now,' Without wasting any time, he rushed at Voclanis who was completely covered in flames.

Beside Volcanis, Necros in his human form summoned his other undead creature to assist Volcanis.

Also, the chubby Slait used its Earth shield to protect Ajax and Paulin and sent his earth clone to assist Volcanis.




Soon the fight started between Ajax's team and the masked assassin disciple.

'Necrose bring that Spear,'

As the fight was going on, Ajax ordered Necros to bring his upgraded spear from the body of the dead beast body.

Because he saw that the spear completed absorbing all the blood from Erick's beast body.

The reason he didn't pick the spear earlier was to let the spear absorb the blood from the beast so that its strength could increase.

Necros quickly did as he was ordered and brought the red spear and handed it to Ajax.

The first thing he did was to check its effects.


The effects of the bloodlust spear form increased from 10 percent to 12 percent.

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