New Age Of Summoners Chapter 225

213 Using The Spear Soul

'System, spear soul,'

Ajax silently thought in his mind.


Soon a holographic screen appeared in front of him with a spear soul icon on it along with its details.

Ajax's hope began rising after seeing his information about the spear soul.

'System, use it and combine with the Bloodlust spear,'

After seeing for a moment, Ajax asked the system to use the spear soul.


Combing the spear soul with the Bloodlust spear.


The integration of the spear soul with the bloodlust spear will be completed in a few seconds.

Please wait.

Ajax nodded his head and waited for a few seconds before he got another system notification.


Congratulations to the host. The process of combining the spear soul and the bloodlust spear is completed successfully.


Please check the details in the weapons section.

Ajax quickly opened the user interface and focused on the weapons section to know more about it.


Item name:- Heaven's destroyer bloodlust spear.

Grade:-Mid-level heaven grade.

Special skills:-

1) Heaven's destroyer form:- When the spear is in this form, it's grade will be increased to peak-level heaven grade. All the attacks will receive a 20 percent boost for 5 min, and host can control the movements of the spear with a thought in a limited distance.

Cooldown time:- 1 hour

2) Bloodlust spear form:- No change in the grade. All the attacks in this form will be increased by 10 percent.

Cooldown time:- None (At present)

Note:- The percentage of attack power can be increased by absorbing the blood of high-level cultivators or beings.

Description:- A powerful spear soul combined with the bloodlust spear that increased the overall abilities of the bloodlust spear.

"What the ," Ajax was flabbergasted at the information of the upgraded bloodlust spear.

However, he was very excited, looking at only two special skills he got from the upgrade.

"So, all my spear attacks have a 10 percent increase all the time. Hahaha," Ajax laughed as he thought, "Whereas the heaven's destroyer form could be used in case of emergencieslike this."


As he was thinking about his two special forms of the spear, he heard the painful voice Paulin and came out of his thoughts.

He saw that the beast finally caught paulin after continuously dodging his attacks.

As soon as he saw that, Ajax quickly drank some water from the upgraded lightning elemental paradise to recover his wounds.

But he didn't wait for the wounds to completely recover as he rushed at the beast with his newly upgraded bloodlust spear.

'Heaven's destroyer form,'

Ajax thought the name in his mind, soon the spear in his hand turned from blood red to the shining white.

'I have to finish the fight quickly,'

With this thought in his mind, Ajax threw his spear using his level 2 spear dao at the 4-meter high beast.


When he saw the incoming spear, Erick, who was in the beast form felt some kind of fear and hurriedly tried to dodge it.

Previously when he was pierced by it, it went 2-3 inches into his chest. However, the spear that was coming towards him now looked completely different and looked even more powerful than before, which made him terrified.

So without any hesitation, he released Paulin and tried to dodge the incoming spear.


The beast jumped aside and heaved a sigh of relief as he was not in that spears way.


When he saw how that beast dodged his Heaven's destroyer spear, Ajax laughed cunningly and made a simple sign of turning with his hand.



The shining white spear turned its direction, and with a 'Swoosh' it pierced into him.

"What? But how did th," Before he could finish his words, Erick, with his huge beast body fell onto the ground.

"Wow, it's damn powerful," seeing the powerful Heaven's destroyer form, Ajax was excited and felt proud as he finally won the fight.


The host killed a peak elite commander realm cultivator with a highly purified bloodline.


2000 units of the essence of nature are gained and stored in the host's spirit consciousness.


A special item was extracted from the body of the beast that the host had just killed and stored in the inventory.

Soon, Ajax's head was filled with a series of system notifications, but he didn't check them as he went towards Paulin was on the ground with many injuries on his body.

"Senior brother Paulin, drink this," without wasting any time, he quicked took out some water from the upgraded thunder pool and poured into Paulin's mouth and sprinkled some drops on his injuries.

After doing that he waited for some time to let the effect from the water to take action.

Within a few minutes, all the injuries on his body recovered with a visible speed.

Soon, Paulin's breathing became normal, and heart rate also turned normal.

Only then, Ajax heaved a sigh of relief.


In the distance, the two masked disciples were shocked by the events that happened a few moments earlier.

"Is it real or am I dreaming?" asked a masked disciple as he still kept his eyes on the dead body of the beast.

"You are asking me. Whom should I ask?" the later masked disciple pinched himself to check whether it was real or a dream.

"Ouch. Damn, it's real," When he felt the pain from the pinch the masked disciple shouted and hit the disciple beside him.


"Ouch. Why did you hit me?" The one who received a slap on the head retorted in pain.

"Stop complaining. Let's simply assassinate them, instead of directly killing them," the masked disciple said and planned an assassination instead of direct attack.

Even though he had the cultivation of the level 10 elite commander realm, he didn't want to become like his vice-captain who was more powerful than them.

"But, that spear.." the other masked disciple pointed to the spear that was still in the dead body of their vice-captain and hesitated.

"I think there is a limit to him being using that weapon. Let's wait for sometime before killing them," the masked disciple that planned to assassinate Ajax and Paulin nodded his head and said his thoughts about the spear and observed the shining spear.

Soon, that spear turned from shinning white to blood red.

"Brother, I think, now is the time to assassinate them, Hehe."

The masked disciple looked at the blood-red spear and said to his fellow teammate.

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